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.300WSM Recipe's???

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Unread 08-21-2007, 02:50 PM
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.300WSM Recipe's???

Hi All,

Just received a new rifle in .300WSM, Borden Alpine Action, Rock Creek 5R, #3 barrel, H-S Precision stock. Total weight 8.75 lbs. This is my walking longrange hunting rifle.

I am heading to WY for elk this season. I need to develop a load by mid Sept. My preference is to shoot 180gr Accubonds or TSX at a speed of 3,000 fps.

I'm just starting out with load development. The tightest consistent group I currently have is .56" using MRP-69.0gr & 180 A-Max moly coated (right at 3,000fps). The only other powder I've tried is H4350 and I think the MRP shows more promise at this time. Oh & primers used were BR2, 210M & 215M.

The 180 Accubonds and 180 TSX seem to put 2 bullets touching and one of the 3 seems to stray from formation.

I'm not too keen on using the A-max for Elk. Anybody have any pet recipe's they would be willing to share?

Looking forward to your knowledge base,
Kind regards,
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Unread 08-21-2007, 06:24 PM
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300 wsm?

Victor, how many will it hold in the magazine? any pics of your rifle? thanks, AF
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Unread 08-21-2007, 07:13 PM
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Victor, your rifle sounds awesome. I have some brand new 300 WSM Norma brass if you want them. I have about 198 pieces. I was going to build a 300WSM project, however, I switched to a 6x284 instead. If you want them, I will give you a good deal.

If you want them, e-mail me at; wildcat@highdesert.com. If anybody else wants them, let me too. I will give Victor, first shot.

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Unread 08-22-2007, 03:12 PM
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I think the rifle holds 3 in the magazine, but have not confirmed that yet. I have been busy with load developement. I only intend to require one shot to bag anything. HA

Pics will be coming, as soon as I have some time to upload.

Wildcat, yes I am interested in the brass, sent you an e-mail.

Take care,
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Unread 08-22-2007, 08:50 PM
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300 wsm

Victor ,I look forward to pics I have an Alpine mag and a #3 Rock ,9" Twist 7mm that is getting ready for the smith just waiting on the Mcm stock It will be a 7 wsm I look forward to your progress!
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Unread 08-22-2007, 10:46 PM
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My 300 WSM

I have a Win M70 with a Obermeyer 25" fluted #5 barrel w/ Vais brake bedded in a McMillan sporter stock that was built by Mike Bryant and it weighs 9lbs with scope.
I haven't put but 100 rds thru it but it likes the 180 NBT with 60grs of AA4350, velocity is 2968fps and will put 3 into 1.5" at 300yds and wacks a 10"x13" steel target sub moa precision consistently at 600yds shooting off a backpack and a beanbag on the rear.
This should prove adequate for the coues whitetail hunt this year but for elk I hope the 180 Accubonds shoot this good as that would be my go to load as soon as I get a chance to try them.
I think the NBT would hold up better than the A-max but I too would be leery of using them for elk.
Wayne aka WAMBO
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Unread 08-23-2007, 09:31 PM
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Join Date: Dec 2004
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Hey Wambo,

What is AA4350, Not familiar with it. Is it a Winchester powder?

From past experience of switching out Accubonds and Balistic Tips, I see no difference in my .270Wby. Both bullets have same point of impact, so odds are good that you will have luck with the accubonds.

I used up the last of my 180 Accubonds the other day but got a real good group with the last batch. I first used Norma Brass, 210M primers, MRP-69.0, & 180AB and got a 3/4" 3 shot group (100yds). Then I adjusted it a little - MRP-68.8, 180AB, 215M primer, and it shrunk my group to 3/8". When I get my next batch of bullets I will have to repeat that load and chornagraph it. The load with 69.0gr of MRP clocked at 2,989, 3,006 & 3,011 FPS.

By the way, I have found that Norma brass has thicker necks than the Winchester. I use a .336 neck bushing. It squeezes the neck just fine on the Norma, but the Win brass seems to go thru without any force at all. There is definitely a difference.

One other observation I made was that after firing, something happens to the shoulder where it binds the bolt when I reinsert the empty fired brass in the chamber. I have to use a body die to bump that shoulder back just a tiny bit. The brass goes into the body die without force, but right at the very end, it stops the ram. I could see about a .005 gap between the shell holder and the body die. I then have to put substantail force on the lever to force the brass up into the die. After that operation, the brass cycles into the chamber with ease.

I normaly reload Wby loads and I have never had such a situation like this before. With Weatherby's It's the blasted belted rim that always expanded and the primer pockets opened up really fast and shortened case life to about 6 reloads or less. I went to a beltless cartridge to get away from the Wby problems, but it seems every cartridge has its quirks. Do you find that you have to full length resize your 300WSM brass?

Ok got run and finish reloading,

Last edited by victor; 08-23-2007 at 09:35 PM.
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