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700 ultramag to STW??

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Unread 02-04-2008, 08:46 AM
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Originally Posted by wnroscoe View Post
1. Yes, a belted case will feed through the rifle I described, again, it's an RUM

That's nice, but that is NOT what you said in the earlier post......you said it would fit and stay in the mag box.......great, I'd bet a 223 would fit and stay in the mag box too......at least until you tried to cycle the bolt! You said yourself "I don’t know for sure but, I think Terry opened up the feed rails just a slight amount".......so the rails in your action may or may not be the same as a factory RUM action......DUH!

Originally Posted by wnroscoe View Post
2. Yes, a RUM case will fit and feed in the rifle I described, it's an RUM
Don't care if a RUM will fit and feed......not building a RUM.....or, did you miss that too??

Originally Posted by wnroscoe View Post
3. If the rifle you are looking at is an RUM and the rifle I'm describing is an RUM and the rifle I'm describing will also feed belted cases, whas not to understand, are you that dense??

Well, up until the last post, you didn't say it would feed belted cases.......you said a belted case would fit and stay in the magazine......big difference between fitting and feeding.......are YOU that dense??? Or, maybe you expect people to know what you mean, even if it's NOT what you write??? Since you don't even know if Terry opened the feed rails at all, let alone to factory RUM specs, then all you can say for certain is that the modified belted mag action will feed both RUM and belted mags.......Just FYI, since posting this topic, I have had conflicting reports from people who have actually done what I am asking.......some say they fit and feed fine, others say they won't feed.......so, I guess it's not as cut and dried as you believe.

Originally Posted by wnroscoe View Post
Rudeness, I just don’t candy coat things, maybe you shouldn’t wear your emotions on your shoulder. You took a shot at me with your post, right after my first post concerning this topic. I was just offering my .02 worth. Someone even asked you to calm down. You've been given the info, what you do from this point is your choice, it makes me no difference. Maybe you should be asking your smith these questions or better yet, let your friend research it for himself. Man, some people never cease to amaze me. I’m through with this topic, you’re beyond help.
No emotions on my shoulder, just don't think it's necessary to call someone a whiner or to suggest they need a modol. I took no "shot" at you, even though you stupidly suggested that I do something I was obviously already doing (researching before building), believe me, if I had taken a shot, you would know it! Apparently, you can't read and comprehend......further evidenced by your suggestion that I buy a cheap walmart ADL for a doner.......by the way, genius, I'm still waiting for you to point out a $350 stainless left hand Walmart ADL.......

I wouldn't trust your advice if you were trying to tell me how to pour piss out of a boot!

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