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6x47 Custom Coyote Rig Questions

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Unread 07-26-2008, 10:08 PM
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I would also take a look at the 87 V-Max for longer ranges. The BC isn't bad at .4 for that bullet, and it has a rep for great accuracy.
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Unread 07-27-2008, 03:18 AM
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6X47 Swiss Match

I built my first rifle on this cartridge in 2002. It was an NRA course gun for a customer in CA.
Back then, I couldn't get brass for it so a friend was actually picking them up off the rifle ranges after the Swiss National Rifle team finished practicing, and then mailing them to me.

These were original RUAG pieces. I also started forming my own from 260 Rem brass much later.

Velocity. RUAG advertises a velocity of right around 2850fps when loaded with a 105 grain Hornady A Max bullet.

I could never get that velocity. Try as I did, I never was able to duplicate it without seeing signs of pressure. I used Varget (old lots), 4831Sc, Win 748, N-140, and good old IMR 4895.

As soon as I got much over 2750 I'd start seeing ejector marks and flat primers.

Guns always shot well, (I've made four guns in this caliber) regardless of how the bullet lumbered along.

I think if you squish this down to 6mm and stoke it up with a light bullet, you'll really have something. Sounds like a neat idea to me.

I'll stick my neck out and guess that with a bullet in the 60 grain range you'll be in the mid to upper 3000's for velocity. I think the combination of the lighter bullet weight and smaller caliber will keep the powder selection right in the same ballpark as if it were a standard 6.5X47 shooting 140's.

Lets see how full of ca ca I am. I guess either a 7.5 rem SR primer or CCI BR with the case filled to the neck with 4831SC or N-140 and the bullet just off the lands will make this a screamer.

Approach this load gradually is my obvious safety net here. Don't want anyone blowing themselves up.

Good luck.
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Unread 07-27-2008, 03:09 PM
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Your not full of ca ca..I've been shooting this caliber for a little of 3 months and shot one 400yd competetion with it (shooting mini-clay birds) and placed 4th. 1st-3rd were all 6.5-284's and with rigs well in access of $3000.00+. My Savage that I hand put together and bedded myself(of which I need help with) still out shot many more full blown custon rigs and TRG's that go over the 3k to 4k..
"IF" I wanted to do a custom varmint rifle but yet on a smaller budget. Here are my following components:
Action: Phoenix Arms Heavy Target or a Stiller Predator
Barrel: Broughton, Bartlein, Saturn, or Kreiger
Trigger: Shilen (Remember budget) or the Jewell
Stock: Bell & Carlson A2

Barrel length at 26" and probably 1-8 twist with a heavy sporter style, a notch under varmint. If not walking much, then go with Remington varmint contour. This rifle setup would even be good enough for F-Class matches let alone win plenty home town matches. Yet it would be a smasher on varmints with the 87vmax's and then switch to the 105 Bergers for matches and hunting deer/hog's.
I'm currently shooting a plumb worn out barrel, worse than a street hooker!!! It was converted over with a little over 2100 rnds and now has another 100+ by me as a 6x47 Lapua and with 40.5gr H4831 and 115dtacs, this thing holds 1" at 400yds. A new barrel is goona be in the works considerings how this one shoots with it being a Savage.


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