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coyote trapping

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Old 12-06-2008, 09:25 AM
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Re: coyote trapping

Rusty it may work by why go through all that work when not needed to trap coyotes? The best decoy for a trapped coyote is another trapped coyote in many situations! Fall fur trapping you have litter mates and you catch one and it gets to braking and yapping and it will call in others who maybe 1/4 mile away etc, having 2 sets minimum on a good location and sometimes 3 sets will give you excellent chance at doubles be them traveling pairs together or calling in other coyotes in the area. 50-60% of fall coyotes are young disprearsing coyotes.

Later in the winter you get mated pairs traveling together and having good sets on travel ways will yield great results. A cat in a box , chicken what ever it can work but it cost a guy way to much time IMO to have real merit in coyote trapping!
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Old 12-06-2008, 10:11 AM
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Re: coyote trapping

Trapping coyotes in the southeast is much different than trapping coyotes in the west or midwest.

The human population and wood to open ground density make coyotes much more nocturnal and anti social with people.

If you set a set simular to what I have described often you will have two or more coyoted trapped together.

I should have never mentioned this technique because it works on even the most difficult coyotes to catch and it is not for the bleeding hearts and cat lovers. Yes, sometimes it attracts other cats and they get caught in the traps. And Yes, I have had coyotes eat them right out of the trap.

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Old 12-06-2008, 01:27 PM
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Re: coyote trapping

Rusty trapping coyotes East to west is nothing more than reading terrain and knowing what cover they use for bedding,where they hunt and how they travel through an area. Humans mean little in pressure applied from traps unless you have alot of trappers and they are pinching some, with the same techniques and lure/bait offerings over a period of time.

I have trapped coyotes for quite a few years and again your dealing with 50-60% pups come fall fur time, the summer is when your dealing with a majority of adults yet standard sets will still connect then as well, I just adjust lure and baits, I also rely on calling alot more at that time.

The best pointer I could give to a new trapper is be patient and stay back away from the actual set location as much as possible. Make good sets on good locations a coyote track or turd is good a place where you have multiple sets and of differant sizes is a place where you have found a major travel route of a given population of coyotes.

Try not making trapping more difficult than it is! I could care less really if you want to spend time caging up cats and buildings crates, but there are easier ways to catch those coyotes in the same amount of time.

Most coyotes are anti social of human scent, but you leave x amount when you set a trap or check that trap/traps the thing is give it the time to mellow out your human scent and you will still catch those coyotes. Some coyotes are bold and brash others more on edge, also coyotes see with a skeptic eye new things in their environment until they go by them a time or two, then wham you got them.
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Old 12-07-2008, 01:23 PM
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Re: coyote trapping

Originally Posted by Rustystud View Post
Don't knock the method if you have not tryed it. It works...

I did not say it was politically correct.

I ain't knocking it -just saying that according to the laws where i've been -using a live animal is illegal.Maybe not in your state but in many states it is.
AIPAC for president !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 12-08-2008, 01:08 PM
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Re: coyote trapping

Originally Posted by Rustystud View Post
Get yourself about 12 leg hold traps suitable for coyote. Get a metal milk crate and cut a piece of plywood to make a bottom. Drill a 1/2 inch hole in the center of the plywood bottom. Get a 4" X 1/2" lag screw and a couple washers. I drill holes along one edge of the plywood so I can use nylon wire wraps to hold the plywood bottom on the metal milk crate.

Go to a area known to hold coyotes and find a good fence post about 5 feet tall. Put the lag screw through the hole in the plywood and tighten it down on the top of the fence post.

Take a shevel and dig up the ground around the fence post in a circle about 3 feet out up to the post. Break up the soil so you can hide the traps, chains and stakes.

You will need to obtain a domestic house cat, from where ever. Put the cat inside the metal milk crate and ti'rap it closed with the cat inside. Put coyote pee, fox pee or bobcat pee around the post. The set the traps arround the post about 3 feet out from the post.

Be carefull with your sent control. You will have to feed and water the cat daily as you check your traps.

If you have any coyotes within a mile or two you will catch them. The cat will call them up every time. The coyotes cant resist a little pussy for dinner. If you want to catch coyotes unhurt and alive, make a box trap with a compartment for the cat.

I was laughing my @$$ off just reading and picturing this. And as it happens a ignorant little grey cat just decided to adopt our house, my worthless dogs made friends with it. I may have to take up coyote trapping.
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Old 12-09-2008, 02:47 PM
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Re: coyote trapping

Hey Rusty---when I first started calling coyotes-some 45 years ago- an old timer told me to take out an ol' tom cat and sorta politely stand on his tail and ol' tommy would call them yip-yips in-put a collar on him or he would get away- true it works but ol' tommy got wise and hid out when I would get my calling camo on-so I learned to howl like ol' Tommy-Tommy liked that much better-I did see that ol' Tom cat out in the pasture one day and a coyote went up to him---ol' Tommy bristled up and that darn coyote backed away--my story with hunting coyotes with cats---Charlie
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Old 12-11-2008, 03:15 PM
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Re: coyote trapping

Seems everyone has a recipe for trapping coyotes, so I will give up mine here that I use on the smart ones:

During deer season I will take deer carcases and put them by the fence where I know the coyotes are coming through onto my place. I leave it a day or two so that they are used to eating it. I will then set a snare in the EXACT hole they are coming through the fence at (this will also work on any established trail they are habitually using to get to the remains). I will stake the skeleton to the ground or they will drag it off and it may cause a change in their traffic patterns. I have caught many using this method that were causing WAY too much predation and were wise to standard trapping methods. Cam-loks are by far the best snare mechanism I have found. Be sure to use whammies on your snares too.

I borrowed/modified this method from a magazine article on hunting leopards in Africa. They left carrion out for them a couple of days to eat and then hunted them after the cats were used to going to the site.

WORD OF CAUTION: if you have your bait go away with NO drag marks anywhere you may have a mountain lion around. That is good info to know though too. Check for sign. Had one cat jump a fence with a half-eaten dead calf, and a talk with the neighbors confirmed our bigger problem. This is also when I learned to always stake the bait to the ground.

Hope this helps and good luck. Trapping coyotes can be a real mental exercise. They are NOT stupid.
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