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Powders for 7mm Remington Magnum

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Unread 07-19-2012, 02:37 PM
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Re: Powders for 7mm Remington Magnum

Originally Posted by g0rd0 View Post
I have a savage 111 in 7mm rm, it's throat is a lot longer than other rifles in that cal. so, when I load I over all lenght to 3.460" this allows me to have the bullet in contact with the rifleing when it is chambered. I never crimp my bullets and neck sise only.

My favorite plinking load is 140 grn sp 50.0 grns IMR 3031 with a standard primer 2910 fps. It is a very accurate load, comfortable to shoot (moderate recoil) BUT since 3031 really is not good for large volume cases it heets up the barrel so, a cool down between shots is adviseable.

For hunting, 150 grn ETIP 67.0 grns IMR 7828 with a mag primer 3000fps. Again a very accurate load (moderate to heavey recoil). Nothing I have shot with this bullet / load combo needed a second shot.

for serious targets 162 grn AMAX 63.5 grns IMR 7828 mag primer 2900 fps. A nail driver but, it is a pounder (heavey recoil)

I have a few hundred 175 grn sps but have yet to find a load that I am satisfied with for this weight, either the recoil is too much for me or the accuracey is compareable to a 12 gauge. I plan on getting some H1000 and trying that out. any sudjestions?

The velosities I have put here are from estamates I got by useing the published data and adjusting for the amount of actual powder I used. I wish that I had a chrono so that I knew the actual velosities (note to self time for dropping xmas wish hints).
GOrdO you are probably pretty close on your quoted velocities. I've had three 7mm mags and all have been pretty close. 140's between 2900 and 3200 depending on powder; I4064 works well with a 140 also if you don't want quite as much speed, and rl22 will do 3200 fps easily with a 140 if you do want speed. A 150 between 3K and 3100 fps is about right for I7828. And a 160 grain at 2900 or so is good for that powder too.
I really do not see the point of beating up a 7rem when an stw will do as well speed wise at start charges, so I don't push mine. I usually use it as a paper puncher, and the paper won't notice a few fps off the top.
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Unread 07-30-2012, 10:41 AM
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Re: Powders for 7mm Remington Magnum

I went out and shot my 7 Rem Mag again yesterday. I loaded 3 rounds each of 72.5/73.0/73.5/ grain charges of H1000 with the 162 Amax, Fed 215 primer. At 73.5 grains I was at 3,068 fps.

I also loaded up 3 rounds each of 71.0/71.5 RE-25/162 SST's/ with Fed210M primer. At 71.5 I was at an average of 3,039 fps. Accuracy was still good but ES/SD were getting pretty bad though.

I think I will stay at the 70.5/RE-25/Fed210 primer combo, this averaged 2,950 fps for 5 shots and shot in the lows .4s at 100 yds.

I will also give the 72.5 -73.0 grain charge of H1000/Fed215 some more looking into as well. As the best accuracy was at 73 grains but the ES/SD were 48/24.4. The ES/SD at 72.5 grains was 10/5.2.

I didn't notice any signs of pressure with any of these loads. No heavy bolt lift, easy extraction, and the primers looked good.

I have a question for anyone. Do you need the throat set up on your chamber to shoot VLD bullets, are there different throat angles specific for these bullets? I have never really had any luck shooting them in any of my guns.
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