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Fireforming the 6.5 Gibbs

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Unread 10-14-2007, 11:42 PM
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I'm fireforming from .25-06 to a .282 tight neck .25-06 AI. I'm starting with .30-06 Lake City 57 brass I have had for a long time. I also am using a .010 neck. One thing I found doing all this was that when I first began I was loosing about 20% of my cases. I now might loose 1 in 30. I also had trouble with necks getting thicker with the cow method and abandoned that one quickly.
This is what I am now doing once the case's have been resized down to .25-06.
First I resize to make sure all the necks are tight enough to hold a bullet. Then I trim the necks for length and thickness. If I don't do it this way I end up with necks that are really off on the gauge for concentricity and the bullets are not concentric either.
Then I anneal the cases. Thats what keeps the cases from blowing for me as they become workhardened. I had trouble with the necks springing back and not holding bullets which it took me a while to figure that I needed to anneal the neck to stop this and also to keep from blowing the cases while fireforming.
The load I was using 54 grains of 4831SC with a Serria gameking bullet 100 grains. Same load I was using for accuracy with the .25-06.
After fireforming the cases sometimes need to be trimmed for length but thats about it. The sholders are nice and even and a sharp edge rather than the rounded sholder or uneven sholder I was getting before with the COW.
Plus I got to have a lot of fun shooting the gun while fireforming. Loads were very accurate even out to 400 yds so I had a good time doing it.
Using the thin necks I also find that I need to be careful and anneal fairly often or that old brass becomes hardened again and I start loosing them. Primer pockets are tight and never lost a case yet from them loosening up. I also haven't lost a case since I started using this method.
I'm building a 6MM Rem Ackley Improved with a tight neck and I intend on using the same method for fireforming for it too. Spent too much time learning this one to quit it.
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Unread 10-15-2007, 06:05 AM
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Thats what I'm guessing the problem is, my fireformed cases only measure .290 necks are .015" thick so thats leaving only .260 for a .264 bullet to get out.
Guess the nosler brass can't handle the pressures as well as the rem or win. so I'll use COW and turn necks.
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Unread 10-15-2007, 06:47 AM
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what primers?

hi what primers are you using? I have wreaked 3 Steyr bolts with a batch of remington primers both steyr rifles . one a ssg realy pissed off and with 2gr under max loads. use a cci or fed 215 primer for forming and back your loads down to 6.5/284 starting loads.

Cheers Bill

Originally Posted by Ridge Runner View Post
what fireform loads do y'all use? I blew another primer today and got a face full of powder residue, this makes 2 just fireforming. The first one broke the extractor.
I'm using the reccomended load from the guy who built the action,
(necked for a crush fit, 54 gr H-4831/140 gr bullet)
I tried a batch with cornmeal but the necks end up thicker with that method.
Is there a way I can tell if I'm under pressure or over?
would mid-level 6.5/06 loads be ok to fireform with? anybody got any ideas?
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Unread 10-15-2007, 09:11 AM
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Trick I learned from Speedy and he has done hundreds of thousands thousand this way and I have done a couple of thousand myself. Fill 3/4 with bullseye and put a piece of cotton ball in the end to hold the powder. Pull the trigger---could not be easier.
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