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Reloading Berger Bullets



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Unread 05-25-2009, 10:45 AM
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Re: Disappointed

Originally Posted by blipelt View Post
I have been toying with the idea to take a year off. What would happen if no hunting licenses were sold. People just got fed up with it and quit for awhile. Obama would be happy? Let's think about it how much revenue is create by the pittman-robertson act? 18%(please correct me if I am wrong, my source wasn't 100% positive of the number but it is around there) is tacked on to any hunting or fishing related item. Not to mention the money generated from the licenses. Of course we could look at the over population of game animals. What kind of crop destruction could it cause and vehicle collisions would go up drastically. What would happen to insurance costs? All the people trying to make a buck off us would be selling for alot less than they hoped when the demand vanished. The enviro-nazi's would be happy until Obama started taxing their tofu.

Unfortunately alot of good people who make their living at it would no longer be there after we went back to our sport. The only thing we can do is choose who we buy from and maybe shoot alittle less.

Totally agree I'm fed up with the price gouging of primers, bullets, brass and powder basicaly everything that I need to shoot my rifle. I am pretty much not shooting at all this year keeping it to a mininum. Wether its the hourders, obama or the manufacters they can kiss my *****$$$$. Maybe start a new hobbie like flying kites then I'll pray for wind. LOL
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Unread 05-25-2009, 10:46 AM
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Re: Disappointed

Originally Posted by trueblue View Post
This is not a hoarding problem. If it were, the components would be making it to suppliers, and then bought up by the "hoarders". The problem is that even the wholesale distributors are not seeing any primers or powder make it to their doors for resale. I know od one wholesale distributor that has not seen a Federal primer in over 6 months. So, the product is not there to even be "hoarded". It is my understanding that no Federal or CCi primers are leaving the warehouse. It also seems that very little Hodgdon powder is being sent out.
I think we should all contact the NRA to see if they can bring some pressure to bear to get some of this stuff released to the public.
You might want to call CCI, Federal and Hodgdon - I did. They all claim to be producing components at the highest levels possible. They don't blame the war on the shortage. Hell, we've seen plenty of wars. They all say the same thing - shooters are buying huge quantities wherever they can and hoarding them. It all started when Obama and the liberals got elected and who now control nearly the whole country. The fear of what these gun grabbers could/will do has driven shooters to react in a way that no one would have predicted. In my area the so called "black guns" sell like crazy and the prices are rediculous. It took me nearly a year to get a Rock River Predator Persuit. If NYS bans them, and they intend to, it will probably double in value over night. In NY the Democrats have the Governor's office, the Senate and the Congress. We also have 2 US Senators who are 2 of the most vocal anti-everything politicians we've ever seen. Things are really going to be interesting around here over the next several years.

All in all I have resisted the temptation to over-buy components and have posted here where I have found them so others would have an opportunity to get what they need. I've seen lots of IMR powder and some Hodgdon powder coming into the shops but it doesn't last the way it use to.
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Unread 05-25-2009, 11:06 AM
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Re: Disappointed


I know it is frustrating, but quitting all together will cause alot of good people who aren't price gouging to go out of business. There are alot of people who haven't raised the prices they are selling for what it was before this happened many are members here. Just choose to wait and buy from them when they have supplies.

I was just pointing out how much money us hunters dump into this economy and government without really knowing it. Most people don't understand what adverse affects that will happen if they would succeed in banning hunting. These are just my thoughts however, I am not an economist or businessman I am an engineer who blows things up. I am not for quitting I am for slowing down alittle and not letting people take advantage of me.

Oh yeah come to ND we have plenty of Wind.

"Amazing things can happen when preparation meet opportunity" Richard Schatz

"The will to win, compares little with the will to prepare to win" Donovan Moran

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Unread 05-25-2009, 12:32 PM
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Re: Disappointed

All I can do is state what I am familiar with in my area. I know the owners of a wholesale distributer than supplies store like Scheels Sporting,and such. Recently, they could only fill a few hundred dollars of a 70,000 dollar order, because components are not coming in from Hodgdon, Federal, CCi, and the like. The have had stuff on backorder for a long time, and not seeing it come in. So, when I state that the problem is not necesarily hoarding, it is based on the fact that components are not even getting out to the wholesale level.
I do not have this from the direct source, but from a freind who is a reliable source, that alot of this stuff is not even leaving the wharehouses to go to the general public.
Whether the government is buying it to keep it out of the hands of reloaders, as an end around to gun control,or getting ready for more military conflicts or the ammo guys are using it to make their own amunition for resale, or filling military contracts,I don't know.
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Unread 05-26-2009, 01:05 PM
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Re: Disappointed

Originally Posted by loaders_loft View Post
Its the same thing with powder. Last week I sent an email to Hodgdon's, telling them I can't find their products anywhere - what's going on?

No response yet....
Here's the response from Hodgdon's. Obviously they have been getting lots of questions. Its a reasonable response and I thanked him for the info.

By the way, I did find some H4831sc locally, last weekend for $30/Lb. Ouch!

-----Original Message-----

I can't find your products anywhere locally or online. Everybody is
sold out, not even taking orders.

What is going on?



Why is there a powder shortage and when will it end?

The answers are really quite simple. On the second Tuesday of November
2008, there was a general election in the United States. At that time,
a liberal government was elected by the majority of voting Americans.
On the second Wednesday of November 2008, some of our fellow shooters
went on a panic driven rampage to purchase all of the powder, primers,
bullets, brass, ammo and guns that they could afford. Soon, word spread
person to person and on the internet of this panic buying and still more
shooters ran to join in without giving serious thought to the amount of
product they were purchasing. Before the end of November, the
distribution pipeline was empty and demand was outstripping supply. In
response, we have ordered all of the powder possible to be made in the
three smokeless powder plants which supply our needs. They have been
working at maximum capacity since that time. There is no more capacity
to make powder. We are currently making all burn speeds of Hodgdon, IMR
and Winchester powders. We are shipping those powders as soon as they
can be packaged. We are shipping every day. There is no more capacity
to ship powder as there are only so many truck lines that will take gun
powder and only so many drivers licensed to transport Haz-Mat.
Some will ask why we do not build more plants. The answer is simple,
time, cost and return. There is no time to build the plant before this
panic buying is over, the cost would be many millions of dollars and the
return on investment would probably not be present at all.
There is no vast government conspiracy. The military is not buying up
all of the powder and other components. We are not withholding powder
from the market to push the price up. No ships carrying powder are
being held hostage by pirates. There are no taggants going into the
powder. There is no magic chemical we are being forced to include in
the powder which would shorten the shelf life to a few months.
When will it end and powder become available again? Who knows? We have
not found it possible to determine the end of this buying and hoarding
as purchasing is being driven by emotion, not need or logic. Your guess
is as good as ours when this will end.

Certainly some caution should be in place in regard to this
administration and gun control measures. Even buying a little extra in
the way of components is OK, just do not go crazy. Remember, at this
time, there is no legislation in place which is a danger to your ability
to buy powder or to shoot.
Do not pay crazy prices for powder, bullets, primers, etc at gun shows.
Just be patient and powder will come to your local store.

Mike Daly
Customer Satisfaction Manager
The Hodgdon Family of fine prpellants:
Hodgdon Powder Company
IMR Powder Company
Winchester Smokeless Powders
GOEX Powder Company
Triple Seven
White Hots
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