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22-250 build help

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Unread 04-18-2014, 11:15 AM
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Re: 22-250 build help

I've got nothing useful to add but it seems spring has (kind of) sprung and I was thinking about this project this AM before I saw the thread.

I'm in the process of building a switch barrel 700, but in sporter weight. We need an easily portable .22-250 or equiv. to keep in the truck or tractor and carry when checking crops, fence, etc. The VLS is too heavy for our needs as we are probably carrying tools and such as well. Time for it to go. We really don't need the .270/.280/'06's for this work either. Getting more than a couple shots at a time is rare, we generally arn't there to hunt but want a rifle handy if a shot presents itself. I have an older production Douglas 1-12 twist #3 contour blank that I'll likely use, because I have it. Our shots are generally limited to 400 yds and we have some wind, but not like you folks in the open ground out west where it never stops. I'll likely go with standard vs. Ackley configuration but will order a PPG reamer with minimum SAAMI body and a no-turn or at least minimum neck. I have an older Clymer solid pilot reamer but I think I'll spring for the PPG for this barrel. The other barrel will be a #3 in 7MM-08 for use during deer season as we can't use a .22 cal. in our state for deer. I don't think I need the full thickness so I'm thinking, for better appearance on a sporter, I'll slim down a Tubb lug a bit on the surface grinder and pin it. For some years, I've stiffened Tupperware stocks with an aluminum rail bedded from forearm to recoil lug. It's not a McMillian, but better than it was and will do until I know I like the rig and can afford a better stock. Guess I ought to get started, just looked out the window and there are a couple ground hogs in the fence row that need attention.
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Unread 04-18-2014, 01:35 PM
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Re: 22-250 build help

The reamer is ALL-important. A perfectly aligned (centered) reamer is the absolute key to accuracy, assuming that the barrrel is a good one. Get the best reamer you can afford and the best gunsmith to do it. I don't care if you're a good machinist, a great reamer job is paramount and an experienced 'smith is worth it. A 'smith who does a lot of benchrest rifles is what you want.

Absolute minimum SAMMI specs, as you stated, is the goal for the reamer & chamber. This still permits shooting factory ammo if you want to but will not let it slop around in a loose chamber. Then the fired brass that is neck re-sized will be your most accurate ammo.

As for bullets, I'd say that sorting them by weight is far more important than sorting by bullet runout. Use the odd bullets that don't fall within your weight spec for practice.

Case prep should be meticulous, beginning with de-burring the inside of the flash hole.

With all that and a good scope you'll be shooting flies on the targets.
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