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Soldier's Rifle Quest

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Unread 12-11-2011, 08:42 AM
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Soldier's Rifle Quest

For the past two years, my dad has started trapping due to him being semi-retired. I went with him a few times last season and it got my heart pumping for coyotes. Since my dad taught me how to call coyotes a little over 20 years ago, I've done it off and on and with a variety of weapons. I've used a multitude of rifle platforms and calibers; to include my bird hunting shotguns.

I'm currently deployed in Afghnistan and it has opened my eyes to what is truly important in life...an amazing phenomena to be honest. I want to spend more time with my dad doing something that we truly enjoy together. So, I'm purchasing/having built the rifle for the job.

Now, before I continue I want to pre-empt your disgust in my choice by asking that you read the entire decision summary before passing judgement...then you may let the insults fly. Here it goes. I bought a used stainless Mini-14 and had it directly sent to Carl at ASI, Inc. He is putting on a stainless fluted .875 varmint barrel, 3.5# trigger and synthetic Bell&Carlson stock. All the metal will bead blasted to reduce the glare. Someday I'll paint it or have it painted...I'm too chicken to do it myself though. So, that'll be my next google search. Ok, so why not the AR. I've owned no less than 5 ARs in both .223 and .308. Accurate? Very. Reliable? For the most part. Here's the deal, I HATE CLEANING ARs! I've been in the military for 13 years, so I know all the tricks, including the shaving cream trick. The last AR I owned, I went to the range and shot maybe 20 rounds downrange. I came home and spent an hour cleaning the bolt/bolt carrier/chamber. I put it together and listed it for sale...cheap! I know there are piston variants out there, but I'm not interested in a carbine and they are just too new and do not have the accuracy of the DI ARs. Now, back to the mini. Carl guarantees 1 MOA and I know this to be true because its my second ASI Mini. I had to sell the first in a time of low income (another story for another forum). I like the heritage (M1,M14 based) of the action and I like its ease to clean. Essentially, I wanted a semi automatic rifle for coyotes, and I'm just done with the AR platform.

As for glass, I ordered the Nikon Coyote Special with the BDC reticle. I like Nikons enough but I really wanted to try out the circles reticle.

Ammo-wise, I ordered some Fiocchi 50 gr v-max. Hopefully its not too bad on the fur and my rifle shoots it well. If either of those pose a problem I'll have to search around for something that works. I don't reload yet, so it will have to be off the shelf stuff.

As for the bipod I bought a Vanguard Equalizer 2 because it folds, pans and tilts. I bought it sight unseen so we'll see how that works out.

I go home for R&R in about a month. I will spend about 45% of the time hunting/trapping with my dad, 50% of the time with my bird dog and 5% of the time with my girl...I'm sure she'll understand.
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Unread 12-11-2011, 11:05 AM
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Re: Soldier's Rifle Quest

No qualms at all with your choices. Except the 5% with your girl. Hell I'm an old man and it sounds silly even to me. Have to see how that works out. Though I would consider keeping the bird dog between ya just to be on the safe side.

Yep, yur learning what's important! Thanks for your service and enjoy dad. He still knows way more than you.

Oh, and get some yotes. And avoid jewelery stores. They tend to impact ones shooting fun funds.

Go for it. The mini-14 when loaded right is good enough for yotes.
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Unread 12-11-2011, 11:31 AM
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Re: Soldier's Rifle Quest

10 X on Roy's post.

If~n She don't under the 5% reasoning, SAVE your ring money and spend it on more AMMO. That will prevent alot of HEART ACHEEEEE and Grief.
Good luck on both...........and keep helping dad!!!
"I'm better when it's breathing" Chris Kyle
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Unread 12-11-2011, 11:42 AM
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Re: Soldier's Rifle Quest

LOL, yeah I'll probably spend a little more time with the girlfriend. And yes, my dad is a cowboy from way back and knows the country like the back of his hand and still has much knowledge to impart on me. I'm trying to get him into some type of camo though. He swears that wranglers work just fine....lol.
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Unread 12-11-2011, 06:02 PM
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Re: Soldier's Rifle Quest

Ok no issues here with you going with the Mini14. But I think your mindset about AR clenleness is a bit off. As long as it has lube and I'm not refering to CLP it will run. I fell victim to this mind set for along time, and I suppose if it was my issued weapon I would be cleaning it after everytime I shot it and whiping it down once a day. But if I own it thats another story, some SLP2000 and your good to go for along time.
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Unread 12-11-2011, 08:54 PM
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Re: Soldier's Rifle Quest

Just curious, why a semi-auto, rather than a bolt action?

Only benefit I ever realized by calling coyotes with a semi-auto was that the reload was instant and quiet (when everything functioned right), meaning the 2nd or 3rd coyote didn't hear a shot AND a reload afterwards. Downside was reliable reloading when it's sub zero and loss of accuracy for the ones that hang out there beyond 300 or 400 yds.
So far as shooting the runners.....coyotes seem to have as many gears and tricks as we have bullets, and I don't recall ever attributing a running hit to having a semi-auto..........Your mileage may vary.?

Other question, is the BDC reticle calibrated for 223 ammo and 50 grn projectiles? I am not familiar with it. Looked through one once is all.
If it's not designed for your cartridge, it may give you more headaches than it's worth when the dogs are beyond 300 yds, unless you realize that and sight it in for one of the further circles at the further distance.........it will hopefully still be close enough for the close shots if you do it that way.

Best of luck, and FWIW; I find it quite easy to put coyote hunting before the girl The ex-wife used to say "if she was a coyote maybe I'd pay more attention to her"
Aim small = Miss small

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Unread 12-11-2011, 10:43 PM
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Re: Soldier's Rifle Quest

Warrior, that M14 will work well! As for that scope go to nikons web site and find the dead on bdc program, bunch in the ballistics for your ammo and it will give you true hold over points for your ammo. Good luck on your RandR! Stay low, move fast, and shoot straight!
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