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Tell us about your longest bow kill

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Unread 05-29-2008, 04:59 AM
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Tell us about your longest bow kill

Tell us the conditions, distance, practice technique, how the decision was made, result.
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    Unread 06-21-2010, 04:11 PM
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    Re: Tell us about your longest bow kill

    well not long range but any means but my first ever bow kill. 1 rabbit 4meters away in a hollowed out willow tree. there was a 2 inch gap in the branches between us and i had to sight down the arrow for the shot since my first pin is set for 20m. so at full draw i was having to move my eye to a new position behind the arrow, not comfy, when it looked good down the short range she went. 1 wabbit pinned to a tree.
    was pretty pleased.
    mannaged to shoot another silly rabbit that decided it woiuld be a good idea to sit 2 m away from me in the grass too.
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    Unread 06-24-2010, 05:19 PM
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    Re: Tell us about your longest bow kill

    About 5 years ago near the end of bow season there were a group of does that would come out to feed in a certain spot each evening. It was in January and there were no suitable trees to hang a stand in. I found a deadfall tree that made a great natural blind at the edge of the field. The deer would come as close as 60 yards pretty consistently so I added a 60 yard pin on my bow in addition to the 20-50 yard pins. I practiced until I could consistently put three arrows into less than 6" at 60 yards then went out the evening before the last day of the season. The does came out to feed and one turned broadside at exactly 60 yards. I ranged her at least a half dozen times. I drew, settled the pin and carefully squeezed off the shot. At the hit she ran off into the woods. After waiting a while I took up the blood trail in the fading light. I jumped up a deer and wasn't sure if it was her so I elected to come back the next morning. I recovered her at the end of about a 150 yard blood trail. I definitely would not reccommend shooting that far without knowing the exact yardage, trajectory of your arrow and putting in lots of practice. (Kinda like long range centerfire hunting come to think of it!)
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    Unread 09-19-2010, 02:02 AM
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    Re: Tell us about your longest bow kill

    72 meters on a rabbit today. so fun.
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    Unread 10-10-2010, 08:02 PM
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    Re: Tell us about your longest bow kill

    Mine is 65 yards - whitetail doe. 10 minutes of hunting time left, no wind, standing in a wheat field assuming it was safe... I practice out to 100 yards all summer long.

    My hunting partner, Steve, is an excellent long range shooter. This year he shot a 4 X 5 whitetail buck at 75 yards, and several years ago shot a 3 X 3 mulie at 107 yards. We spent that afternoon in camp shooting 100 to 150 yard shots. He was tuned...

    Steve's brother, Dave, held the previous "camp" record before Steve. In 1981 he killed a 4 X 4 mulie with two shots. The first one, 90 yards the next shot, 95. Both arrows connected.
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    Unread 11-25-2010, 11:52 PM
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    Re: Tell us about your longest bow kill

    My longest was this year. Was last week of Archery elk and we hadn't seen squat. (same area last year was insane, elk everyday) After screwing around in camp i had an 80yrd pin (was just a bragging pin to hit targets with). Well that morning my WB took a crapper so i hurried into town got a new rest, tuned it all up that morning afternoon. Went out that night and i heard what i thought was my monster 7x7 Bull from last year about a mile and half away. So as i bugled my arse off and he bugled his we met. about a 1/4 mile clearing he was on one side i was on the other. No trees or brush to give me cover to shorten the distance. About 10min later of bugling and ******* him off he finally made the move. Across the field he came straight for me. Heart was pumping and sweat was dripping. CALM down i kept telling myself. Here he comes 100yd 90, 80 80 82. wait what the hell hes turning and going broadside from not coming towards me. he stops and i noticed he wasnt my huge bull but still nice. heart slowed down a bit took some breaths ranged him at 84. Thought to myself i was hitting 80 very well today in trees and hes in the middle of a field broadside to me. Screw it. Drew back, relaxed release. DOUBLE LUNG shot ran about 50yards and collapsed on a 4wheeler road. What an awesome hunt and the easiest drag ever. Drove the 4wheeler right to him.

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    Unread 12-22-2010, 11:53 PM
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    Re: Tell us about your longest bow kill

    It was 4yrs ago

    25ft up 43yds behind the ear on a doe & she dropped in her tracks
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