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Snowy Mountain Rifles wants your input on ideal walking varmint rifle

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Unread 12-22-2012, 09:03 AM
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Re: Snowy Mountain Rifles wants your input on ideal walking varmint rifle

"The Dog Walker"

Standard 22-250
1:12 twist
26" Fluted #4 Contour Barrel
Nosler 55 gr BT or 55 Berger MGFB Vrmt
Stock: McMillian A-3 Sporter with addtl swivel stud
Tan Digital Camo
Jewell Hunter set @ 1.5 to 2.0 lbs

This rifle would be just what the Dr. ordered.
Merry Christmas everyone.
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Unread 12-22-2012, 03:15 PM
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Re: Snowy Mountain Rifles wants your input on ideal walking varmint rifle

The 22.243 win is awesome but I would not go with it for a walking gun. I run mine with a 28 inch barrel and would do the the same with a 22.250ai. So, for a 22-24 inch barreled rifle in a number 4 contour (flutes-brux interrupted) I would either go with a 22 inch 223AI or a standard 22.250 rem with a 24 inch barrel. And i will lean more towards the 22.250 chambering. Twist would be 1:9 for the 75 grain hornady Amax. I would put this in a manners mcs-t stock with a molded in camo finish. The trigger would be a shilen. Jewel is the best but for a rifle out in the elements, it might not be as dependable as one with the more traditional design and less moving parts. I would not go with a Detachable mag system - Standard floor plate design.

All that said - my walking varminter is a 257 Roberts that is similar to Remington's lvsf setup. It is in the lvsf stock, 22 inch #4 lilja 3 groove barrel sending a 100 grain Sierra at 3100 fps and it is a pleasure to shoot and carry. I did the epoxy bed thing to the bolt to tighten it up and lapped the lugs. I have an older remington trigger that i tuned up. Quality of function is better than all aftermarkets except a jewell.
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Unread 12-22-2012, 08:08 PM
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Re: Snowy Mountain Rifles wants your input on ideal walking varmint rifle

To me the word varminter period would not be a sporter weight barrel or anything under 24 inches. I would take a varmint contour barrel cut it to 24 inches and flute it to reduce a little weight and that is about it. It is far easier to carry a little more weight and squeeze a nice shot than wobble all over with a lightweight piece of junk. A quality fiberglass stock that is bedded well is a must because varmints can be hunted in brutal heat and bitter cold. As for caliber it would be tough to beat a 243 win with a twist that would handle 70 - 80 grain bullets. I have never skinned or eaten groundhogs or prairie dogs so I wouldnt worry about fur or meat damage to them and have taken very nice coyote fur with a 243 in these bullet weights. If a customer is serious about cats they could choose the 223 with a 1/12 twist and a 55 gr vmax. Maybe it is just me but I have totally given up on high velocity 22 cals with a 1/14 twist. I have never had a good one but I would like to try a swift with a 1/12. Winchester has been pretty close in my opinion with the "coyote" and " sporter varmint" models.
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Unread 12-22-2012, 10:36 PM
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Re: Snowy Mountain Rifles wants your input on ideal walking varmint rifle

My idea isn't zactly like anyone else's. All my rifles are tools. But you won't make much making tools.
As we have multiple seasons open at the same time . The 243 is hard to beat. Since we can use fmj bullets it's not a problem destroying fox or lynx hides . And the 80 gr TTSX will work on caribou and wolf. I like the thumbhole laminated stock. More torsional strength for those times we find ourselves under instead of on top of our snowgos or 4,6 wheelers.
If a 223 is picked then it should be a 1 in 7 twist so it will make the 70 gr TSX and the 75 gr Sirrocco behave. 24" barrel on either Cal of a palms contour. Of course the action must be a Ruger stainless and if a 223 it should be set up for ar 15 mags and if the 243 then for ar 10 mags.
For a trigger a Spec Teck stainless adjustable to 2 lbs . The inside of the bolt needs to be treated with something super slippery and permanent so the firring system can be totally degreased for the cold and not gall. As most shooting is done from a seated or standing position the comb hight shoould be high enough, but not as high as a dedicated prone rifle. Foreend should be oval and in the 2-21/2" width and the length sould of the foreend should be a flat plane to help keep it from sliding around as much on a snogo seat or 4 Wheeler handle bar. . The barrel and action should be CerraKoted in a color that looks like a dead tree limb. Tan, light brown, dirty grey color. Stock the same. Like a brown, tan laminate. Grip and fore end should be checkered with a good deep, sharp checkering. Should weigh 8.5 lbs before scope and magazine.

But, that's just my idea. Doesn't need a muzzle brake as mostly all it will do is blow snow around and help give away your position to the pack or heard if you get into one.
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Unread 12-23-2012, 11:32 PM
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Re: Snowy Mountain Rifles wants your input on ideal walking varmint rifle

Originally Posted by gebhardt02 View Post
Snowy Mountain Rifles would like the input of the members of LRH for an ideal walking varmint rifle. This would be a rifle to take after coyotes, chucks, prairie dogs, etc. Specifically, we would like to know what the majority of the members here would like in this type of set-up. This isn’t going to be a vote or poll type discussion, but rather we would like for you to just post your favorite or ideal specs. We do have some general “must haves” that include the SMR 3600 action (produced by Defiance Machine with one piece bolts) and we’ll utilize a Benchmark barrel. Please post the following:

1. Caliber/cartridge:
2. Twist rate:
3. Barrel contour (please reference Krieger contours as I don’t have Benchmark’s contours, so we’ll get one that matches) http://www.kriegerbarrels.com/Contours-c1246-wp3382.htm:
4. Barrel length:
5. Specific bullet to be used:
6. Stock of choice:
7. Stock color/camo pattern:
8. Stock options (adj. LOP or cheek, sling studs, etc.)
9. Trigger:

We’ll gather input through the end of the year and then we’ll build whatever the majority of the members here would like and offer it for sale. If there is enough interest, we’ll build several. This idea was actually mine as I have been contemplating this build for myself. Here are my specs:

1. Standard .223 Rem
2. Twist 1:9
3. Krieger contour #6, Heavy Bull Sporter, fluted
4. Length 20”
5. Hornady 55gr. VMAX
6. Manners MCS-T3
7. Molded in Desert Sage
8. Spacer LOP, 2 flush cups left side, 1 bipod stud, lightest fill available
9. Timney

Please chime in with what you would find the ideal walking varmint rifle whether you have any interest in buying one or not. We would really appreciate your input.


1. 17 or 20 Tactical
2. 1-9 for both
3. Krieger # 3
4. 22-24"
5. 17 - 30 gr Kindler Gold, 20 - 32 gr Vmax
6. Mcmillan Hunters Edge
7. Any desert camo
8. sling studs
9. Timney
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Unread 12-24-2012, 06:21 AM
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Re: Snowy Mountain Rifles wants your input on ideal walking varmint rifle

I would have to agree with the coyotezapper.

1. 20 Tactical was done by Todd Kindler of the Woodchuck Den.

This is a round that is as flat or flatter than some that have been mentioned.
if you are hide hunter this round is easier on the fur.

2. 1-9

3. taper of a 3 or 4

4. 22-24 inch

5. Bergers, Golds, for the hide

6. Any light weight that fits the hunters needs.

7.Desert camo or hydro dipped in Kings Desert camo

8. Slings studs plus tripod

9. Thimney

Also one used alot for ultra long range 20/6.5X47 Laupa with 55 gr Begers is hard to beat. Will get you there fast.
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Unread 12-24-2012, 10:35 AM
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Re: Snowy Mountain Rifles wants your input on ideal walking varmint rifle

If I could only have one varmint rifle it would be a 22-250. But if I was going to have you build me a custom walking around rifle I'd do things a little different. I'd start with a 24" sporter weight barrel chambered in 243 Win. I'd want it with a 1 in 8 twist barrel throated for the Berger VLDs from 87-105 grs. with a flush detachable magazine to match. I'd want the longer barrel for velocity and the sporter barrel for light weight. I'd want the gun to come in at under 7 lbs. I'd want a McMillan, or equivalent, sporter style stock with the full length aluminium bedding block with a fixed cheek rest to match the scope height. The color doesn't matter as long as it doesn't rub off. I'd want all the metal covered with something to weatherproof it, something along the line of Cerakote. Flute the bolt, add a tactical bolt knob and add a Sako extractor.

Basically, I guess I'd just like for you to take my Remington 700 SPS, 243 Win. and make a Custom version of it,
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