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Reloading Berger Bullets


Rl 33

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Unread 07-07-2013, 05:30 PM
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Re: Rl 33

I'd say buy some, actually buy an 8 lb keg. There are many cartridges that it will work in including your edge. It gives good performance from the 338 Lapua and I am certain it would work well in the 338 EDGE. Copied from Alliant's website:

338 Lapua 250 gr sierra mk, 103.5 gr RL 33 @ 3001
338 Lapua 300 gr Sierra MK 97.5 gr RL 33 @ 2748 fps

I have had excellent results using RL-33 ( I have 11 lbs) :

300 RUM 24" barrel 230 gr berger hybrid target 100grs 2975 fps
257 weatherby 28" barrel moly 110 accubond 84.5 gr 3735 fps
6mm-284 28" Barlein 5R 105 berger hybrid 64 gr 3485 fps
7mm/375 Ruger 29 1/2" barrel 180 berger hybrid target 83 gr 3175 fps
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Unread 07-08-2013, 01:43 PM
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Re: Rl 33

Originally Posted by drbill View Post
Personally I think people were so sick of waiting for it they gave up on it and found loads with other powders. I waited and waited and by the time I got some I had already found a load with H1000 and Retumbo for a lapua I am working on. I found 4 pounds by chance and the shop I was on a waiting list for had lots of it when I checked in with them. It seems like a mother load came in at the same time all over the country.

I should try mine and see how it does.

Reloder 33 Daily Bulletin

Isn't it made somewhere else.

Reloader 33 temp sensitivity and consistency

Lefty - my RL22 in my 7RM doesn't care about temps for accuracy at long range. Just need to figure the temp/velocity change. Do your primers like 90+ degrees?

OP - no to 338 edge.
drbill, we've been using rl22 in the 300win, 7rem, and 7stw for upwards of twenty years and never had any trouble with primers at higher temps. with it. It's been 215's all the way for rl22. I just give it a bit of headroom ( I like to go with a bigger round rather than pushing the rifle anyway) as I do with single base powders. What bullet weight are you using in your 7rem; if you are at 140 grains you should see around 40-50 fps loss from summer to winter.
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Unread 07-08-2013, 02:39 PM
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Re: Rl 33

I'd also agree and give it a try? I now use it in my Sako TRG-42 LM w/the 300 MK behind 94.5 grains of RL33 after playing with H1000 and IMR4350 that was used to break in the barrel.

It's under a 5/8" load @ 100 Yards, and this morning I put two an inch apart at 600 yards after a fouling shot. I don't worry about the velocity too much, hence the lower powder volume.

"Only accurate rifle are interesting" Col. Townsend Whelen
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