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204 ruger or 22-250

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Unread 01-17-2011, 10:21 AM
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Re: 204 ruger or 22-250

I shoot a 223; 22-250; 204;and a 243 and I like all of them. If I had to make a choice it would be the 22-250. My longest shot to date was 760 yards with the 250 on a wind perfect day. As an adder the more guns you have available the less you worry about barrel heat.
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Unread 01-19-2011, 01:12 PM
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Re: 204 ruger or 22-250

look at your average range, above 250 go 22.250 or even better 20BR. Below 250 then 204 using the 39/40 grain bullets will get the job done and allow you to watch through the scope. I rarely saw any hits with my 22.250, thats now replaced by a 20BR where I see them every time.

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Unread 01-23-2011, 11:31 AM
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Re: 204 ruger or 22-250

I love the 204, I have a trued and timed Savage with a Boyds thumbhole stock and a 26" Shilen 10 twist barrel that loves 40gr Noslers. Groups in the .3s when the shooter cooperates. Mine runs 3850fps with a full load of 4895, I get just slightly flattened primers and no other pressure signs. Brass life if north of 8 reloads so far.

The 22-250 has its place but these days I think its role is getting narrower. At longer ranges it should shine, but if I am going to specifically build a rifle for over 500 yard varminting I am probably going to skip the 250 in favor of something like a 243AI or something like a fast twist 6 Dasher.
"My greatest fear is that after my demise my wife will sell my guns for the price I told her I paid for them"
-don't know where it came from...but true
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Unread 01-31-2011, 10:23 PM
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Re: 204 ruger or 22-250

have an r-15 in .204, killed a coyote at 543 yards (two spins and done) with it and a 32 gr. blitzking it'll do the job if placed well at long range.
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Unread 02-11-2011, 09:31 AM
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Re: 204 ruger or 22-250

Lots of great responses here.

Funny when the thread turned to the 39 gr SBK and 40 gr high BC's how I saw some eyes open.

IMO, if the 204 came out first, there would be no 223, 222 or 22-250

I sold my 22-250s after 1 week with my 204.

The key is - GET A 10+ twist.

Most factory barrels are 1 in 12" these days, which is usually not fast enough to stabilize the heavier (higher BC) bullets, where the 204 REALLY shines.

White oak built my 204 upper, it was pricey, but it's GREAT to shoot. I use regular AR mags.

Another option is the 20 Practical for an AR platform. I'd recommend that if you have a lot of 223 brass and do your own reloading.

Good luck!

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Unread 02-12-2011, 02:17 PM
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Re: 204 ruger or 22-250

Hehehe, and then the talk went to ARs. I totally agree; ARs positively RULE in a PD town! Accurate ones that it. Don't forget the brass catchers!
I have three uppers built for me by ISSI, Insight Shooting Systems of Colo. All will shoot bug holes all day long. Two are in 20 TAC (driver) and a 223 A.I. What is so great about them; besides their super accuracy, is the lack of recoil and I can see impacts.
The 20 TAC (driver) is first cousin to the 204 Ruger and the 20 Practical. It's the smaller of the three and I believe the most efficient; but it's a small point. My 20s love the 39 gr. Sierra Blitz Kings and the 223 A.I. loves the same brand at 55 grains.
So as to your quest for the best PD round. I'm doing mental back flips over my choices. I can whack em with the 20 out to 475 (did it last year); but there ain't much energy left for PDs. (Lee of ISSI regularly shoots coyotes with it at long ranges. ) The 223 A.I. sends a 55 grainer , I swear it's true, at a tad over 3600 fps and will reach out to ,I think , over 500 yards. Neither round in the real world of PD shootin takes much hold for wind. It blows oddly all the time anyway so luck plays a big part in doping the wind out there.
For my 2 cents worth; for PD shooting mostly, go with a 20 cal. and a 223 as the range get longer or the barrel get hot. Oh, and do it on an AR platform with a good built upper. It's worth the expense. ISSI is great and I'm sure there's other makers. You won't be lugging these all over so make em heavy; at least a .700 muzzle for the 20s and 850 for the 223 and you'll see the PD explode ! Oh, and don't go over 10 power in the scope while shooting. It's all you need. I shoot higher at paper; but not PDs. Can't find them first and harder to see impact with higher than 10X.
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