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.17 remington for yotes?

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Unread 02-20-2012, 01:44 AM
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Re: .17 remington for yotes?

I was so disappointed with my 204 hitting a coyote at a little over 250 yards in the chest and having it run away and not recovered I got rid of it. I dont think I would try the 17REM based on what my 204 did.

I stepped up to a 6.8 SPC for most of my predator hunting, it does damage the pelt a little more than my 6x45 did but it puts them down right when I hit them....its hard to sell a pelt when the coyote is still wearing it with a nasty flesh wound.
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Unread 02-20-2012, 04:39 AM
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Re: .17 remington for yotes?

Check out coyotegods. They swear by it

The Coyote Gods: The .17 Remington
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Unread 02-21-2012, 11:35 AM
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Re: .17 remington for yotes?

Too fragile a bullet plus too much speed equals poor penetration. Use the stouter bullets when using the sub-caliber artridges. The 35 ro 40 grain Berger is the answer in the .204. Avoid the poly-tipped bullets in the .17's and .20 calibers. As mentioned earlier,they will poleaxe them and then a different shot placement may fail to penetrate.

Tim Titus
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Unread 02-24-2012, 06:42 PM
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Re: .17 remington for yotes?

That's been my experience as well. Polymer tip bullets in the .17 are not at all useful for coyotes. I have shot several with 20 and 25 Vmax that got away with a splash wound. That does not happen often with a 25 or 30 HP. There was a fellow from Utah that shot hundreds of Coyotes with the .17 Remington/25 Bergers@4000fps and he was deadly on them out to quite a piece standing or running. The 30 Nagels are an extremely accurate and well constructed pill and with 540N powder can achieve the velocity needed for 350 lbs. energy at 350 yds.
Incidentally I have had 50 vmax out of a Swift splash at close range Coyotes as well if they are pushed at max.
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Unread 04-21-2014, 01:44 AM
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Re: .17 remington for yotes?

[QUOTE=rsq219;613929]what is everyone's opinion on the .17 Remington for yotes and fox out to about 200 yards. thanks for the input.[/QUOTE I'm sorry but i have to disagree with all you guys.... i live in CA i been shooting Coyotes & gray Fox with my 17 Rem since 1995. i have killed over 700 Coyotes and may be around 200 Gray foxes with it. the purpose of this writing i want to clear any mis conceptions about this fantastic caliber.. first & for most I'm not asking anyone to go out and build one all i will talk about is the spectacular kills on Coyotes that i made with it over the years wether you believe what i say or not thats your business .To be honest 17 is not a prairie Dog caliber because you will get fowling after 50 rounds or so but in calling you will never shoot 50 rounds . i wasn't happy with any of the bullets out there until i shot the 25 grn V-Max the V-max is a long bullet with the highest B.C. of any 25 grn bullet out there .230 it will not stabilize in a 1-10 Barrel you must shoot it in 1-9 Twist barrel don't tried in 1-10 you will be disappointed in 1-10 use a 20 grn V-max another fine bullet . My Rifle is a Rem 700 custom with 24 inch XX Douglas medium heavy Barrel in H.S precession stock with a 2 OZ. Shillen competition Trigger and a Leupold mark 4 Scope 6.5X20X50 LRT. i have tried every bullet out there and yes i agree they all killed cleanly out to 300 yards, until i shot the 25 grn V-max. To be honest i didn't know what to expect until i shot one Coyote at 319 yds in his tracks he fell then 420 yd dead in his tracks also shot one in his Throat at 590 yds using Leica laser, not that i was aiming at the Throat the wind carried the bullet into his mouth while he was Howling he died before hitting the ground and on and on all with Zero Fur damage. my buddy saw my .17 kills and replaced his 204 barrel with 17 Rem. This experience comes from years of trial and error testing and hundreds of hours on CA cattle Ranches killing Coyotes at all different ranges. all i ask is get some Varget or H4895 extreme powders drive these bullets close to 4050fps. but please be very careful approaching this speed use extreme caution! go out and shoot a Coyote on a windless day out to 500 yds. i would like to hear from you. its worth mentioning here with Shillen i chamber a round when i sit prone and ready to call and eject the cartridge when done calling if you don't do this then i advise you to get a different Trigger. i feel in order to connect with these long range Coyote a 2 oz Trigger is a must. As far as 17 being wind sensitive i find it no more sensitive than 22-250 and .223 keep in mind sears Tower moves with wind as well so don't nock this fine Caliber until you try it, i think i read some were that it gets to 600 yds in less than a second but don't quote me on that. Finally if you want to shoot a caliber that has Zero kick and practically no Fur damage and want to see the animal dropping in your scope look no further than .17 Rem..... follow my advise i promise you you will agree. S.K.
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Unread 04-25-2014, 03:18 PM
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Re: .17 remington for yotes?

I love mine. About the best fur friendly cartridge available
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Unread 06-04-2014, 09:00 AM
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Re: .17 remington for yotes?

i have shot over 250 coyotes with a lot of different calibers. the one i shot last year with a .17 rem i did not recover.
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