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Wow.... Rimfire discrimination

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Unread 12-02-2011, 04:55 AM
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Re: Wow.... Rimfire discrimination

Whoa i just looked at some of those Air rifles you mentioned, I obviously suffered from airgun ingorance ive played with little .177 cal stuff and i have a pnematic bb pistol for the 20 crows around here that sit in the tree behind my house and screach at eachother constantly. And ive done some of that Airsoft Mil Sim that my freind is really into.

I had no idea they had Air Rifles CO2 or not, that were that powerfull, 22wmr power so around 200ftlbs at 50yds, a guy brought a crossman to the range it was .177 C02 i cant remember what model but it had an adjustable, L.O.P and cheekpiece, one wierd thing i remember, it only had a partial trigger gaurd, it was like this -> _K__/ the k is the trigger and i think there was a tab safety in front of the trigger too but not positive. and he said it was about $450 thats more than what i paid for my savage 93 package series after tax, and the plano case,a cleaning kit,And 250rds of 22wmr ammo, I just looked the Gun and all i just listed came to $416.36

So they have .357/9mm pellets, whats the noise and recoil if any like?
I did see that they have rifles like that Air force Ultimate Condor that are like for $1500! And that a 25 box of those nosler .357 pellets sells for $20-$25 thats more than the 20 round boxes of match .223 i use.
But not getting a mouthfull of steel bbs, like i got last time I went to my brother in laws house after he went duck hunting. not chewing on ball bearings is worth any price!
You may be onto something there.

Id love to shoot one, If your ever in Washington state, Swing buy the Renton Fish and Game Club on the Weekend ill be there
But for my $1500+ I will get A .308 Savage and another Pistol too
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Unread 12-02-2011, 10:10 PM
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Re: Wow.... Rimfire discrimination

A Benjamin Marauder can be bought new for around $500 + shipping. It is my pick for value. My BSA Lonestar is a bit better in ways, but more expensive and only single shot.

Some people prefer single shot for hunting. They shoot several different pellets and pick one before taking the shot. It is easier than changing magazines, and you can't eject a pellet from a loaded chamber.

You do NOT want CO2 for hunting! It is low power and power varies with ambient temperature. A .177 target rifle is about the most useless rifle you could buy for hunting. They are made for 10 meter competition and are all low power for safety.

My air rifle will shoot through a standard Beeman pellet trap like you find in Wal-Mart, unless you bolt thicker steel to the deflection plate.

Hunting air rifles pump up anywhere from 3000 to 4500 PSI.

The Nosler .357 bullets are overpriced for now, but the price may drop. They are a hunting bullet, not a target bullet. You can shoot regular cast lead 9mm/.355 cal bullets in the .357 Rogue.

At Pyramyd Air you can buy a .50 cal air rifle for around $500, and they also make a .25 cal lever action repeater that is very powerful. These are South Korean made from makers like Shin Sung or Evanix. It is illegal to own firearms in South Korea, so they are a major source of high power hunting air rifles.

Turkey is a place that moderate priced air rifles are made, at the Hatsan plant that also makes shotguns. The CZ air rifle looks like a Hatsan to me. I think Hatsan may make some of their shotguns. There are several brands that are private label Hatsan air rifles, like Hammerli and Walther and Halestorm.

The Beeman PCP air rifle is made in England by Falcon.

Go to the Swedish FX website and see some cool videos of their semi-auto air rifle.

The Russian EDgun air rifle is interesting, as it is a bullpup. Russians like to carry air rifles in their cars and take shots at varmints from the car, so they like a bullpup design.

Thanks for the invite, but I don't have plans for Washington state in the near future. Will keep the invite in mind.
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Unread 12-03-2011, 02:00 AM
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Re: Wow.... Rimfire discrimination

Hey thanks for the eye opener on a really cool subject 400 for stuff I can shoot at home with some kick is doable, you should start some threads of your own and I'm sure people will be glad to learn from someone who knows about a new sport, shooting high power stuff at home is get appealing, keep the info coming, thanks again I love to read about all aspects of shooting especially really cool affordable ones I never new were out there
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Unread 12-03-2011, 11:03 AM
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Re: Wow.... Rimfire discrimination

Everything has already been written up on airgun forums. Best to go there.

I would stay out of English airgun forums unless you want a lot of advice on 12 fpe guns that do not require a firearms certificate. The English style of airgun hunting does not suit us, and they make no big bore airguns.

Go to Youtube if you want to see some big bore air guns in action.

Go to the Dennis Quackenbush website to learn about his 500 fpe big bore air guns. He is 2 years behind on orders and think he isn't taking any more orders right now. Should link you to a video of a Bison kill with one of his big bore rifles.

Airguns of Arizona is where I bought my BSA Lonestar. They are the BSA importer. They have used BSA rifles most of the time, but also sell FX, Daystate, Benjamin, Theoben, Falcon, etc. Good place to buy pellets. You will not find JSB or H&N pellets on the department store racks.

Most of the air rifle stuff in department stores is crap, and that includes Cabelas. Don't go there, deal with a specialist.
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Unread 12-29-2011, 02:33 AM
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Re: Wow.... Rimfire discrimination

Here is a short vid of my friend Harv shooting a 20mm air rifle. I think he said it was a 1,000 grain slug doing 800+fps. Pretty cool. The crazy laughing is Patrick.....

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Unread 02-01-2012, 01:03 AM
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Re: Wow.... Rimfire discrimination

I had a Savage .22lr rifle rebarreled so I could shoot the Aguilar 60g SubSonic bullets accurately. I also had a one piece scope base mounted so I could shoot from 50 to 200 Yds with it, even a little bit of wind makes the slow bullet dance. I had it build just to practice and get comfortable dialing up/windage.

I grew up shooting a FWB 124D Spring air rifle, .177 cal. It works great for hunting, just take head shots. I also played the Field Target game for a while, switching between the 124D and my AirArms TX200. If you can shoot a spring air rifle accurately, everything else just falls into place when switching over to powder burning guns. A larger caliber air rifle is good for hunting, but I really like the moderated PCP's. Quiet and deadly.

Like everyong else, I think you are smart practicing with the .22lr.
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