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Wyoming Tactical Rifle Championship July 22-24 2011

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Unread 04-28-2011, 09:33 AM
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Wyoming Tactical Rifle Championship July 22-24 2011

Just got the info on this last night. I won't be able to compete this year because of a schedule conflict-My daughter is getting married!

Wyoming Tactical Rifle Championship
General Overview
The primary goal of this competition is to provide a safe proving ground for tactical riflemen and their equipment. Lessons learned from the competition will provide information and knowledge from which we can advance our field proficiency and gain confidence in our abilities. The courses of fire and scoring methods are designed to demonstrate the importance of data development to attain accurate shot placement.
Two man teams will work together to solve course problems. Each team will travel the course with one or more Range Officers that will record scores and enforce the match rules. Teams will equip themselves with a precision rifle, pistols and a carbine (carbine = less than a 24Ē barrel). The team will select firearms correct for each course of fire. Great latitude is allowed for equipment selection, although the same equipment must be used throughout the match. Shooters will encounter targets from 0-50 yards (pistol), 0-500 yards (carbine) and 0-1000 yards (precision rifle) on the courses, (bonus targets may be farther). Most carbine shooting will be 0-300 yards, most precision rifle shooting will be 0-600 yards and most pistol is close range. The WTRC match is well suited for one precision bolt rifle and one semi auto carbine. However a bolt carbine may be used (barrel length has to be less than 24Ē, 2012 WTRC carbine barrel length less than 22Ē).
Caliber requirements for rifle/carbine are .300 Win Magnum or less in center fire configuration. Any field practical sights are allowed. Any field practical support devices and range estimating devices are permitted. Service pistols must be 9mm caliber or larger, field durable, and carried in a safe secure field practical holster. Pistol magazines beyond +2 cartridge base pads are not allowed. Optical pistol sights are permitted provided the pistol can be securely retained in a holster and the competitor understands there are no alibis for breakage.
Precision Rifle 300 rounds Carbine 800 rounds Pistol 800 rounds
-No tracer, armor piercing, or steel core bullets are allowed.
Each team will shoot each course of fire at a designated time and following a designated trail. The team arrives at a shooting station, makes ready, and engages pistol targets impacting each with at least two hits. Pistol targets are white steel at 0-50 yards, and should be engaged from close to far, by one or both shooters, one shooter at a time, to allow the Range Officer (R.O.) an opportunity to determine hits. All targets must be fired on. Pistol targets require two hits each for a reward of 10 points per hit, with a 20-point maximum per pistol target. There will be a 20-point deduction per miss on the pistol target(s).
After all pistol targets are engaged, pistols must be cleared, shown clear to the attending R.O., dry fired and holstered. Next, one shooter may engage the medium range (0-500 yard) carbine targets from close to far. The team must identify the target to be shot with the R.O. before engaging. The medium range targets will painted red, and must be fired upon at least twice. After two successful hits, an award of 20 points (20 positive points maximum allowed per target) will be scored. An unlimited number of shots are allowed at a 20-point deduction per missed carbine target on field courses.
After the red targets are engaged (at least two shots fired at each), the weapon is cleared and shown clear to the R.O. and dry fired. Then the engagement of the long-range blue targets may commence by the other shooter. One team shooter must identify the target to be engaged to the R.O. prior to engaging. Multiple long-range targets will be encountered. Care should be taken not to engage targets of an adjacent station, as these shots will be recorded as a miss. Long-range targets will require a minimum of 2 shots each with an award of 40 points for a hit, with only two hits scoring positive points. Misses are a 20-point deduction, with an unlimited number of shots allowed. When both team members are done shooting at the station, rifles are cleared and shown clear to the R.O. with the hammer snapped down, travel to the next station may begin. Both shooters must remain at the same station until all weapons are shown clear to the R.O. All weapons must be carried with an empty chamber and the hammer down. Loaded magazines can be inserted after the bolt is closed and hammer is down. Shooters cannot load internal magazines on the move. Detachable mags can be loaded on the move. Shooters must travel together to the next station.
At the course staging area each team will be advised of the maximum allowed time for that course of fire. When time has expired, the R.O. will command a cease-fire, whereby all weapons are cleared and shown clear to the Range Officer. All firearms will be dry fired in a safe direction to assure chambers are empty. Shooters will be escorted back to the staging area at that time. Teams that are able to quickly resolve all station targets will be more likely to finish within the allotted time. Teams completing the course of fire before the allotted time will receive 1 point per minute added to their total course points, for every full unused minute.
This event will involve teams engaging targets at ranges between 0 and 1000 yards. Team vs. Team competition will be worth 100 points for 1st place, 90 points for 2nd place, with point awards down to the 10th place at +10 points. Unloaded weapons will be promptly placed at the firing line pointed down range. Sighting will not be permitted during weapon placement. Loose ammo will be put in a designated container at each shooting station. At the GO command teams will move to the firing line, load the carbine only, and successfully engage carbine targets. Targets must be engaged from close to far. After all carbine targets are successfully engaged, the precision shooter may load and begin engaging designated long-range targets. Successful hits on out of order or incorrect targets will not be declared as hits. The first team to successfully engage all assigned targets will cause a cease fire, and that team will advance to the next round. If neither team successfully completes the course of fire within the allotted time of 2 Ĺ minutes, both teams are eliminated from advancing, unless it is the final shoot-off for 1st and 2nd place. Team members may spot, load magazines, and assist each other while keeping their bodies primarily within their shooting station. Out of sequence target engagement or premature engagement of the stop plate will cause a Did Not Finish, and elimination from advancement. Only ammo that is brought to the firing line by either team member may be used during this event. Awarded points will be added to the overall team score. Both shooters are required to engage targets (participate).
The Match Director may choose to add additional competitive events during the match. Any additional points awarded will be added to the primary match results.
The 1st annual WTRC will host a second class of shooters. Competitors that are not in proper physical condition to participate may ride the course by means of an ATV. The ATV(s) must be provided by the team, the WTRC will not provide this means of transportation. All of the same rules apply to these teams, as the only difference being a means of transportation from shooting station to station. Team registration and entry fee will also be the same, if your team will be riding an ATV(s) state that on your registration. Awards for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place will be given out as cash prizes for the riding class. The prize money awarded will be determined on a percentage basis by how many competitors register for the riding class.
Safe, sportsmanlike conduct is required at all times during the events related to the WTRC. Unsafe, argumentative or disruptive behavior, are grounds for disqualification. You are expected to be promptly ready for you turn at fire. Delaying events will cause you to lose your opportunity to fire and may result in disqualification.
No allowances will be made for equipment breakage or failure. All gear must be field durable to be practical and reliable. Safety violations, dropped weapons, accidental discharges, and unsportsmanlike conduct may result is disqualification and/or ejection from the event and a non-refunded entry fee.
There will be a barbecue Sunday after the competition is finished, this will also serve as the awards ceremony.
Thank you for your cooperation. It is your commitment to safety and your demonstration of true sportsmanship that will make the 1st annual WTRC a successful and enjoyable event.

Wyoming Tactical Rifle Championship
WTRC Registration Form

The First Annual WTRC will be held July 22, 23, & 24, 2011 at the Bliss Ranch (North of Gillette, WY)
Please sign up ASAP using the entry form below. Entry fees are refundable up to 30 days before the event. Signups are being taken at this time. Entry fee is $300.00 per shooter or $600.00 per team.
2011 Wyoming Tactical Rifle Championship Registration Form
Name___________________________________________DOB ___________________________
Address___________________________________________ _____________________________
State______________________________ ZIP________________________________
Phone__________________________Cell_______________ _______Email_________________
Shooting Experience________________________________________ _____________________
Occupation________________________________________ _____________________________
Supervisorís Name and Phone_____________________________________________ _________
Character References________________________________________ ____________________
WTRC Partnerís Name______________________________________________ ______________
ATV Riding Class Yes______ No______

-Right of refusal reserved. Fees are non-refundable less than 90 days prior to the event.
-A signed WTRC waiver form from each competitor must accompany your registration form.
-Make checks payable to: Wyoming Tactical Rifle Championship (WTRC)
Mail WTRC payment, registration and waiver to:
1301 E. Lincoln Street
Gillette, WY 82716
-Contact: Chuck McIntosh (p# 307-685-3373 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 307-685-3373 end_of_the_skype_highlighting) (email: bigmac@collinscom.net)

Wyoming Tactical Rifle Championship
WTRC Rules

1) During field course all shooters travel along a specified shooting trail. Short cutting the trail is grounds for disqualification. Each two-man team must travel together and shoot in close proximity of each other, one shooter at a time, with safety being of utmost concern.

2) On field courses, competitors will be started at designated intervals that may vary from course to course. All competitors will be given the same amount of time on the same course of fire. During the allotted time, the competitors will be awarded points and be debited points depending on proper target engagement and target hits and misses.

3) Should a team be overtaken, the overtaken team will immediately unload all firearms and return to the staging area following a safe route that is designated by the attending Range Officer. The overtaken team will retain the course score that was recorded until the time they were overtaken. It is highly unlikely that a team will be overtaken because of generous time intervals and shortened course design. Overtaking another team is only allowed after proper engagement of the course of fire.

4) All firearms carried in the field courses will be carried with an empty chamber and the hammer down. This includes shoulder arms and handguns. After firing is complete at a designated station, chambers shall be cleared and shown clear to the attending R.O. before proceeding to the next station. Violation may result in disqualification. Some designated courses are considered one continuous course of fire, and weapons need not be cleared during the course of fire (consult R.O.).

5) Handguns used or to be used in the short-range course must be carried (unloaded) while each competitor is engaged in the rifle courses, in the same holster. Both team members must carry a service pistol. A minimum of 25 rounds of the proper pistol ammunition must be carried as well. No pistol should be carried for the shoot off, for safety purposes.

6) Eye and ear protection is mandatory during all firing for competitors and spectators. Safe equipments and ammunition is required. Ammunition that seats the bullet into the lands of the barrel, and requires firing to avoid separation of the bullet and the case (dumping powder in the action) should not be used because it is not field practical. Firing a chambered round to resolve this situation will result in a 20-point deduction, and may result in a DQ if done inappropriately. Be sure you are fielding safe equipment. Any equipment creating a safety concern, such as (but not limited to) malfunctions, accidental discharges, spent case malfunction and too light or doubling trigger mechanisms, may result in a team disqualification from a course of fire, or from the entire match, or penalty points being assessed.

7) In team events, any disqualification of a single team member will also disqualify the other team member. The attending R.O. will determine if the disqualification warrants elimination from the course of fire, or the entire match.

8) Competitors must engage all targets, firing at least twice regardless of whether or not the shooter feels the shot to be realistic for his equipments and/or skill level. The shooter may shoot multiple times at any one target, remembering that some misses incur a deduction of points from their score. Only the specified number of points can be awarded for each target successfully engaged. On target successful hits cannot add points beyond the specified number of points.

9) On the long range rifle targets in field courses, a single hit will be awarded 40 points. Two shots per long-range target are required to satisfy the engagement rule. Each long=range miss will result in a 20 point deduction. Did Not Engage will result in a 40-point deduction. The moderate-range targets (carbine) on each station will be painted red, and will require two shots from the mid-range shooter. After two successful hits on each carbine target, there will be a 20-point award. Missing carbine targets on a field course will result in a 20-point deduction per miss. Did Not Engage will result in a 40-point deduction. Any pistol target that may be present on the field course will painted white and be within 50 yards of the shooting station. After two successful hits on each pistol target, there will be a 20 award. Misses on pistol targets will incur a 20-point deduction per missed shot. Did Not Engage on a pistol target will result in a 40-point deduction for each target.

10) Teams that complete a field course before the allotted time has lapsed will receive one bonus point for every full minute remaining in the allotted time. Teams must begin and finish together. If one team member quits the course, the other may not continue. Time limit to be announced at the staging area before the competition begins. In the event of a team quitting, the will retain the score at the time of discontinuation minus the indicated points for Did Not Engage, calculated for the remaining targets on the course.

11) It is the shooters responsibility to advise the R.O. as to which target is being engaged, prior to the shot. Only one shooter may shoot at a time. Miscommunication between the shooter and R.O. may result in loss of points due to an unobserved hit by the R.O. Targets should be engaged from close proximity to far, such as Pistol (if present), Moderate-Range and Long-Range.

12) There will be no allowances for equipment malfunction or failure. In the event of an unsafe or absolute gun failure, and after approval of the R.O., the other shooter may assume target engagement for both shooters. Only pistols are to be used to engage pistol targets. The failed gun (if field repaired) cannot resume firing until the next station once the other team member has begun shooting. Shooters unable to complete a course of fire will retain the score at the time of discontinuation minus the indicated points for Did Not Engage, calculated for the remaining targets on the course.

13) All necessary equipment/gear, food, water, and health maintenance supplies are the responsibility of each shooter. Professional healthcare services are distant from the event location. Participants and observers that are not in good health and physical condition should not participate or attend the event.

14) At the Match Directorís discretion, there may be a free style man vs. man or team vs. team shoot off or other re-shoot opportunities to resolve any tie scores or to resolve any situations that (in the opinion of the Match Director) will equalize opportunities for any given competitor.

15) General match prizes will awarded based on the published match results placement. The overall first place score will get first choice from the prize table (one prize each). Winners must be present to claim awards unless prior arrangement has been made with Match Director.

16) All firearm prizes will be labeled with the winnerís name and shipped to the winnerís home state, to a current FFL holder. No firearms awarded will be released at the awards ceremony to non-FFL holders.

17) A 9mm caliber or larger pistol is required to qualify as a service handgun. In order to extend the service life of our steel targets, no armor piercing, steel core, or any steel destructive bullets are allowed. Any carbine must a barrel length of less than 24Ē (2012 WTRC will be less than 22Ē). Any rifle or carbine cartridge used in the WTRC competition must be .300 Win Magnum or smaller.

18) Safe conduct and sportsmanís courtesy are required for participation as a competitor or a spectator. Any breech of this requirement can result in disqualification and ejection from the match, or ejection from the event area. Disqualification, ejection, or failure to complete the match will cause elimination from the event. No refunds or credits will be given for eliminated individuals or teams.

19) Please remember that the Range Officers are volunteers. They are present for your safety and the safety of observers, local residents and others personal property. R.O.ís will strive to be fair and as observant as possible. R.O.ís have authorization to disqualify shooters and eject observers for unsportsmanlike behavior as well as safety violations. Hits and misses are determined by the attending R.O. only. Competitors should be courteous and respectful while interacting with the Range Officers. Any grievances should be brought to the attention of the Match Director. Argumentative behavior toward an R.O. will not be tolerated.

20) All competitors must use the same firearms throughout the match, unless mechanical failure has rendered a weapon unsafe or unusable and the Match Director has approved the change. Throughout the courses there should be approximately equal participation from both shooters with target engagement.

21) Any tampering with another competitorís firearm, equipment or ammunition will result in ejection and dismissal from the event.

22) All competitors should understand and abide by all gun safety rules including the basics:

a. All firearms are to be considered loaded at all times.
b. Never point a weapon at a target that you do not intend to destroy (muzzle control).
c. Never place your finger on the trigger until your sights are on the target.
d. Be aware of your target and what is beyond it.
Some stages will require placing the weapon in a stationary gun rack. You must position your rifle muzzle down in these racks. At this event, the only approved method of weapon handling is with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. DO NOT cover anyone with the line of the muzzle, regardless of what condition the action is in. Shooters wishing to clean or perform maintenance on any weapon in between courses of fire must seek the approval of an attending R.O. The R.O. will designate the location for the handling of the weapon and indicate the direction that muzzle must be pointed at all times during handling.
These rules are enforced for your safety, as well as the safety of others attending the event. Please have a clear understanding of firearm safety, the match rules and common range commands before attending the event. Any questions should be directed at the Match Director or his designee prior to the match. Eye and ear protection is mandatory for all in attendance.

Wyoming Tactical Rifle Championship
WTRC Scoring System

Long-Range Targets on Field Courses (BLUE Targets)
+40 per hit -20 per miss (Only two hits are scored)

Moderate-Range Carbine Targets on Field Courses (RED Targets)
+10 per hit -20 per miss (Only two hits are scored)

Pistol Targets on Field Courses (WHITE Targets)
+10 per hit -20 per miss (Only two hits are scored)

Team vs. Team
See WTRC Overview

-Did Not Engage: -40 points per target (All targets: Blue, Red & White)
-Misses: -20 points on all Long-range and Carbine targets (Blue & Red)

Available Bonus Points
+1 point for each full minute the course is completed under the time limit. Time limit will be announced at staging area before competition begins on any field course.
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Unread 05-01-2011, 10:38 PM
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Re: Wyoming Tactical Rifle Championship July 22-24 2011


This is the longest I've seen one of your posts sit without a reply?

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Unread 05-04-2011, 12:53 AM
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Re: Wyoming Tactical Rifle Championship July 22-24 2011

So everyone understands, the round count is high because I don't want anybody to run out of ammo. As always someone drops a weapon or they break a scope and need to resight their weapon. Bring what you you think you will need to shoot between 70 and 90 targets per course and double engage them all. Best of luck and many thanks.
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Unread 05-20-2011, 07:21 PM
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Re: Wyoming Tactical Rifle Championship July 22-24 2011


Precision Rifle 200 rounds Carbine 300 rounds Pistol 300 rounds This will get you by but we don't want anybody to run out of ammo and we want everybody to enjoy the shoot.

-No tracer, armor piercing, or steel core bullets are allowed.
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Unread 05-21-2011, 09:17 PM
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Re: Wyoming Tactical Rifle Championship July 22-24 2011

Ernie, Are you going to get to marry your daughter?

Raptor Stalker by
Kirby Allen APS
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Unread 05-21-2011, 09:23 PM
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Re: Wyoming Tactical Rifle Championship July 22-24 2011

Yes, I will get to walk her down the aisle and perform the ceremony.
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Unread 05-25-2011, 09:20 PM
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Re: Wyoming Tactical Rifle Championship July 22-24 2011

All enties need to be in by July 1.
Thanks for all who have sighned up.
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