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Reloading Berger Bullets



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Unread 05-09-2010, 07:48 PM
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I recently purchased a TIKKA T3 in a 270WSM. I took it out to play with it and had some factory 150 Fed Premium Vital Shocks. First 2 shots sighting it in then 5 in 1 ragged hole so I was pretty excited.

Started working up loads for it the next day. Loaded up 3 bullets each of Berger 150's pushed by 60-64 grains of RL22. No preasure signs at all but groups were over 1.5" Also used 61-65 grains H1000 with no signs of preasure but groups again above 1". I am limited to mag length so I have quite a jump with Bergers so I figured I would give the 140 Accubonds a shot.

I loaded these with 60-64 of RL19 60-64 of RL22 and 63-67 of H1000. None shot inside of 1.5" and no preasure signs at all. I didn't figure I would see any preasure signs with these loads but I stayed off the high to get a feel for the gun.

Last 3 shots 150 Fed Premium Vital Shocks in ragged hole. Hmmmmm.

Today I decide to open up a couple federals to see what the powder charge weight in at and what type they use. Usually I look at if its Spherical or Extruded and the weight then go trough the manuals to find a known spherical or extruded around that weight

First one I opened up Spherical 77 grains, 2nd exactly the same. I am floored by this. Does that not seem like a **** ton of powder? I cant find a single load in a manual close to that nor can I find a post. Velocities are published at 3160 if I recall. Normally I take that with a grain of salt but I am thinking with 77 grains of course it is. What kind of powder could this be?
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    Unread 05-09-2010, 08:24 PM
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    Re: 77 GRAINS OF POWDER IN 270wsm

    I have no idea what powder this could possibly be, and it might not be a cannister grade powder. I haven't loaded for the 270WSM but have loaded for a 300WSM and that cartridge seemed to thrive on higher end loads, at least as far as accuracy is concerned.
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    Unread 05-09-2010, 10:57 PM
    dwm dwm is offline
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    Re: 77 GRAINS OF POWDER IN 270wsm

    .270 WSM => Hodgdon 870 at 77 grains = ~60K psi and ~3200 fps with a 26 inch barrel with a 150 Berger according to QL ...

    Pretty impressive velocity

    ADI AR 2218 comes in very close to those numbers also.
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    Unread 05-10-2010, 10:42 AM
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    Re: 77 GRAINS OF POWDER IN 270wsm

    With 870 being just a slightly slower powder then Retumbo I am curious what QL has for retumbo in comparison. Not having QL, does it give you a minimum maximum load or do you just play with it until the listed preasure signs are up there and back off from that. 60k psi is still short of SAMMI max of 65k but I have to believe that 77 grains is getting close to a compressed load. I will water test one of these loads tonight. When you fill a case with water how full and to what junction? Neck-shoulder or to the top?

    Also the T3 has a 24" barrel.
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    Unread 05-10-2010, 10:52 AM
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    Re: 77 GRAINS OF POWDER IN 270wsm

    I wouls also be interested in what you find, I have 270 WSM in A-Bolt that shoots great with factory ammo but still trying to duplicate in a hand load.
    Been shooting 150 Gr. SST and tried several different powers but still not as accurate as factory.
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    Unread 05-10-2010, 01:55 PM
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    Re: 77 GRAINS OF POWDER IN 270wsm

    77gr behind a 150 ?!!?? Wow. My best guess would be that its not a powder available to handloaders, but rather a blend of some sort only available to Federal.
    I dont have any facts to back this up, but Id be very concerned about trying to duplicate loads by using said amount of powder as a referance without knowing exactly what powder they use. Even then Id be nervous...........
    I see youve done your homework on burn rates etc. and youve also tried loads that have proven to be winners in alot of 270wsm's so please dont take this as an insult. Its far from that. I too am interested in what you find out, but manufacturers rarely if ever release the exact powder blend used.
    Win WMR shows a max load of 68.1gr with a 150gr bullet. Hornady7th edition at 3100 fps. But this is the most powder crammed into the 270wsm case with a 150gr bullet I can find, AND it also has a faster burn rate than the Hod 870 mentioned in an earlier post. Ive also never hered of anyone using either of these powders in this cartrige for accuracy loads. Then again most 270wsm's like at least 1 of the loads youve already tried so, back to square 1......... Have you tried messing with seating depths? Very interested in what you find out. Keep us posted and I hope you find that ''magic load'' Datsjeep. Good luck.

    As for Mulerider, who was looking for a load with a 150sst, Ive had great accuracy results with 61gr of IMR 4831 .015 off the lands in the two 270wsm's Ive loaded for. But the best results Ive had yet are with RL-19 and 140gr Accubonds.
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    Unread 05-10-2010, 09:03 PM
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    Re: 77 GRAINS OF POWDER IN 270wsm

    I am going to test the 150 Bergers again with 65-69 of the H1000 and 66-71 of Retumbo and see what happens this weekend. I will post the results.

    Winmag, I wouldn't even consider loading 77 grains in this thing unless a book actually told me a powder type with that load. Now I might purchase quick load as an additional tool but still I would have to work up to any load.

    I had a 25/06 that shot lights out with factory loads but I had a heck of a time duplicating the accuracy so I opened one of those cases and found a compressed 53 grains of extruded. In one of my manuals I found 52g of IMR something (cant remember) but it was a powder I wouldn't have thought to try. I loaded up that IMR and found 55 started showing preasure signs while 53.5 was an absolute tack driving round.

    Anytime I have ever done this I typically find a powder weight close to the factory load in one of the manuals, I was just shocked by this weight.

    I have been out of Retumbo but scored 8ibs of it tonight so I will excited to see what happens with it.
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