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Why the mad dash on reloading supplies?

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Old 02-04-2013, 09:27 PM
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Re: Why the mad dash on reloading supplies?

Well, it was fun to build (Thanks DPMS Arms), the frame was actually made right here in Michigan. Took a lot of machining because they expect you to be a master armorer if you buy one and it comes with no instructions for assembly..... (I don't believe you can anymore). It's belt fed over the top, 8mm Mauser with a double claw extraction mechanism. I had to search around for the tripod mount (with seat) and found one at Knob Hill at the machine gunners meet.

Allied troops nicknamed the 42, 'Hitlers Buzz Saw' because it's the fastest cycling machine gun ever produced. It will do upwards of 1800 rounds per minute with a lightened extractor. The Browning and the Vickers are positively slow compared to a 42. Sounds like a chain saw with n o muffler.....

I prefer a couple round burst when I do cycle it which is not often. It's a very rich mans toy and I'm not very rich and you can't find linked 8mm Mauser rounds so you load a belt yourself and thats tedious.

At some point, I'll probably cart it off to Knob Hill and sell it to some rich person who don't mind dumping a couple hundred bucks a minute.

One at a time is more fun and more rewarding. The 42 is pretty accurate past 200 yards. but thats about it. Past 200, it's pray and spray if that lights your fire..... Never tried it but I hear you can see the bullets travelling down range on full auto without tracers, they come out pretty close together.......

I'll have to take a picture of it and replace the AK. It's not as sinister looking as an AK other than the funnel shaped flash hider on the front, looks kind of wacky.
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Old 02-04-2013, 09:56 PM
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Re: Why the mad dash on reloading supplies?

I never owned one but fired one off a bipod on a concrete floor once and still have the road rash scar on my right elbow to prove it, Lots of fun.........if someone else is paying (I bought the ammo for it). The day I caught myself at the range with my little 1800rpm subgun "proud" of myself that I could I could get single shots in full auto, I realized I should just get a closed bolt semi for a third of the price and be happy with it and so concluded my pursuits in transferable select fires...........But... I did get hooked on cans as a result. Everything is better quiet.
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Old 02-05-2013, 12:21 AM
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Re: Why the mad dash on reloading supplies?

Why the tripods have hinged claws on each foot. So they don't walk Your arse on the seat and the claws keep the unit from recoiling backwards.

Everyone should cycle a full auto one time as a civillan.

Now, flamethrowers are a breed apart. The BATFE has no criteria to rate flamethrowers that were popular in WWII. Anyone can have one with no license. Imagine doing a BBQ from 150 feet away.

Spent quite a bit of time working on a Panzer backpack mounted flamethrower for a guy. Had to have new tanks fabricated and pressure certified. Fuel was bunker oil and diesel mixed and propellant was pressurized Nitrogen. The fuel was ignited by a 50 caliber phosporus cartridge that was consumed in the fuel stream. Very interesting piece. An oversized Bernz-O-Matic.
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Old 02-08-2013, 02:49 PM
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Re: Why the mad dash on reloading supplies?

Remember,voting has its consequence or to put it another way would be to say "you get what you vote for".

the .30-06 is never a mistake
"the .30-06 is never a mistake"
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Old 02-08-2013, 04:20 PM
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Re: Why the mad dash on reloading supplies?

I do vote... but these days you get to choose from -- Terrible and Worse Than...
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Old 02-08-2013, 05:25 PM
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Re: Why the mad dash on reloading supplies?

Originally Posted by diriel View Post
I do vote... but these days you get to choose from -- Terrible and Worse Than...
I respectfully disagree with a caveat.

The lesser parties like Dr. Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty Movement has a very good platform. While I don't agree with every aspect of Dr. Paul's plank, He's about fiscal responsibility and the preservation of the Constitution. He's a true patriot. Problem is, a vote for a lesser party is a vote for the winner, Democrat or Republican because that vote is thrown away.

In my case, I would have preferred Ron Paul over Romney but I voted for Romney instead,

I would have preferred Herman Cain over Romney, but the Obama camp scandalized and libeled Cain over the alleged sexual affairs he had. I found it interesting that all the women were from Chicago (Obama's home turf) and once Cain was disposed of, they all vanished but the damage was done and the media capitalized on the scandal...as usual. Herman Cain was an ideal opponent for Obama.

One, he was black, so, the always underlying race card couldn't be raised.

Two, Cain was a successful businessman who came up the hard way, by working hard, getting an education and paying for it (unlike Obama who has never held a paying job until now) and who knows about his education. The media says Harvard but no one remembers Barrack Hussein Obama at Harvard, not even in his supposed graduating class.

Three, Herman Cain was an eloquent speaker with a 'presence', much like Obama.

It would have been an excellent match up and the Obama handlers knew that so they had to 'get rid' of Cain early on.

I'd like to see Cain run again. I don't care who a President or Presidential hopeful sleeps with. it's none of my business, just like it's no ones business who I sleep with (except my wife). I look at qualifications not sexual prowess.

Not that the popular vote means a lot.

The President is actually elected by the Electoral College, a group of representatives who are supposed to represent the voters in that area's wishes. Key word is supposed. Because the representatives can actually cast their votes any way they want to.

One reason I'd like to see the Electoral College abolished and all elections determined by the popular vote.

I suspect that if Cain or Romney was in office, we wouldn't be going through this crap, in fact Romney is a member of the NRA.

BTW: Thank goodness for spell check.....
'It's not about me, it's about we'..........
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Old 02-08-2013, 11:54 PM
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Re: Why the mad dash on reloading supplies?

direl and Flip

I agree with you both. But if you look at the states and how they voted you can see why he won. There is a big section of the country he did not win and 47% voted against him. That says a lot, but by the time the next elelction comes it will be even worse for us I'm afraid.
I hope that when the mid term elections come we can get rid of those that are out to do us harm. And I would love to see the electeral votes done away with, there is no way that is right. There is several states that the big cities dominate the politics and laws for the whole state, that is a sad thing for them because they can never over come that.
There are some great people in our school system teaching but I know there are many teaching their on agenda, especialy in college. They hate guns, they hate hunting or fishing and most of all they hate anyone like us and our ideals and beliefs. You can get a course in protesting in Commiefornia for Christ sake, what does that tell you!!
The protesters do get work for my son is a policeman and so is his wife in a major city. They are on first name basis with many for they have arested them many times before, protesting anything and everything that comes along. And another thing that Pizzzes me and them off is that most of them draw welfare and food stamps. They are anti government and anti everything, but my own opinion is they are anti work mostly and sure as hell dont mind taking free government money.
Like I said earlier in a post we have come to where the teachers in our schools and kindergarden are punishing 5 an 6 olds or older for pointing a finger and saying pow, or making a lego gun are even drawing one. These kids haven't a clue of understanding why they are being punished but by dang they are treated as felons almost. And these teachers are the ones who are teaching our kids their agenda from kindergarden up. They are slowly eroding away our traditional beliefs and values in this country.
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