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Hows this for "specialty" pistol.

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Unread 08-05-2008, 12:28 AM
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What's your saying?

Are you saying all you need to do is get a $200 stamp to build a silencer? IS that stamp only good for one?
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Unread 08-05-2008, 11:35 AM
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Yes guys. All you need is a form one. You get it off the atf paper request page. It is permision to build a firearm or suppressor. You need the same paper when making a rifle into a short barrelled rifle. You fill out the papers just like a form four. Just like if you were buying one. Photos(of you),description(the silencer), serial number that you will be using. Reason. In this case I said for muffling competition rifle for sniper competitions. You take the paper(in duplicate) to your sherrif or local judge and have them sign off saying it is ok for you to have a suppressor in their county. Or if you do a living trust or file under a corporation name you dont need the sherrifs signature. Then send it off with your 200 bucks for the stamp......and walah 2-4 months later you get the paper saying you can build one. You are not supposed to even order material with the intention till you have the papers in your hot little hand. But I have about 80 bucks in titanium and 10 bucks in alluminum. I drew the plans up on solid works and machined up the baffle stack in about 20 minutes on the mill. The ti tube was a different story. I dont have too much experience with ti and didnt want to scrap 80 bucks worth of stuff so I took my time. Single point threaded everything. After full assembly the runout on the buisness end was about .001 when threaded up on a freshly turned arbour in the lathe. I built it for a 338 lapua improved I am in the works with. But I have been testing it on every gun I own that is threaded. Ran about 50 rounds through the 6x47 lapua then I ran about 100 through the 308 then I stepped up to the 300 ultra pumped up with 108 grains of retumbo and a 150grn just to try and put more preasure down the barrel possibly in the can it self. Well I got one round that sounded a bit quiet checked down the barrel and I could see something wasnt right. I collapsed the baffle stack like a tin can. WOW! Well back to the drawing board. This time I adjusted some hole sizes and spacing to thicken up the webbing. Before I was going for the lightes and most internal volume. Now that I saw HOW it would fail I wasnt wanting to see that again. Good news the titanium was fine. I bought sced 10 seamless pipe. The material book said it was good up to 900,000 psi. After pressing the baffle stack out of the tube I was back in buisness. This one weighs 25 ounces compared to the last one weighing 19 ounces. But I think you will see there are only one or two cans out there designed for the 338 that weigh even close to that. Most of them are up in the 47 ounce range. This one withstands the ultramag just fine. I have video of it up agains a jet can and mine is quite abit quieter. In the video you can here an echo off the jet can and no echo off mine. Man I got lucky. First try. You guys can see alot of peoples Ideas over on silencertalk.com There is one on there that is simillar to mine infact. I will bring the crushed stack home and take a picture of the new stack tommorow and put them up. I was actually thinking of putting together some kind of "job packet" with the solid, autocad plans, cut list and even maybe pictures of each step if people were interested. I would have to check out the legalities of it. But I will tell you this. Its not rocket science. All you are trying to do is slow the air down so you dont get the boom with your sonic crack. You will never get the sonic crack to go away as long as you are sonic. You can get the pop of the cork to go away by slowing the gasses down to a woosh. As for recoil.... It works on almost any thing but it does work better on the guns with the bullet that is closer too size of the bore. The pistol in the picture is my 6.5 wsm and it took all the rise and alot of the kick out of it. Very similar to the brake I have on it. I couldnt really tell a difference. There is a big difference in hole size there also. .264 to .375 is actual hole size. Mucho space. Since I have changed my mind on my action. My 338 is not finished but hope to have more testing on the ultra mags and then the big boy in about a month. Thanks for the intres guys.


Oh yeah the stamp is only good for one. It has to have the serial numbers on it. If you want to make multiple that would be a manufacturer. 1500.00 a year and a little harder to get. I think. As long as you dont have any violent crimes or stalking you can own a suppressor.

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Unread 08-05-2008, 11:53 AM
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Well I will try and post the video off my phone. I dont have the faintest idea how to get it from the cam corder. If this works it is the first time I shot it with the 6x47 lapua. At the end of the video you hear a 22 go off about 6 benches down. I will let you be the judge. It doesnt do it justice the way the camcorder did. But if you pay attention to the other sounds you here I think you will get the idea. It sounds a little quieter than a 22 mag maybe a 22 LR. Oh yeah when I was finishing up the machining I brought it in side for a minute, go in the office come out, and found my son behind it ready for action!

MOV00002.flv - Video - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Unread 08-05-2008, 11:59 AM
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Here is the other pic! Enjoy.
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Unread 08-05-2008, 01:02 PM
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Would like info also

Would you mind sendiing me the detail list and plans also please. email is mike_2743@yahoo.com
Thanks very much
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Unread 08-05-2008, 01:33 PM
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Blast reduction

Hi. I'm just finising up an XP100 in 6 BR. Neighbors get cranky when I shoot close to home. I also would like to get hold of plans for a can. Thanks,

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Unread 08-05-2008, 02:28 PM
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I am still in the testing stages. I have done mods to the stack that are not documented in solid works and autocad. I was thinking of trying to sell the plans for something like 15-20 bucks. I have alot of time into this and I am trying to venture out on my own and need to pay for an 11,000.00 seat of mastercam. I am just a lowly machinist that has paid for my own lathe, computer, solidworks. I have thousands of dollars into this allready and have not begun to take money. Ask some of the guys I have sold projects to, to fund new ones. I also need to look up the legalities and liabilities of such a thing. I am short on time now with the new little one and 50+ hrs a week at my day(night) job. I will try and get something together in the next couple of weeks to a month if everything is legal and such. Remember if you dont have the papers it is not legal for you to even "try" anything. The papers take a long time to get. I will get a move on though. I will keep you posted. Thanks for the interest.

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