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New to pistols advice please

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Unread 08-16-2010, 07:43 AM
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Re: New to pistols advice please

I do not own or use Strikers.
I despise their center-grip triggers-I guess I should say I used to own one in a 243 Win. Good accuracy, but terrible trigger.
There are guys who definitely know more about the Strikers than me.
Mine was a first generation Striker and even the Basix trigger couldn't make it any better with the safety still working.
The second and third Generation Strikers are better though.

I would go to the rear-grip and get a better trigger.
Holland's new Radial brake is the one I use the most by far (other great brakes out there though, and I use some of them too). I use Jim See's and Kirby Allen's as well.
With a good brake, putting a rifle scope on it would be a real good choice in my opinion.
Here are my thoughts on this subject. Hopefully the article will be beneficial:
Handgun Hunter Magazine - Rifle Scopes On Specialty Handguns

I love the 7mm's and have specialty handguns chambered in 7mm SAUM, 7mm Mag Imp., and 7mm Dakota. The 284 Win was my first real long range specialty handgun.
I use XP-100's and MOA's more than anything.
Well set-up specialty pistol will easily take you beyond 500 yards

Originally Posted by Ksmirk View Post
Ok like the title says I'm new to the LR pistol game, found a heck of a deal on a Savage 516 yesterday in 243 that followed me home :-) stopped by the range to make sure it went boom and fella's I think I'm going to enjoy this!

I have a couple of questions and first off is HOW do I go about lightening this lawyer trigger? or should I look at going with a rear grip stock so I can use a normal trigger?

I would like to hunt with this and I live in Oklahoma so where I hunt I can have some long shots I was wondering what a good caliber would be that I could still get acceptable velocity from a 16"-18" barrel? I was thinking 284 Win or 7WSM since I have a 284 Win already might be cool to add a pistol.

Where can I find stocks for this thing?

I have a Redfield 2.5-7 scope on it now that is pretty clear but if I'm going to stretch the range I'd rather be able to dial my shots and suggestions on optics?

Muzzle break? this is going to be a must for sure! this has the Savage break you can turn on or off and even turned on it sure likes to dance around on the bench turned off after a few rounds it get's to start not being fun.

I'm sure I'll have some more questions later down the road but if anyone can get me pointed in the right direction that would be great. I shoot rifles out to 1K and am fair at it, the ranges around here the furthest is 500 yards and well with a rifle it's starting to get boring the whole purpous behind getting the Striker :-) Later,

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Unread 08-16-2010, 09:59 AM
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Re: New to pistols advice please

In the hands of a competent Striker smith that trigger can be made to be as good a trigger as most would want for typical hunting. Fred @ Sharp Shooter Supply comes to mind first as he knows them well enough to make a couple of triggers himself. Converting to rear grip with these are a snap and they are absolutely wonderful triggers. Mine all run at 2-2.5 pounds and a quite clean.

Some of us have been hunting with handguns for 40 plus years. The neat thing about your Savage is you can buy and thread on barrels and bolt heads yourself without any super expensive tools or wait times or expenses for gunsmiths. Similar to the break opens but you can truely use one scope and just swap out the barrels on the savage. You can change that bolt head and be shooting a 204 Ruger or a 460 Weatherby in minutes.

Many people getting into Savage do not realize that factory takeoff Savage barrels are readily available for $50. I have quite a number of very accurate shooting Factory barrels that will shoot 1/2" I have two or three 338 Win Mag barrels that were once rifle barrels that have been cut and crowned at 17" and 19" that will literally shoot into one hole. This can not be done with other makes and models without spending a chunk of change.

There are a number of barrel companies that make after market pre-fit Savage barrels that all you have to do is thread the barrel on, set the nut and you are shooting. Jim @ Northland Shooters Supply is also a good one for knowledge and availability of Savage stuff.

Center Shot Rifles - Products / Sales
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Unread 08-16-2010, 02:20 PM
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Re: New to pistols advice please


I have some info regarding center grip triggers. My experience is in IHMSA Silhouette shooting where good triggers abound in center grip pistols. There is an active club at OKC with a wealth of help available there. We use center grip triggers from Dell Taylor in Salt Lake City on XP's. he may have one for a Striker. Look at IHMSA.com and contact OKC club or me via e-mail.
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Unread 08-21-2010, 06:16 PM
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Re: New to pistols advice please

I'm in Patterson, La for the next couple of months it looks like but I'll hit some of the guys up pretty sure they shoot out at Okc Gunclub I can run out for a match and talk and get some ideas.

From the looks and little reseach I have done mine seems to be a first generation with the transfer bar and roller and being that I shoot prone or from the bench I'm considering a rear grip and this would make the trigger issue a no brainer for sure trick is to find a dang stock! I hear a couple of folks make them but I can't seem to find thier websites to check things out. Fella's thanks for the info and look forward to hearing more. Later,

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Unread 08-21-2010, 06:40 PM
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Re: New to pistols advice please

If you click on this link there are a few and I know Jim has ordered 4 of the Generation 3 ultra-light rear grips last week. Tony Gettel also in Minnesota has a couple for sale as well. so stocks are easy to come by. Not sure how Fred is sitting for Triggers.


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