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Michigan Woodchuckin 2013

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Unread 08-14-2013, 11:37 AM
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Re: Michigan Woodchuckin 2013

Nothing outrageous on the breechplug. I took a Blackhorn optional plug and opened the flashhole up another 0.030, chamfered the exit and entrance end for a larger primer flame path. I also shimmed the pin retainer out from the rear face to where the rifle, when closed, wipes the primer cup face and imparts a sealing effect. Thats a touchy, time consuming operation because too much stickout won't allow the front end to close and too little does nothing. I think I shimmed it out 0.022. I did 2 Accuras at one time.

When you shim the pin retainer, it makes it mandatory that you use the brand (and preferrably the same lot) of primers because every manufacturer makes them in different cup heights. The advantage is, all the flame goes down the flashhole, there is no blowback so the plug stays clean and the breechface stays clean and no erosion that accompanies the blowback. I bought a thousand box of CCI 209's, probably more than I'll need in a lifetime.

Every rifle takes a different amount of stickout, no 2 are alike because the counterbore in the breech face is slightly different in each weapon and the amount of crush you place on the retainer 'o' ring impacts the stickout. I made up a special spade bit so I can apply a set torque figure to the retainer cap and I can take the action down for cleaning and reassemble it with the same crush value.

The downside of shimming the retainer is it's possible to slamfire the rifle if you don't get the retainer stickout just right so CVA don't recommend it for liability reasons.

Was a learnining experience. My reason for enlarging the flashhole was to get a complete burn with the Blackhorn. I was getting a bit of unburned powder even at 100 grains. Now, I'm not.
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Unread 08-15-2013, 08:49 PM
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Re: Michigan Woodchuckin 2013

That, sir, is commitment!

Strongly suggest you pop a woodchuck with it
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