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Bedding question

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Unread 09-02-2010, 07:06 PM
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Re: Bedding question


Just go to your local hardware store or auto parts store and buy some manifold studs. They are 1/4x20(coarse thread) on one side and 1/4x28 (fine thread)on the other side. Fine side into the action and wing nut with a fender washer on the coarse side. Works like a charm.

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Unread 09-02-2010, 08:20 PM
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Re: Bedding question

A lot of folks recommend the Devcon for bedding your stock, but I'm not sure if what you can get in the tube will work as well as the Devcon Steel putty or Titanium putty...nice thing about the puttty is you put it on like warm peanut butter consistency and it flows but won't drip...key when trying to fill all the gaps but not drain away...

Hope it helps. If you've got that covered then have at it!

Matt Roth
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Unread 09-03-2010, 05:57 AM
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Re: Bedding question

just get some 1/4" fine threaded bolts and cut the head off. cut a slot in them with a hack saw (flat blade screwdriver). I have done this 3 times with the case lube and kitty hair bondo (that is fiberglass straned reinforced body filler) I can see every little thing in it. It is a morror image
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Unread 09-03-2010, 07:35 AM
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Re: Bedding question

I use the slotted head studs and heat shrink to make them fit the bedding screw pillars.

I also use the wax and after applying the screws I wax the heat shrink.

This method aligns the action and before the bedding is rock hard I remove the screws
without disturbing the bedding and the clamps.

Using the studs keeps the bedding compound from getting in the action where it would
be very hard to remove.

The heat shrink will prevent any bedding compound from sticking to the screws and if
it sticks to the pillars it can be drilled out very easy.

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Unread 09-03-2010, 08:38 AM
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Re: Bedding question

I accomplish the same thing as JE Custom's heat shrink tubing approach somewhat differently. JE's approach is easier than what I do, but if one has a lathe, and the time (I'm retired), machining brass studs and threading them is lots of fun. So is making the pillars.

Since you are bedding an SH Precision stock, you might consider getting a set of these washers. I've used them and they work great.

http://www.erniethegunsmith.com/catalog/c7_p1.html There are instructions for using them in the package and on the site.

I machine brass studs to use as tooling for the bedding job. They only have to be made once for each type of rifle so I've accumulated a relatively complete set.

Since my picture has pillars in it I'll discuss them as well even though you don't need them with the bedding block in your stock. I use an "N" drill diameter hole (.302") in the pillar. I machine the studs with 1/4-28 threads on one end, threads to match the threads in the action on the other end. The center section of the stud is between .2900 and .2950" in diameter so it centers in the pillar hole and insures that the 1/4" action screws won't touch the inside of the pillar anyplace in the finished rifle.

An example of pillar, stud, and nut - I don't remember which rifle this set was for:

The long threads on the nut end are so I can use a standard 1/4-28 nut as a lock nut when removing the studs prior to cracking the receiver free of the stock after the bedding cures.

I use the same type of studs when skim bedding HS stocks, and shim washers epoxied in place instead of pillars.

I use Kiwi Neutral paste wax as release agent. I coat the receiver with it, then polish it after it dries. I put some in the screw holes and all over the studs. I put some in the hole in the pillars using a Q-Tip being very careful not to get any on the end surface of the pillar.

I use a layer of 10 mil tape around the recoil lug and on the front surface of it. The back surface just gets a coat of polished Kiwi wax.

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Unread 09-03-2010, 03:28 PM
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Re: Bedding question

speaking of pillers. has any one found somthing that will glue them in on a 700 sps stock?
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Unread 09-03-2010, 03:44 PM
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Re: Bedding question

Thanks to everyone for your inputs I'm getting more comfortable with this process. The link that Fitch gave on the washers had a good how-to description on specifically bedding the HS stock. Trigger Springs|Aluminum Pillar|Pillar Bedding|Gunsmithing I ordered some of those washers to try.

I have another question. Some tape all the recoil lug except the rear side and some tape just the bottom of the lug. What is the consensus on this (if there can be one) and how thick should the tape be. I'm planning to use plain masking tape. Thanks.

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