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22-250 remington

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Unread 03-01-2014, 11:25 PM
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Re: Sand Bag vs Bipod

Originally Posted by Berger Man View Post
I bought a Harris bipod to put on my gun. I liked it because I did not have to carry a sand bag for the front of my gun. I did not shoot good every time I went shoot. I decided to go back with a sand bag in the front of my gun and shot under a minute of angle. Can not wait to see if I can do it again next time. Hope the bipod was my problem.
I highly doubt its the bipod. I shoot with a harris bipod and have never had a problem. I really like harris bipods. I shoot off the bipod with a rear bag and i shoot ragged hole groups. Bipods are a whole lot more portable than a sand bag lol. I dont think you should clean the barrel after every time you shoot. Your barrel needs to have some copper fouling in it in order for it to find its sweet spot. Atleast thats been my experience. I can clean my barrel but then it takes a few rounds to get it back to were it needs to be.
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Unread 03-10-2014, 03:05 PM
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Re: 22-250 remington

Originally Posted by Berger Man View Post
I have a 22-250 Remington model 700 and I shoot berger bullets. I use 38 grains of hodgen 380 when I reload. I shoot less than a minute of angle some days and a little bit more on other days. I try to shoot on calm days when I shoot to see why it is different. I clean the gun very good every time I shoot. Can anyone tell me why the grouping is different?
It's most likely the powder changing from different temperatures causing the group size to change. My 25.06 does it with IMR4831, it will drastically open up if the temps drop below 55.
H380 It is not listed as weather stable powder. Here is which Hodgdon powders are. Extreme Rifle Powders
You may want to try one of those listed.
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Unread 03-15-2014, 09:03 PM
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Re: 22-250 remington

I have tried every powder suitable for the 22-250 in the last 35 years and I keep coming back to H-380. My rifle is near 8000 rounds and still shoots .250" MOA. I use CCI-250 magnum primers. H-380 needs a magnum primer for consistent ignition. The power is temp sensitive but never minute by minute. If it starts shredding bullets or showing signs of pressure I just back it down a grain or 2. With 50 grain bullets I use 38 to 42 grains depending on the weather.

Try 50 grain V-Max's, SPSX's, Sierra Blitz Kings, Nosler B-Tips or any other non target 50 grain bullet. I never have had good luck with Berger's, Speer HP Match or SMK's in the 22-250.

My Ruger 77V 22-250 is one of my most favorite rifles. I could build myself any custom creation I want for shooting digger squirrels but I just love this Ruger. It doesn't like bi-pods either. I just shoot over a bag or stump, a hood, out the window, over the bed and kill squirrels like a guided missile.
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Unread 03-19-2014, 01:13 AM
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Re: 22-250 remington

How did you work up your load?

As mentioned h380 is not temp stable. If you aren't loading the the node those slight velocity changes can show up big time on target. Thats why its important to ladder test at long range. 1-1.5 gr in powder change and still hold a minute of accuracy.

You can get outstanding groups loading outside the node but a slight powder change causes a flyer.

Berger bullets are outstanding in their tolerances. Havent needed to sort much. Do you sort your brass?

Now first i heard about mag primers and H380. Anybody else do this?
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