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Corn Cob or Walnut?

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Unread 03-26-2006, 02:04 PM
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Corn Cob or Walnut?

I have one vibratory tumbler filled with corn cob media and another filled with walnut.
Up untill a neighbour gave me another cleaner i used to tumble with corn cob only.
One friend tells me to clean with treated corn cob first and then do a final polish with walnut.
Another friend tells me the exact opposite.
Which method or media has given any of you guys the best results. Thanks

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Unread 03-26-2006, 02:46 PM
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Re: Corn Cob or Walnut?

Ian, I use corn cob. I used to use walnut, but it doesn't seem to clean as fast as corn cob. Also, corn cob is cheap and easier to find around here. If the brass is really dirty, I add a SMALL amount of brasso to the vibrator. It really cleans up cases in a hurry. Lyman makes a brass additive that I've never tried. Good luck. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]
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Unread 03-26-2006, 08:04 PM
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Re: Corn Cob or Walnut?

I have used both and i am settling on the walnut. Corncob works great but I think the walnut puts a finer polish on the brass, it also seems like the walnut cleans up the necks a little better.

I think both will work great for you and the corn may do the job a little quicker. When I polish my brass i do for a LONG time, overnight sometimes. I just turn the sucker on and leave it be. then i store the brass in old folgers plastic coffee containers until i need it.

good luck
Steve Elmenhorst
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Unread 03-27-2006, 07:13 AM
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Re: Corn Cob or Walnut?

When I started tumbling cases I did so due to the volumes of pistol brass I was loading. With carbide dies I wanted them as clean and shiney as possible. IF fo no other reason they looked great.

I got tired of dumping it out every two weeks or so and having to pay 8-10 bucks for replacement media, so did a little calling around. I found that I could get 50# of either for about 18 bucks at most, from a local sand blasting supply. Well who needs 50# of media much less 50 of each. I got hold my my shooting buds and we split it up and ended up with a major supply for little of nothing.

I tried either by it's self, as well as several mixes of the two. I also added in several different recommended polishes as well during all of this. My final outcome was a mix of 2 parts corncob to one part walnut with about 1/2 teaspoon of Flitz put in and mixed up well, before adding the cases.

This combination will flat out knock the crud off of and out of 2-300 or so cases in around an hour. I don't think it does the insides of bottle necked cases as well but it still gets a lot of it. I also generally polish them up for about half an hour in plain cob and flitz after sizing just to get any lube or whatever minute burs around the necks off.

For the Flitz, I use the tumbler bowl as a measure for the media, and figureing it 2/3 full of media - 1/2 teaspoon of Flitz. I suppose this could be anything really but it has worked well for me. I put in the fresh media, turn on the tumbler, and add the Flitz slowly to try and avoid any major clumping. Once it is in, let it run for about 15 or so minutes initially before adding the cases. This helps to dissapate the major clomps, and keeps the clumps from settling into a case.

Hope this helps.
Mike / Tx

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Unread 03-27-2006, 11:36 AM
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Re: Corn Cob or Walnut?

I have so far tumbled my cases for 20hrs in corn cob media treated with several teaspoons of Rooster Labs liquid polish.
Although the cases are clean and shiney the necks are also clean but still dull.
I figured on de-priming and neck sizing after this and then final tumbling in the walnut to bring up a good polished shine.

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Unread 03-27-2006, 11:47 AM
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Re: Corn Cob or Walnut?

I've found that the untreated walnut takes a little longer to polish the cases, but it lasts longer than the corncob media. The corncob media I had only lasted about 6 months before it would leave black smears on the brass. I've been using some pre-treated walnut media for almost a year now and it still hasn't even discolored. It also seams to polish in the same time frame as the old corncob stuff did.
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Unread 03-27-2006, 08:45 PM
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Re: Corn Cob or Walnut?

You need to try ultrasonic cleaning. I tumbled cases for 20+ years and just started with the ultrasonic cleaning a few months ago. Way better and faster. There is a post on ultrasonic cleaning on this site. Do a search if you are interested.
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