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22-250 build help

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Old 07-16-2013, 02:29 PM
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Re: 22-250 build help

I shoot a Savage custom 22-250 A.I. with a 1-14 twist and use it for my 400 yd rifle with 40 gr. V-Max bullets screaming out at 4350 fps. 714 yd longest PD kill, 315 yds longest deer kill.

For long range I use a custom Savage 22-243 A.I. with 1-9 twist for 75 gr. A-Max bullet at 3600-3700 fps depending on powder. 1580 yd longest PD kill

Now my new Savage Palma in .243 A.I. will shoot 87-105 gr bullets for the longer shots and my Savage F/Class 6.5x284 does the lonest shots.

When you get down to the 1-8 or 1-7 twist barrels your Velocity drops off a lot and the time in flight is too long IMAO.

You could get a take off Rem barrel in .243 for your rifle now and but the Savage LRPV 22-250 in 1-9 twist and solve all the problems.

Really add it up! Your Remington rifle + new barrel $400.00 + gunsmith work $300-$550.00 or your rifle +$75.00 for takeoff 243 barrel + $600-700.00 for slightly used Savage LRPV in 22-250.............think about it. ( you can replace the Savage with any brand you want)
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Old 07-17-2013, 12:20 AM
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Re: 22-250 build help

I specifically built my 22-250 AI to shoot the 75gr Amax.
I went with a Rem 700, and a Rem varmint weight Hart 9 twist.
Finished length at 27".
I picked H414 for fuel and launch the 75s at 3400.
Accuracy has been outstanding with groups running between sub .1 and .25". I have also found 69gr SMKs and 50gr TNTs to shoot <.25".
But I do keep the 50gr TNTs throttled back. I haven't blown any up, but I did blow up some 50gr SXs, so I figured why push it with the TNTs as they were for sub 200 yard use.

For long range play, I have found the 75 AMAX at 3400 to be fun and easy to shoot accurately to about 800 yards. Past that the average conditions that I shoot in make hitting small targets (sub MOA) frustrating. We have shot it to a bit over 1K, with good conditions it is amazing.

I also have a 223 that I put together to keep the kids from shooting my 22-250Ai to death.
To be certain that the 75gr AMAX would stabilize at 223 velocities I went with an 8 twist and finished it at 24". The 223 hits right about 3000fps burning TAC. Accuracy seems to run a bit under .25 MOA.
I have also ran full power 40gr VMAXs with similar accuracy.

The long range fun seems to change to frustration about 650ish. Same kinda deal, the typical conditions just get to be past my ability to dope the small changes that equal a near miss.
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Old 07-17-2013, 07:57 PM
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Re: 22-250 build help

This is my first 22-250, so I only have limited experience with the AI version. While you do get some velocity gains with the AI version, the main reason I went this route was for the improved brass life. Jesse.
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Old 07-26-2013, 10:56 PM
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Re: 22-250 build help

Lot's of commentary about AI'ing, and the 53 gr V-Max. I'm not convinced either is the answer for LR.
I would forget the V-Max all together. Even with it's claimed BC of .290 it's not a true long range bullet. Through an AI it's probably a little better than what I'm getting with 52 gr A-Maxes at 3800 fps, but it will still be blown around quite a bit by the wind by time you reach 500.
The 75 gr A-Max or 80 gr Berger VLD with their .435 and .445 BC's should get you to somewhere around 6-700 yards before they become overly sensitive to the wind. Now we're beginning to get to long range.
My 14 twist has taken PD's to 683 yards using the JLK 52 gr low drag bullets, but the slightest breeze out there makes minute of prairie dog pretty tough. I've got another 900 bullets left, and by then the barrel should pretty much be toast. I'll rebarrel with a 26" 7 twist for either of these bullets, along with the 90 gr Berger VLD and a .551 BC.
I believe this bullet will hold up pretty well out to 800 yards.
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Old 07-26-2013, 11:47 PM
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Re: 22-250 build help

On my 22-250 A.I. 26" Douglas barrel I get 3150 fps with 75 A-Max 1-9 twist
My Douglas 30" barrel I get 3420 fps same load................inches do help when using slow burning powder. Now if I use Varget then FPS only 70-100 fps difference.

Berger has determined that in .224 cal. the 1-9 twist with 75 gr A-Max or target bullets is the best for stability in flight all around.

When I shoot 80 A-Max and Berger 80 VLD's in my 22-243 A.I. with 1-8 twist they are super accurate but drift more at long range then the 75 gr bullet. Ballistics charts say and show different, but at 1000 to 1600 yds with three witness's all watching, it proved different.

I could hold dead on at 1600 yds with the 75 A-Max at 3630 fps and drift 6 feet with a 4-6 mph wind at bench. ( have no idea what wind was at 1600 yds) Then fire 80 gr A-Max and it would drift 10 feet. Fire a 90 gr bullet and even farther. I know you need a 1-7 for the 90's.

I can hit PD's at 1100 to 1200 yds just as easy with the 22-243 A.I. as I can the .260 I had or both of my friends 6.5x284.

I know this is long but I would do the 22-250 A.I. in a 1-9 twist with 30" barrel and use 4831SC or Rel 22 or 25. Shoot the 75 gr bullets.
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Old 07-27-2013, 09:20 AM
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Location: New Castle colorado
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Re: 22-250 build help

You clearly understand the effect of even a slight breeze at those ranges. I get enough wind both where I shoot PD's and 'chucks that anymore I'm looking for combinations of accuracy at speed and high BC to fight the wind. While those high BC .22 bullets can be fired accurately over 1K yards, I'm not looking to make my 22-250 into a 1500 yard gun. I shoot a 7 mag for the real long stuff, and even those 180 gr VLD's with .651 BC get pretty sensitive to even a slight change in the breeze when ranges start getting extra long. Last weekend shooting at 1367 yards in just a light 1-5 mph breeze it was just too shifty for me to shoot anything close to minute of marmot accuracy.
My ballistic software was indicating a .7 minute change in wind drift for each 1/10 mph in wind speed. A quarter mph change in wind speed or direction and I've shot right beside my target.
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Old 07-27-2013, 11:55 AM
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Re: 22-250 build help

I hear you! It took us 10 days total to get PD's at 1580 and 1590 yds, with some in the 1000 to 1340 yds range. 5 days one year and 5 days the next. And as you know morning is the time to shoot.

Its crazy but my 22-243 A.I. with the 1-9 twist shooting a 40 gr V-Max at 4850 fps will trash the ballistic programs we run. At 500 yds with 6 mph 90 degree wind you can aim dead on a PD and smack him 8-10 times. Made believers out of 4 people, they even has to check my rifle at 100 yds because they knew scope was wind corrected. It wasn't, dead on at 100 with wind at back.

Were learned a lot about time in flight and wind drift.

Still the best setup I have found for the 22 is the 1-9 twist with A-Max, Berger, SMK. Been shooting that set up since 1997 when Fred Moore at SSS built my first custom rifle.
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