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Reloading Berger Bullets


Question about SD, ES, and accuracy

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Unread 10-30-2013, 06:32 AM
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Re: Question about SD, ES, and accuracy

I recently was developing a a load for a new 300WM intended for LR hunting. I optimized two loads, same components except different powders, H1000 and Retumbo. Due to the powder shortage I really wanted to use the H1000 and conserve my lot of Retumbo for my 6.5x284. Accuracy testing at 100-300 yards showed the group size of H1000 was suoerb with consistent groups in the .25MOA range. The Retumbo was running .5MOA average. I was pretty happy with H1000 until I got to my chronographing. Chrono testing of both loads on three separate days, using my Magnetsoeed and Oehler gave consistent readings of 2825FPS with an ES of 25-35FPS for the H1000 and 2902FPS with an ES of 8-12FPS for the Retumbo. While the H1000 clearly seemed to produce the best accuracy at shorter ranges, it did produce vertical stringing at 1000 yards about 12-15" in size. At 1000 yards the Retumbo maintained symmetrical groups that were very close to .5MOA, vertical stringing being half the H1000. Except for my bullet, 210 Hunting VLD, I tried adjusting the variables to bring the H1000 down in ES, but couldn't get there. Ended up settling on Retumbo. I think this is the kind of situation where a chronograph proves to be very useful.

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Unread 10-30-2013, 08:01 AM
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Re: Question about SD, ES, and accuracy

Another good point. Thanks Greyfox.

The load posted above that shoots a lower ES and SD is only able to put 1moa on paper at 100 and 200. I took it to 200 last night with .010, .050, .090, .100, and .130. VLDs seem to shoot better at .100 in my rifle that is why I have the .100 in there. Nothing really came together though. I threw in my pet load for the 160 matrix and it only shot .5 MOA at 200. It had been shooting a solid .25 moa at 200 before so something is different. Could be throat errosion. .5 is not bad so I zeroed the 160's and loaded the remaining 12 bullets I had. Taking one of the boys out tonight to hunt deer.

On another note, I ordered another 100 160 matrix bullets and if all else fails I will load up my remaining lot of retumbo with these and they will be my wolf ammo for the winter. Unfortunately they are only flying around 2700 fps so my max range is not as far as I would like (due to terminal velocity). I will have to look and see what the min FPS is on these. Berger says around 1800 for the 140 vld hunt.
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