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what's the best powder for 22-250

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Unread 02-28-2013, 02:37 PM
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Re: what's the best powder for 22-250

Originally Posted by backwoods83 View Post
Gary, I've tried some weird **** that worked, but H1000 in a 22-250? 22-250AI w/ 90grn bergers jammed .030" in a 30" barrel with Fed215Ms? That could could work with a highly compressed load, maybe?

40-50grn Imr3031, 8208xbr, RE10x, Alliant varmint Pro, 8208 and RE10 giving the highest velocities, 3031 not far behind with similar or slightly better groups.
52-60grn Varget, Imr4064, Imr4320, Imr4895, H4895, CFE223, RE15, H380. Imr4064 and H4895 give the highest velocity and accuracy combo. CFE223 gives the highest velocity of all but accuracy isn't quite as good but definently acceptable. H380 does very well under 55grn+ pills but is typically a compressed load and needs a pretty stout primer like a 215M or CCI250 to get the best results.
Of all the powders and bullets I have tried, if I had to pick one powder it would be Imr4064, with 3031 or H4895 as a second pick

26" 12 twist, and is a .2-.3 rifle with almost any combo.
40grn nbt 39grns of 8208xbr 4318fps, have touched 4400 but case life goes out the window, Re10x at 35.5grns sends the same pill out at 4283 and is very accurate, has shown .3-.4" 10 shot groups.
53grn Vmax 3x.xgrns (won't list as is a bit over max) H4895 gives 39xx fps and is a .25" load.
55grn nbt over 36.xgrns of 4064 gives 3826 and hovers between .15 and .25"

If you really want something stupid fast yet acceptably accurate, a 35grn NBT over 40grns of 8208xbr will break 4500fps, but expect nasty carnage on a groundhog or pdog, and don't expect to save any hides with it.
The reason I kinda want to try H1000 is that I use it in a 250AI case necked down to 6mm. May not work well I don't know. What I didn't say was that I planned on using H1000 with some 60 grain bullets. But I don't plan on putting a lot of work in this load development unless it starts out well. I'm more interested in the 2460. I may try H414 again, but all I could get out of it last time was 3/4" groups. H380 wasn't a lot better either. If I had a 1:9 or a 1:10 twist barrel, I'd be a lot more serious about trying the H1000 under 70 grain bullets. But! I suspect that one of these 22-250 barrels may well end up being a .22 Jaybird before the first snowfall in the fall of the year. That round really interests me, and like it so well I may do one just like it in 6mm. The Jaybird is a good way to recycle a used 22-250 barrel.
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Unread 03-01-2013, 07:21 AM
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Re: what's the best powder for 22-250

This might answer the OP question:

.22-250 Remington @ www.reloadersnest.com
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