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Richard Franklin (Awesome Smith)

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Old 02-22-2008, 07:45 PM
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Hardly a week goes by when someone isn't asking for a gunsmith recommendation, or complaining about some smith that is taking to long, not answering phone calls or E-mail, or isn't doing quality work, so why not except a recommendation when one is given.
I don't know Richard personally but I have seen his work and it is unimpeachable.
Wildcat let us know how it shoots when you do get it.
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Old 02-22-2008, 08:42 PM
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Thanks, that's all I was trying to do. Give a good recommendation and some information about one of his rifles he builds. True, I have made many posts regarding the 300 Varminter, whats's wrong with that. All I am trying to do is give information to those who might want to know about this type of set up.

Anyhow, thanks, and I will report back about the 300 Varminter. I am 100% positive it's going to be awesome.

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Old 02-22-2008, 08:56 PM
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Koginam, I agree with you too. All Wildcat was doing was giving a recommendation for a good gunsmith. I for one am interested in hearing about his new rig. I don't understand why some of these guys try to cause problems, it's like they have nothing better to do. I remeber when Wildcat talked about the 300 Varminter and how it could push a 125grn BT at 4000fps, you thought he had committed a crime for saying that. Some people were saying it could not be done, ect, ect , ect. Well, that article in 6mmBR.com sure shut alot of people up. Keep the posts coming Wildcat, don't stop because a few people want to cause problems.

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Old 02-22-2008, 09:47 PM
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P44, thanks, and I will keep the posts coming. The article written by 6mmBR.com was awesome, and I was really glad to see it. It really showed that Richards Franklins new rifle was performing extreamly well. When a gunsmiths rifles and designs are presented on a site like 6mmBR.com, you know he is a special smith.

I did get a lot of flack for saying the 300 Varminter could push the 125grn BT at 4000+fps. However, I guess I should have expected that because the 300 Varminter is developed around the lower BC 110grn V-Max and 125grn BT bullets.

Richard Franklin has pioneered something new for the serious varmint hunter that is extreamly fast, accurate, and deadly on varmints out to 1000 yards. It is an awesome set up and he should be commended for his design. The 300 Varminter, pushing the 125grn BT with a .366 BC at 4065fps, shoots flatter out to 1000 yards than a 300RUM pushing a 200grn accubond at 3200fps. You have to admit, that's impressive.


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Old 02-23-2008, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Patriot44 View Post
Well, that article in 6mmBR.com sure shut alot of people up.
Just curious if you are talking about this article, about 2/3 down the page.

AccurateShooter.com BLOG

VARMINTING--Franklin's 4000 FPS, 300 WSM Wows Hunters: Richard Franklin (Richard's Custom Rifles) has pioneered the use of lightweight (110-130 grain) 30-caliber bullets in a new generation of hyper-velocity varmint rifles. Richard's new trademark cartridge is the "300 Varminter". Using 30" barrels with the 300 WSM case, Richard's "maxi" varminter delivers incredible levels of energy at both short and long range. Traveling at 4000+ FPS, the lightweight, plastic-tipped bullets literally explode when they hit. This can lift a groundhog up to 10 feet in the air--and Richard has VIDEO to prove it.

Richard tells us that demand is high for the 300 Varminter: "I have built 25 of these rifles just this year, and orders are increasing. I'm building them for coyote hunters out west, and well as Eastern groundhog shooters." Richard adds: "This cartridge is fast AND accurate. My 300 Varminter is now my favorite rifle, and it may be the most accurate long-range varmint rifle I own. Accuracy is really outstanding--I've shot groups under 1.5" at 500 yards with this. And the effect of these bullets at 500+ yards on a 'Hog has to be seen to be believed." Richard uses VV 550 and Norma 300 WSM brass: "Norma is the only way to go--the Win and Rem brass is nowhere near as good".

Richard explains: "The 300 Varminter is built around the 300 WSM case. In good custom actions such as the BAT or Nesika this round will deliver 4000+ FPS with the 125gr Nosler Ballistic tips and a bit more with the 110gr Hornady V-Max. Remington-action rifles will handle velocities up to around 3800 to 3900 FPS with these bullets. We use Norma brass in a tight-neck chamber with zero freebore and slow-twist 30" barrels to obtain these velocities. Accuracy is excellent with either of these bullets. If you want air time and red mist on large varmints then this is the caliber for you."

Above is Richard's personal "300 Varminter" in its distinctive South American Bloodwood stock. That is the true color of the wood--not a stain. Note the deeply recessed crown. Richard says this helps keep noise and blast away from the shooter. Richard's "Big Red" features a BAT Machine 1.600" diameter 'B' action, Bat 20 MOA rail, Burris Signature Zee rings, Jewel 1.5 oz. trigger, and a Bartlein 1.250" X 30", 1:15" twist barrel. Total weight is 24 lbs. which includes about 4 lbs of lead added to the buttstock. Richard tells us "The Bartleins have been outstanding, with consistent quality and accuracy I can count on." Richard uses a Nightforce NSX 8-32 X scope with MLR reticle. CLICK HERE to view a video of what the 300 Varminter will do (warning--very LOUD and GRAPHIC--turn down your audio before playback).
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Old 02-23-2008, 02:22 PM
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Yes, this is the article, blog, what ever you want to call it. This showed that the 300 WSM was capable of pushing the 125grn BT at 4000fps with the correct componenets. Anyhow, this post was about Richard Franklin and what a good smith and person he his. I hope you don't try to turn this into a ******* match.

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Old 02-23-2008, 02:31 PM
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P44, thank you for saying that about the post. I figured someone would try to turn this into a ******* match like you said. I would like this post to be a about Richard Franklin and his rifles and what a great smith he is.

Please, if you don't like my rifle or choice of smith, please, do not hi-jack the post and try to turn it into something else. I would like to hear from those who have had a rifle built by Richard. Like P44 said, this is a post about giving Richard Franklin his props.

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