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The Ultimate calibre for LR Varmints?

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Unread 11-27-2007, 12:25 PM
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i had initially thought about going with the 22-6mm myself. loaded with an 80gr. a-max and velocities of up 3750fps. (even though a velocity of around 3400-3500fps sounds more realistic to me). A 22-250 ai with a fast twist would come very close to this. 80gr. .224 bullets are very long though and with a 6mm case i would of had feeding problems in my rem. sa. My howa with a 1-12 twist shoots the 45grainers like no ones buisness at 3800fps. So my 22-250 is just fine for me. With that said i have decided that for something a little bigger than a litter bigger bullet is needed.

An 87gr. .243 diameter bullet is almost as good.

.224 dia. bc/sd
75gr. a-max .435/.214
80gr. a-max .453/.228

.243 dia. bc/sd
87gr. v-max .400/.210

keep in mind bc is a measure of how well a bullet flies through the air and sd is the mesure of a bullets abillity to penetrate. That may not mean a whole lot until you start to consider terminal ballistics. I believe that a larger dia. bullet will create a bigger wound channel. (not gonna say shock or shock wave here cause i dont believe an animals insides behave like a gal of water when shot) Thus be a better choice for real long shots when the bullet may not fragment like it should especially when shooting an 75-80 gr. a-max out of a .224 cal.(these are the heviest bullets with the highest bc for .224) Also these bullets were intended for targets and deer sized game.(.224 TTh(22-6mm)) and from what i've read on this site an 87gr. v-max outta a .243 or 6mm works good on both yotes and deer.
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Unread 11-27-2007, 11:24 PM
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Longest Range

LGM-118A Peacekeeper. Best long range varmint round yet.
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Unread 11-27-2007, 11:26 PM
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I would have to say 6br...too many reasons to list all but they are absolutely amazing with a fast twist and an accurate platform.....
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Unread 11-28-2007, 10:21 PM
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I hope your not looking to save the fur, anything with enough horse power to get you out to over 500 is going to be pure hell on a pelt. There have been a dozen good answers stated as to calibers to get you out that far but what about just doing something simple? get you a Savage rifle in 243 with a 1-8 twist barrel and shoot the 105 A-Maxes, it may not push the bullet to 3500fps but I have figured out the VLD type bullets travel a long way without having to be blasted out the barrel at crazy velocities found out shooting praire dogs with a 223 and the 75gr A-Max bulletshold over like i was with the 55's and the goofy bullets would hit way past the little critters. The 6x47 Lapua sounds like a very promissing round and the 6BR has proven itself, I've heard many good things about the 22-243 and the 75gr A-Max but barrel life has not been a good seller. I have just started the long range with the 243 and 105 A-Max but so far it's looking promissing but the jury is still out. If you do go with a Savage and you don't like the caliber just chuck it up in the vice take your handy barrel nut wrench and in 30 minutes you can have another rifle. Later,

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Unread 11-30-2007, 02:52 PM
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Originally Posted by duovid View Post
Thanks very much guys, I appreciate your thoughts. I would like to set up a rifle correctly the first time, rather than wasting time and money re-inventing the wheel! So again thanks for your input and happy hunting.


You sound like me many years ago when I was building my first custom (non-competition rig).... I could not decide on the exact caliber much less the chambering for that caliber. I wound up with 22-6mm, 6x284, 25x284, 6.5x284. If I had to do it all over again, I would do the three barrel switch gun and leave out the 6.5x284. I have never even shot the 6.5 or .25 barrel. I just cannot fathom having any more fun than playing with the 22-6MM and the 6x284. The 284 case is really not that bad on barrels if you don't let them get hot and continue shooting like a machine gun (I have over 2000 rounds on mine at 3700 fps with 90 BT and it still shoots bug holes). If you are going to shoot it fast with a lot of follow up type shots, then a BR case and/or variation thereof will give you better barrel life. But, for shots on animals with cold barrels the best I could recomment is the 6x284 and 22-6mm.

For gentlemen shooting (minimal recoil to see the impacts) in a non-hunting setting, I would say the BR or the BR improved type chamberings. They are fun to shoot and you will enjoy yourself. FWIW, I am getting ready to have a new 8 twist barrel chambered in 6x284 next week so I can shoot the longer bullets (i.e., 90 sciroccos, 107 Sierras and eqivalent Bergers).

One more point...... A custom action and the customized factory actions are about the same investment. The best would be to purchase a used custom action which will usually get you under a tuned factory action. And,,,,, you will probably be much happier with the custom action.

Good Luck,

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Unread 12-22-2007, 04:44 PM
bd8 bd8 is offline
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Hoghead, I have a 22-250 remington vssf no customization. It shoots one-ragged-hole 10-shot groups at 100yds with factory hornady ammo, 50gr v-max. Recoil is very light, I have no difficulty following through and spotting my own bullet impacts. When the barrel finally gives out I'll re-barrel with something heavier and a faster twist. But I still wouldn't recommend that anyone buy a factory 22-250 and customize it just to be able to shoot heavier bullets. The real strengths of the 22-250, 220 swift and other hot 22 varmint cartridges is in their long PBR. For the shooter that wants to shoot out to 300-400yds without having to be overly concerned about compensating for windage and elevation these cartridges are almost without peer.
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Unread 12-24-2007, 03:19 AM
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you asked for opinions you got it. verry good ones too. Post 32 says it all. my coyote rifle is a sako 591 chambered in 6-284 28 in verry light bbl it is just a coyote gun gets carried more than shot. if you go to a prerry dog town with a 6-284 you will go home with a shot out bbl. my pardner knows first hand. when its windy i use 6mm-250 basicly same as 6 xc ,calm days 223 or 223 imp 22-250 i just put togather a 6,5-284 with 30in bbl this may be the one.?
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