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Reloading Berger Bullets


Pulling bullets / Reseating / Neck Tension

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Unread 06-02-2013, 07:46 AM
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Re: Pulling bullets / Reseating / Neck Tension

Originally Posted by X-man View Post
How can brass not work harden after each firing? The neck expands to the chamber and then retracts to what you see....Unless your chamber is set up for a zero sizing, but we aren't talking about that here.
I was responding to your post #13 in which you described BR reloaders fitting necks so that they didn't have to resize them, and my 6.5WSSM which is set up like this.
While it's true that this is not practical for everyone, the condition does provide an opportunity to learn. Afterall there are relatively few out there set up like this, and fewer discussing it in forums.
Originally Posted by X-man View Post
So your brass does not flow....Ever?
Brass does not flow. It's rolled or left in position as produced/reformed/sized.
New cases are tapered in thickness from mouths to webs. Unless you turn or ream to address it, you have a donut(whether a problem or not). After removing it, the only way it returns -ever, is to roll brass back there(through sizing). This is not 'flow', but a chosen action.
We choose this path through use of cartridges holding bad case designs, running very high pressure loads, using oversized chambers, FL sizing, or oversizing.

Originally Posted by X-man View Post
You are suggesting you never saw any difference in 40 firings?
Originally Posted by X-man View Post
Can I assume that since your brass doesn't work harden you never had to anneal them either?
Originally Posted by X-man View Post
You put over 40 firings on a case and never had to touch the necks it in that entire time?
Again, for reference and contrast, my declarations here are w/resp to my fitted 6.5WSSM.
It isn't just fitted in necks but everywhere. And these attributes are true:
Neck tension doesn't change because I don't size them, so I don't have to anneal necks, I don't FL size the bodies because I stay below ~58Kpsi in load pressure(from QL & tested to derive this), and I don't have to trim because I don't FL size.
My current tuned load (mid node) produces 3025fps with 139Laps. I can reach a higher node at ~3200fps, but the gun doesn't shoot as well there, and I would have to FL size. No thanks.

This cartridge example isn't practical for everyone. I know that.
But it is a reference for what and why we do what we do: CHOICES
We have choices.
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