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West Coast Tactical & Findlay Cup Results

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Unread 03-30-2008, 09:34 PM
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West Coast Tactical & Findlay Cup Results

Well, here they are, such as they are. Congrats to Jessey & Travis Redell, on winning the WCT Team match!!!

West Coast Tactical Team Match: a couple of stages got cut or modified from the WCT due to some equipment malfunctions. The weather was cold and breezy most of the day, but not too bad overall.

WCT Overall
WCT 100yd Precision Rifle
150yd Barrier
300yd Non-Moving Mover
72yd Skeet House
485yd Steel
Long Distance Steel - 600-845-945yds
Cowboy Town
Hummer Course
Night Poacher

Findlay Cup: Due to mounting snow storm (i.e. couldn't see the targets) the match got called early by general consensus. It was pretty chilly, with a wind to boot. The only stages that everybody completed were the 300yd CBZ and 5-shot group, both won by John Divis with his brandy-new 6.5x47L (built by self). The 'overall' scores for the other stages are included simply for the edification of the idly curious.

300yd Cold Bore Zero
300yd 5-shot Group
Overall (partial)

Please keep in mind, these are at a strictly temporary location until I get time to do some more website work. Pics will follow as I get time and/or gumption.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and helped make this years event(s) possible.

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Unread 03-30-2008, 09:35 PM
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And a cut-n-paste from another posters After-Action-Report:

For those of you who couldn't make it, it was mostly a good time. We were short some ROs on Saturday (WCT)so things ran a little slow but mostly smooth. Sunday it snowed and the Plumber's Cup got snowed out after a few stages.

Some pics:

Jim did a lot of this:

PatM and Joe, tearing up the 150 yard barricade:

All ages are welcome!

A very blurry pic of shooting at steel plates, out of a moving Hummer, with an AK- possibly the most fun stage!

And the match winners: Brothers Jesse (rt) and Travis (hope I have that right).

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Unread 03-30-2008, 09:36 PM
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On Sunday, the weather crapped on the Plumber's Cup, no mistake. Weather forecast was for snow at around 11AM, and it showed up right on time.

So, because we couldn't see the targets:

We packed up our gear: (Tom from Tactical Solutions)

And called it a day.

I know this match was a huge pain for Jim- some of us helped when we could, but it wouldn't have happened without the weeks of work he put into it.

Thanks, Jim!
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Unread 03-31-2008, 08:24 PM
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Good turnout for such bad weather..

I don't know anything about tactical matches. It appears you need to have a two person team a spotter and shooter.

What about your magazine capacity can you get by with a 5 round hunting rifle, or are you better off with a detachable mag system?

It looks really challenging, and those 100 yard targets you showed on 6br.com don't look easy.

What's the deal with the hummer course? What kind of targets are you shooting at there?
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Unread 03-31-2008, 11:14 PM
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It really depends on the event. The Findlay Cup, held on Sunday, is an individual event and always has been. It's a little less 'high-speed-low-drag' than some tactical events, though. Usually we have a group of cowboys who bring their coyote rifles and lay out their saddle blankets to shoot off of

A gun with a box mag is definitely a plus... although again, it depends on how the course of fire is laid out. Ours tend to be pretty laid back, though the time limits were tightened up. It's possible to feed the first 4-5 from the mag, and then single load (assuming you're proficient at it) thereafter and keep up okay. I'm ordering a couple 10rd mags for my AICS 1.5 stock, though. Better to have and not need than need and not have, as the saying goes. I wouldn't let the lack of a DBM keep me home, though. Stock packs to hold extra rounds, hell even pockets work just fine. Might not win, but you'll still have fun!

The WCT event was a team affair... depending on the stage, the 'shooter' would handle the long shots and the 'spotter' the pistol or carbine portion, but on some stages both people had to engage all the targets - strong side *and* weak side, which makes life... interesting. If you think it sounds easy, try it some time ;)

The Hummer stage had one shooter engage some steel targets at distance, and then the other person was in the back of a Hummer w/ an AK-47 (gun and ammo provided, so everybody got the same advantages/disadvantages) and had to engage some stationary steel half-size silhouette targets from the back of the Hummer as it drove along. Three shots from port, then the vehicle turned around and came back, and three more shots from starboard.

Apparently it's pretty damn hard to hit something from a moving vehicle without a belt-fed (or at least high-cap) weapon with a selector switch - I think only a couple people hit 2 out of 6 of the carbine shots from the Hummer. A few hit one, and a whole bunch hit none.

The Night Poacher stage was pretty fun... two minutes for two shots each shooter and spotter, at a target ~512yds away up on a hill side. Some reflective tape (simulating 'eyes') was about 8-10" above the steel swinger target. RO held the spotlight on the reflective tape, and the shooter/spotter had at it. Very cool. You could tell who has spent some time spotlighting coyotes by looking at the scores!

Surprisingly enough, nobody was brave enough to attempt the 100pt circle on the Know-Your-Limit target I think one or two guys did get the 50pt circle. A surprising number missed the 2" 5pt circle... and these are guys who generally shoot pretty regularly, have good gear, and more or less know what they are doing. Match nerves will do that to ya, though ;)

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Unread 04-01-2008, 12:00 AM
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A few more pics for ya...

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Unread 04-01-2008, 03:16 PM
JLR JLR is offline
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I will say that a detachable mag is a plus, but not necessary as neither Travis or I had one and we still won We both could only preload 3 rounds at the most for some of the stages and then it was a single-shot-load-as-you-go show. That definitely made for some interesting stages. If you don't have a mag, make dang sure you have a cartridge holder on your stock as you can grab rounds quickly after you pull the bolt back.

Some other things that would have been handy that we did not have besides the DBM, would be a mil-dot or other reticle with windage and elev hashes, and a illuminated reticle for the night stage.

We're gonna regroup now that we've done one of these and maybe be able to plan a little better for the next one. Prob build a little shorter rifle with a detachable mag and different scope for starters. I also need to come up with a more reliable load for our pistols as we ran into some feeding problems.

That which does not kill me......has made a huge tactical error
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