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Richard Franklin (Awesome Smith)

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Unread 02-21-2008, 09:35 PM
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Richard Franklin (Awesome Smith)

I would like to take this time to say a few things about Richard Franklin of Richard's Custom Rifles. I started talking to Richard, back in September of 07, about building a 300 Varminter. After a few minutes with this man, it was obvious he had an unbelievable amount of knowleged about building custom rifles and ballistics. I decided to have Richard build my 300 Varminter. Ever since then, Richard has answered every e-mail and phone call either the same day or the next. It is without a doubt the BEST customer service I have ever had with any gunsmith.

I have had rifles built by some of the top gunsmiths in the US, and I must say Richard has been so professional, it's awesome. He talked with me for about 30 minutes today, even though he was busy. He answered all my questions and never made me feel I was bugging him.

We talked about varmint hunting for a long time. He is very serious about building the customer the perfect varmint rifle. He believes, if your goal is to shoot varmints from 50 to 1000 yards, using poly tipped bullets at very high velocities is the way to go for maximum kill power. He designes many of his chambers and rifles around this concept. He also builds Championship 1000 yard bench rifles and long range big game rifles for shots past 1000 yards. However, after watching Richard on his varmint video and talking to him, his passion is groundhog and varmint hunting.

He is currently working on a project/experiment that sounds awesome. If it works, and it sounds like it's already performing well, it's going to be cool for the serious varmint hunters.

The 300 Varmnter was Richards design. He designed the 300 Varminter around the 300 WSM cartridge, Bartlien 30" 1-15 twist barrel and the 110grn V-Max and 125grn Ballistic Tip. The end product is a rifle that will push a 110grn V-Max at 4150fps and a 125grn BT at a velocity of 4067fps. Not only did he accomplish the velocity factor, he also made it bench rest accurate and did it safely. It is awesome to see and watch this rifle perform. It is a testament to his knowledge for making this type of combination work.

Richard told me his favorite varmint rifle use to be the 6mmAI. However, he told me the 300 Varminter, is by far, his favorite varmint rifle for shots out to 1000 yards.

If your looking for a top notch and knowledgeable gunsmith, a gunsmith who will keep you posted, a gunsmith who will return your e-mails and phone calls, who is super nice, easy to talk to and your wanting to build a serious custom varmint rifle, I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Richard Franklin. Look at his web page under Richard's Custom Rifles.

Richard is a great smith and awesome man, he needs to be recognized a lot more.


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Unread 02-21-2008, 09:53 PM
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Did you have the rifle built yet or is it still in the planning phase? I was hoping for a range report, the concept drew a lot of debate a few months back, I was hoping it was done.

Keep me posted,
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Unread 02-22-2008, 12:51 AM
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Yes, I had the rifle built and it should be completed late March early April. I have talked to a couple of guys who own the 300 Varminter, and I actually got to meet one of the guys and go shoot his.

All I can say, after shooting his rifle, WOW!
His 300 Varminter was pushing the 125grn BT at 4000+fps, I believe it was 4025fps to be exact. I have also talked to other gentlemen who own one and they have all reported the 300 Varminter is a bad ass rifle for varminting out to around 1000 yards. They also said the rifle will shoot groups in the .1's and .2's at 100 yards if you do your part.

All of these gentlemen are serious varmint hunters. They all said they varmint hunt at ranges from 50 to 1000 yards with the majority of their long range varminting being done from 400 to 800 yards . They all said they either use V-Max, Ballistic Tip or Blitzkings for varminting. They all had one favorite varmint rifle for shooting from 400 to 800 yards before they had a 300 Varminter built. Here is what rifle and bullet they used before they had a 300 Varminter;

1. 243AI with 70grn Ballistic Tip.
2. 6mm Remington with 70grn Ballistic Tip
3. 6mmAI with 75grn V-Max
4. 6x284 with 70grn V-Max

They all told me the 300 Varminter is now their all around favorite varmint rifle and puts their old favorites to shame.

As soon as I receive mine, I will do my own range report. However, all the reports from those who are already shooting one, are reporting awesome performance and accuracy.

Look at Richard's Custom Rifle web page, and you can read about the 300 Varminter. I talked to him today, and he said his orders have doubled for the 300 Varminter set up. The word is getting out about this set up and serious varmint hunters, who can afford one, are catching on.

Richard, also told me he has had many people call him and question him about how he got the 300 Varminter to work. He tells them the same thing, it took many days, months, barrel and twist rate combos, ect to get it to work just right.

The 300 Varminter has performed so well that 6mmBR.com wrote an article about the 300 Varminter. The article is called "Franklin's 4000fps 30-Cal Varminter Is A Hit With Hunters" I think this alone is a testament to Richards new rifle and how it performes. I don't think anyone needs to hear from me about how it performes, if 6mmBR.com writes about it, that is prove that it is performing well and has become a favorite among varmint hunters.

Like I said, if your thinking about having a varmint rifle built, and you want it built by a top notch gunsmith, seriously look at Richard Franklin.

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Unread 02-22-2008, 06:47 AM
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Sounds promising, looking forward to your report.

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Unread 02-22-2008, 09:21 AM
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Just an observation,

I can appreciate your enthusiasm.

But...you've been giving Richard a virtual hand-job on here at least once a month for at least the last 3-4 months now, with posts nearly identical to this one...and you still don't have anything in your hand that he's built.

Are you his mother by chance?
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Unread 02-22-2008, 10:42 AM
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Originally Posted by fireball168 View Post
you've been giving Richard a virtual hand-job on here
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Unread 02-22-2008, 05:07 PM
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The reason I don't have my rifle yet is because I just ordered it in September of 2007. Like I said, it should be completed in March or April and when I receive the rifle, I will post all the info.

However, like I mentioned in the post, I have shot rifles built by Richard Franklin, so I know they are awesome rigs. I also mentioned the articles that have been written about Richard Franklin . I think you need to read the post.

What's wrong with me giving Richard good press. I don't understand why this type of stuff takes place on this site. I know my set up and bullet choice, with this rifle, are not the normal set up talked about on here. However, this set up, the 300 Varminter, is performing very well for it's intended purposes, read the articles.

Richard, has obviously found something that works for varmint hunters who want velocity, accuracy and maximum kill power. I don't understand why people, like yourself, go out of your way to make stupid comments.

I am just a very satisfied customer, and I wanted people to know about Richard Franklin. There are people on this site who might want to know about Richard, and I think it's important to talk about good smiths so people are more informed.

Also, if you don't like my post or rifle set up, please don't respond or read them.

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