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RL 17 accuracy in WSM size cases?

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Old 02-21-2013, 08:32 PM
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Re: RL 17 accuracy in WSM size cases?

Originally Posted by longrangehunterII View Post
Ok then, I'll rephrase that "RL 17 accuracy in Short Magnum size cases". I was hoping to get a consensus based upon numerous reports from users for the sole purpose of saving myself the cost and/or trouble for what might be nothing gained.

Since it is reported to have a burn rate somewhere near H4350 and H4831, which is a broad range? I use H4350 ext. in my 8.59 Galaxy with a 210 gr. xlc..... Wow that makes me seem old! But at the time it worked very well and still does, I get 3055 fps 20' from the muzzle w/a 24" barrel. It's a lite weight gun I had made for myself, 8 lbs. w/scope, sling, ammo holder on the stock, and it has a muzzle break. Any way, I don't care to gain anything in velocity if it wouldn't still shoot under 1/2 MOA. I already have a load close to that. My 6.5/300 WSM will shoot 3/8" 100 yd. groups with 65.0 grs. of Retumbo. I was looking to use the 140 MK in place of the 140 GK I'm using now for long range target shooting. The AB's were too long as well as the Berger 140 VLD's, which left me using Sierra's because they seat with the BT taper right below the neck/shoulder junction in my 6.5/300 WSM chamber.

The Galaxy no way, they're all seated deep into the case and compressed loads depending on which powder is used w/ which bullet. Hence why I used the 210 gr. bullet. I just wondered if it would work well enough in either gun to bother with developing another load, but then again I don't like putting to many rounds down the barrels chasing nothing gained! One day I will run out of the XLC's and the powder I used in the Galaxy, so I'll end up doing load development someday if I shoot the gun other then only using it for hunting. I don't have a lot of rounds down the tube even after more then a decade, but still it's expensive to burn up a barrel like that.

So if anyone else has tried Reloader 17 in any of the short magnums, I'd be interested in knowing if it was more accurate then anything else you've tried?
Accuracy is what it is only powder I use in the rifle I post was R-17 and I load R-17 in a custom 30-06,284,280AI and 270WSM and one advantage to R-17 is load density and that helps with some of the longer bullets.

If you build enough rifles your going to learn it's pretty easy getting couple good accurate loads. I have back up loads for the 30-06,280AI,270WSM and I may do one for the 284. I load at the range so not big deal for me and one reason not worried about that 300WSM as it's the 2nd one I had build still have the first one and I got two loads for that rifle.

One of my other 30-06 I had build got a good 180gr Partition load and 165gr AB load. just never know when thing can get changed.
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Old 02-21-2013, 11:02 PM
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Re: RL 17 accuracy in WSM size cases?

boy.... some of the wording in these posts make it hard to follow what people are trying to say.

So to answer LRHII question.... Yes I think that RL17 is an accurate powder and creates velocities higher than some standard powders. H4350 is a great powder and it creates some very accurate loads, but the RL 17 kicks butt in creating higher velocities.
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Old 02-22-2013, 10:17 AM
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Re: RL 17 accuracy in WSM size cases?

The Go-To powder in my 7.82 Patriot right now is RL-17. I'm slinging 168TTSX's at near Ultra-Mag velocities with 4 out of 5 shots creating a cloverleaf @ 100yds. I'm on the 3rd or 4th loading for the cases which leads me to believe pressure is ok.

Everything I have read leads me to believe that RL-17 is THE short mag powder. If I hadn't had such good results with N-570 in my 6.5WSM, I would be trying RL-17 there too.

Yes, RL is temp sensative from what I hear.... so what. I worked my loads at near 90* & am not concerned about it. It's still usually in the 50's & 60's anymore during hunting season.... 30*'s isn't going to effect velocity enough to effect accuracy.

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Old 02-22-2013, 10:55 AM
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Re: RL 17 accuracy in WSM size cases?

I run RL-17 in my 300WSM.
Long Action Win-70,
26" fluted Hart #4 -throated for 200gr Accubonds, but I shoot 180's-
Mini Muscle brake
3100+ fps with 65 gr RL-17, & 180 Accubonds.

I've shot multiple groups in the 1/4 to 3/8 range at 100 during load work up.
I did notice that groups tended to shrink with loads nearing the top end.
** I also noticed that this powder has a sharp curve, when looking for pressure signs in my rifle anyway** but it was still quite easy to work up a load with.

I also hunt Hells Canyon in August for Bear, so All my load work up is done on the hot summer days so there are no suprises.
As far as temp sensitivity goes, well, I didn't notice any adverse effects out to 718yds in January in single digit temps either (6* f)

The other 3 short mags I load for (270WSM's) love RL-19 so much that I haven't had the heart to deviate, & try RL-17 yet.

Hope this helps some
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Old 02-22-2013, 11:05 AM
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Re: RL 17 accuracy in WSM size cases?

I haven't noticed anything much for temp sensitivity but i also don't really shoot my 300 WSM in temps any higher than 75. It's funny how they advertise right on the bottle insensitive to temperature change in xtreme conditions. Hodgsons extreme powders, IMHO, are the best for staying stable and creating consistent velocities in changing weather conditions
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Old 02-22-2013, 11:10 AM
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Re: RL 17 accuracy in WSM size cases?

I too noticed that RL 17 performs well on the top end and hotter loads. I am well beyond the recommended max load for the berger 190's at 64.5 gr.
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Old 02-22-2013, 11:15 AM
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Re: RL 17 accuracy in WSM size cases?

Hey OutLaw6.0, Winmag, and Jnibbard24,

Thanks for the reply and your information. I have hugh 50 degree swings in temp where I live during the summer months. I do a lot of load development during the winter months so I can keep the wildlife around here when there's a lot of good feed.

I have never tried N-570 in anything, and I have not tried any of there powders in the 6.5/300 WSM. Only IMR 7828, 7828 SSC, H4831 and Retumbo. I have all there non-high energy powders on hand, but have not used them since Retumbo worked so well and I wasn't wanting to burn up a barrel checking every powder combination, but I do want to try out Reloader 17 in the 6.5/300 WSM and my 8.59 Galaxy.

Thanks again,

"Only accurate rifle are interesting" Col. Townsend Whelen

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