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Re-Barrel and chamber a Weatherby ?

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Unread 05-09-2013, 08:10 AM
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Re: Re-Barrel and chamber a Weatherby ?

I am primarily a Weatherby shooter. Due to this I have worked on literally hundreds of Weatherby rifles that others have not been able to get them to shoot accurately. Many of the top gunsmiths do not like them due to there ignorance of the physics of a Weatherby is totally different than other Mauser copy cats. First a Weatherby is freebored. Due to this they like very hard bullets. This is why EVERYONE stated the partition is a good shooting bullet for Weatherbys. The only problem is it really is a short range bullet with unsatisfactory BC. Use a Barnes LRX or TTSX. Hornady GMX might do but I have not tried them. Nosler Accubond has gave some promising results in some calibers. The bullet must be matched to the twist of the barrel to achieve the accuracy your looking for. When loading forget the manufactures COAL ant fit the coal to the max that the rifle can handle reliably. Use only Win Mag primers or Fed 215. Win Mag primers are better no mater what the internet says. If you have a lightweight you can stress relieve the barrel but very little comes out of this. If you rebarrel be sure to use a CUT RIFLED BARREL. I use only Krieger or Barlien. If your a internet warrior and read about all the great long range bullets out there they are for other low powered rifles. I have never seen a Weatherby shoot a Berger, Sierra, AMAX, or any other thin skinned bullet to my standards. I read about it but I don't believe it. Weatherbys tend to rip and distort the thin soft jackets of the "accurate" bullets. The freebore distorts the ogive and hence accuracy issues result. This is what your experiencing. This is why tuning Weatherbys is almost a second job to me. Do the obvious work as far as bedding in the right manner and Jard makes a trigger for them. If you want to get rid of it I will sell it for you if you want a reasonable price. I have a list of people wanting these for a lower price so they can tune them. By the way the best long range, hard hitting manufacture built rifle tuned correctly is the 338-378 Weatherby Accumark with a 280 or 265 Barnes bullet designed for the Lapua. Out of the box with little tuning 3/8 groups at 100 is standard. FACTORY BARREL. Good luck. If you practice this you definetly will not buy any other rifle. and will turn in to a Weatherby man!
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Unread 05-09-2013, 06:23 PM
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Re: Re-Barrel and chamber a Weatherby ?

Originally Posted by DLFant View Post
I have a 300 Weatherby Laser Mark V Deluxe that won't group worth a squatting dog. I would like to re-chamber to 7mm or something more accurate and maybe restock. Every smith I talk to says just sell it and have me build you a 7,500.00 custom gun.

I have a friend that has a state of the art machine shop. He is not a smith but he is willing to help me If I could find someone that could advise us as to what is important that we do ie (True action, Lap lugs, reamer depth, or what ever needs to be done t omake it a shooter) I am willing to try. As opposed to selling the whole thing for less than I will have to pay for a action alone!

On the other hand if anyone knows a smith that specializes in Weatherbys. I would have it done there.

I posted for such a smith on here a year or so ago . A guy was recommended In Austin TX (4 hours away from my home) who was supposed to be really good.

I spoke to him a few times and for about an hour each time I was informed, enlightened, and embellished to about how he was the greatest gun smith who ever lived. All the Kings, Presidents, Gun Magazines and such had begged for him to write articles, impart knowledge and enlighten them and or there readers from his vast storehouse of wisdom and expertise.

He finally agreed to work on my gun but it would be at least 6 months for him to get to it. After waiting on him for over 6 months he called at 5 the morning of the day I was to take it to him to say he just didn't have time.

I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions anyone has.
Dave Young of Young's Gunsmithing has a great deal of experience with Mark V's. He has worked on hundreds, maybe thousands of them. They are his favorite factory action based on my conversations with him.

He usually promises completion with in 3 months of receiving all components.

He is in Tracy (Sand Coulee) Montana. 406-736-5367
- Mark

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Unread 05-15-2013, 09:12 AM
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Re: Re-Barrel and chamber a Weatherby ?

Where are you in Tx exactly? My Mark V is on it's 3rd barrel, so I've done this a couple of times. There is nothing special about rebarreling a Weatherby, and while my latest barrel on my 6XC (not on a Mark V action) is a cut rifled barrel, the last two barrels on my 338/378 have been button rifled barrels from Shilen. I've been very happy with both of them. Shilen can do the work in house, but there are other smiths that can and would do it, and it will be cheaper. The two other 'smiths I've used in recent years were Garland Gilbreath out of Stephenville, and most recently Mark Pharr in Round Rock (just north of Austin). I had Mark build my 6XC. Excellent work that was done quick, and the price was right.

Now, as far as the freebore is concerned you only have to concern yourself with that if you're shooting factory ammo. If you're a handloader, then get the gun chambered without the freebore. I've done it on both Shilen barrels and had zero drama. The only thing to remember is that it'll be a handload only gun, no factory ammo, but otherwise it's drama free and the reduced freebore is a more ideal setup for accuracy purposes.
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Unread 05-15-2013, 10:16 AM
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Re: Re-Barrel and chamber a Weatherby ?

Thanks I'll check them out Im going thru Round Rock Friday And maybe Stephenville Saturday
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Unread 05-15-2013, 10:21 AM
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Re: Re-Barrel and chamber a Weatherby ?

I think Mark is open on Friday, drop him an email and set up an appointment. tumbleweedsrifles.com

If you want to catch Garland, give him a call as well. Triple G Gunsmithing
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