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I shot some 60 gr Aguila SSS Sniper Subsonic Ammunition today.

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Unread 08-01-2009, 11:42 AM
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Re: I shot some 60 gr Aguila SSS Sniper Subsonic Ammunition today.

I bot 50 rounds of these just to see what they would do. At 25-30 yards I was hitting 1/2 group for 10 rounds. I did this with two consecutive magazines, I was pretty amazed because my Marlin 70 isn't that accurate.

Does anyone know of any other heavy bullets such as these but are a higher velocity?
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Unread 05-25-2011, 10:45 PM
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Re: I shot some 60 gr Aguila SSS Sniper Subsonic Ammunition today.

Hello all
Since I have a lot of time shooting with silencers on a lot of different rifle calibers and feel its really the only way to go,I decided to do a totally subsonic build off the Ruger 77/22..
First I have to say I am fed up and pissed off with seeing enormous amounts of aftermarket crap for the 10/22 (a great rifle action) and only marginal (very marginal) amounts of good upgrades for the 77/22!!
In Pa. here we are not allowed to hunt with semi rifles, it sucks and is STUPID!
Back to my point;
I ordered the threaded for suppressor,1:9 twist bull suited for the Aguila 60gr. subs, bought a M77/22 (pre 2009) and a conversion picatinny base for my thermal scope and plan on bedding a rather normal tactical style stock to the combo for night varmit hunts..
I noticed a few goofy Startrek looking stock-like things out there made for the 77/22 like the Stingray and a few other weird laminates only that of which I hate because of the weight and look but would still buy if they were composite...Since there seems to be no one that makes a tactical style stock for these nice affordable bolt Ruger rimfires I decided to see If anyone else here has found a aftermarket "tactical" stock for this action (no 18 week wait periods please)..
Before I hear try Ruger,Clark,Stockys or Riflestocks.com let me say these carriers have what appears to be a varmit (on the mild side too) stock or nothing but heavy laminates in a great stock design..
My PAS-13 weighs 5.5lbs,suppressor 3lbs and I don't need a heavy laminate to add to that plus barreled action..etc..
Since I have done and fitted quite a few riflestocks through the years I have decided to retrofit one from another inlet and wonder since I never did this , If anyone here has tried it hoping to steer me in the direction of a best candidate "inlet that will work" before I go buy a tactical H-S or Bell & Carlson and fill it in ,starting from scratch..
Thank you to anyone here that can help...
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Unread 05-27-2011, 12:28 PM
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Re: I shot some 60 gr Aguila SSS Sniper Subsonic Ammunition today.

I've been shooting the 60gr SSS rounds from the day they first came out... If you’re not shooting them in a 1-9 twist; you've missed the boat... The best bang for your buck comes from shooting them in a “1-9 twist pistol(s)” configuration; like the Ruger Mk with a Tactical Solution Tactical Solutions conversion. This is where the ammo makes it bones... as for the 10/22; I have one I use with a Green Mountain 1-9 twist barrel. Ruger 10 22 Rifle Barrels From Green Mountain Barrel Company
As I recall Green Mountain was the company that supplied the first barrels to Agiula for their 60gr Agiula SSS Sniper Subsonic Ammunition development program. In any case they shoot great in my rebarrel Ruger 10/22 and my hybrid Ruger Mk III
I thought many times about putting a 1-9 twist on my 77/22 be, it shoots so well as is, I not sure it’s worth the time and expense. That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a hell of a shooter if I did; it’s just I have two (pistol & rifle) 60gr lead throwers and that seems to be enough.
I use a Leupold M8 6X42mm on the 10/22 with Stony Point aftermarket elevation and windage knobs. The Ruger Mk III is straight iron, with an option for optics… and the Ruger 77/22 Synthetic stock which has a Shepherd BC 6x18 40mm on it.
When I was living in Idaho….. I shot the aforementioned with suppressers; very quiet and very accurate in the 1-9’s I also never had any problems dispatching critters with the 60gr round.
Just my .02 on the 60gr subject.
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Unread 07-08-2011, 12:33 AM
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Re: I shot some 60 gr Aguila SSS Sniper Subsonic Ammunition today.

The Aguila SSS was originally developed as a military round for taking out guards/guard dogs/etc. at close range. In a close range, jungle type or urban environment, it could be a very deadly round.

Will not matter if it keyholes at distance if the shooting diatance is within 10 yards. A solid bullet that keyholes in flesh is one of the deadliest of all designs. Remember the British .303 round that had the nose filled with sawdust so it would be butt heavy and keyhole in flesh? A neat way to get around the Geneva Convention that seemed to outlaw softnosed hunting bullets that expand in flesh. The "tumbling" M193 bulet fired from a 14" twist M-16 in Vietnam had a similar intention, and it is devastatingly deadly when everything works right.

In my tight bore CZ-452 the Aguila SSS tends to keyhole by 50 yards, even less if the barrel is really dirty. In a Ruger 77/22 with a looser bore and evidently higher velocity, the Aguila SSS round seems to shoot just fine with good accuracy and no sign of keyholing. In Vietnam, the M193 round had different tendency to tumble in different M16 rifles.

When using an averaging sound level meter (not peak level meter), I got almost identical sound level readings at one meter to the right of the muzzle with Aguila SSS fired from my CZ-452 and an H&N .25 cal Baracuda pellet fired from my BSA Lonestar PCP air rifle equipped with a suppressor. For a 90 FPE bullet with no suppressor to equal the apparent loudness of a 45 FPE pellet fired through a suppressor says a lot for the quietness of the Aguila SSS round. It sounds quite a bit louder fired through a Ruger 10/22 because of the massive gas leak that the short case and loose blowback chamber creates. Many times you get some powder burns as well from all the flaming powder particles in the escaping gas.

For point blank shooting out of a bolt gun, Aguila SSS is an interesting round, whether it keyholes or not. That heavy tumbling bullet is going to produce more shock and have more knockdown power than common .22LR bullets are noted for having.

If you don't want to lay out the money for a .25 cal PCP air rifle with charging pump ($300 for the pump alone) like I did, then this ammo in a bolt .22LR gun you already own will get you similar results. Since it shoots at PCP air rifle speeds, get an air rifle ballistic reticle scope like the ones that Hawke sells to all those English air rifle hunters. A suppressor is redundant with Aguila SSS. Like a silenced air rifle, you typically get multiple shots at wild game and varmints if you miss. You just have to get close, because you have that air rifle type of golf ball trajectory to deal with. However, I can shoot my BSA Lonestar .25 cal air rifle pellets for 4 cents a pop, while Aguila SSS costs 10 cents a pop. The .25 cal pellet can be a lot deadlier than you think on small game, and it shoots 1/2" groups at 50 yards. But a few boxes of Aguila SSS lets you see if low speed and silent air rifle type hunting is for you.
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Unread 04-25-2016, 10:28 AM
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Re: I shot some 60 gr Aguila SSS Sniper Subsonic Ammunition today.

I know, resurrecting from the ashes......

Savage bolt gun, 1:9 Lilja barrel. 20 moa bases, Weaver 10x with Mil-Dot and target turrets. Turrets screwed all the way down, 50 yd zero. All the way up, zero is 200 yds. With using the 2nd mil-dot we were hitting liter and 20 oz. pop bottles at 250 yds yesterday.

That really teaches you to pay attention to the wind!!
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Unread 04-26-2016, 02:59 PM
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Re: I shot some 60 gr Aguila SSS Sniper Subsonic Ammunition today.

If you get a chance, and have an AR with a 1-7 or better..yet something in the 1-9 twist give that a try. I have an Colt AR15 SP1 with an older Atchison .22 conversion kit, it's very accurate and quite reliable with SSS 60gr .22 rim. The other thing in my original post didn't mention is that the Marlin micro grooved barrels seem to love SSS 60gr'ers.
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Unread 04-28-2016, 09:58 PM
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Re: I shot some 60 gr Aguila SSS Sniper Subsonic Ammunition today.

Wish I would've seen this originally. Sounds like an interesting round to test. Of course the big advantage for longer ranges over an airgun is the projectile design. If I were setting something up to shoot this bullet at longer ranges I'd get the Primary Arms 4-14 with R-Grid reticle. I think I'm netting about 50 mils out of this optic reticle +turret using shimmed Burris Pos-Align rings. Be interesting to see what kind of velocity SD's this ammo's netting, and the variation lot to lot.

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