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Broadheads- Mech. VS Fixed

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Unread 06-07-2011, 03:14 PM
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Re: Broadheads- Mech. VS Fixed

Over 42 years of bowhunting I've tried a lot of arrowheads. The early mechanical broadheads were unreliable & I believe that gave mechanicals a bad reputation with some people, and those people talk to other people...

If a person doesn't shoot over 35-40 yards or in strong wind, mechanicals aren't necessary. As mechanicals catch less crosswind, they are a better choice when shooting longer distances or in strong wind. As most archers are not good enough to shoot anything beyond 40 yards or in strong wind, most archers are better off with "fool proof" broadheads. Only those shooting where the reduced effects of wind on a mechanical make a significant difference should add the variable of mechanical broadheads. That said, I normally hunt with mechanicals.
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    Unread 06-08-2011, 10:41 PM
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    Re: Broadheads- Mech. VS Fixed

    Bigngreen - I tried the Tekan a few years ago and they do fly great but I bent the crap out of one of the blades shooting a rather scrawny hog. Didn't look like it really hit too much on the way through, a rib on entry and exit, killed him dead as a wedge but I was worried about the bigger game with them that was why I switched.
    I have tried the rage but they seem to have all kinds of problems, early blade deployment was my main problem. We shoot a lot of ground squirrels and the rage works really well on them if you can get it out of the quiver without the blades flopping around.
    I personally don't think there is a single solution to the broadhead question. In some cases mechanical heads may be the way to go, the high wind long range applications you may not be able to stabilize a fixed head. In those conditions most likely you would be shooting pronghorn or mule deer and they don't take a lot of killing like an elk or moose would.
    This has been a good thread to see what other hunters do. Thanks everyone for the comments.
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    Unread 06-10-2011, 08:29 PM
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    Re: Broadheads- Mech. VS Fixed

    Originally Posted by midwesthunter View Post
    I shoot a hybrid broadhead. It's the NAP 2 blade blood runner. Blades cut 1-1/8 if don't open. When it does cuts 2-1/4". I have seen mechanical ones not open or deflect on impact. Some people shoot them so they don't have to tune there bow. I hate some of the marketing. Example rage. Expands the kill zone or find your game or money back. Just giving people excuse to take a bad shot.
    I have read more on these, they have a following, the fact that they still cut if they don't open is great & the practice heads are nice to have as well.
    You will not make peace with the Blue Coats, you are free to go.
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    Unread 06-15-2011, 10:21 AM
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    Re: Broadheads- Mech. VS Fixed

    The Muzzy MX-4 is my "go to" broadhead. I tried those carbon express f-15's and they flew terrible. Been checking out the bloodrunners for this season. Just hope they fly as well as the Muzzy's do.
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    Unread 06-19-2011, 08:40 AM
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    Re: Broadheads- Mech. VS Fixed

    How can you doubt wat has proven it self? Sounds like you are easily swayed.I use NAP Spitfires have for around 8 yrs.NEVER had a problem.I have taken many deer with them.I will hit a deer in the shoulder if its a 20 or under shot.The deer dont go far.I always get pass thrus.Dead is Dead it dont get any better than that.No matter how much money you spend.
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    Unread 06-21-2011, 09:49 AM
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    Re: Broadheads- Mech. VS Fixed

    There are a lot of good comments for both types of Broad heads and like one other gentleman
    stated with over 50 years of bowhunting I have came to I conclusion that works for me without
    the loss of game.(Out of over 300+ big game killed with a bow I have lost two using this method)

    Heavy arrows.
    Big feather fletching.(5") full helical for stability.
    Heavy. well made broad heads with no more than a 1 3/8" cut. (The two deer I lost was because of
    1 1/2" heads not passing completely Through).
    Heavy bow draw weights to help velocity and trajectory.
    Plus lots of practice.

    It is simple; An arrow kills by causing massive hemorrhaging and with a complete pass through
    tracking is much easier and productive.

    A Good shot can be just a lethal if it does the same amount of damage to the vitals but if it
    passes through it can improve the odds of recovery.

    My favorite shot (On Deer) is strait through both shoulders. This breaks them down and normally
    drops them well within sight.(No tracking) but with mechanical broad heads this not a good
    shot placement.

    Having seen many hits over the years by many different components and shooters the largest
    number lost animals have been due to poor choices of broad heads and poor hits.

    The biggest loss of Elk I have seen when a good shot has been made have been with the mechanical
    Broad heads, because of tough skin and failure to penetrate very far.

    I am not a big fan of two bladed broad heads but they are the most simple and dependable and
    with less bow draw weight will penetrate better.

    So choose the type of head you want to but be aware of there shortcomings.

    Good hunting.

    "PRESS ON"
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    Unread 09-14-2011, 07:57 PM
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    Re: Broadheads- Mech. VS Fixed

    Originally Posted by Forester View Post
    So choosing a compound bow with all the attendant wheels and sights and stabs. and rests is ok, but a mechanical broadhead is for someone looking for a shortcut? Give me a break.

    I keep my bow tuned right and practice year round, and I like a mechanical broadhead because it is one more advantage to me as I see it.
    +1 Shooting mechanicals is never a reason to not tune your bow. If you shoot mechanicals shoot them because you feel they are better for your application. I like both types of heads. I loved the blood trails my Rocket Hammerheads give me but the Hellrazors penetrate like crazy and are tougher than anything else I have shot. I tune my bow no matter what I shoot.
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