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300 wm with 110 vmax problems

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Unread 03-23-2006, 03:51 PM
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300 wm with 110 vmax problems

I loaded me up some 110 gr V-max in my 300 winnie, it is a M70 24" sporter factory gun, for some reason... out of 8 rounds only 4 make it to the paper... the gun is at least a 2 MOA at worst, and 1 moa (or better) with good loads..
I shot a 5 shot groups and only 2 made it to target (about a 1.25 inch 2 shot group).. The 8x11 target paper was on a big ol piece of cardboard 3x4 ft.. no bullets found..
seen a guy on here who said his 10 twist gets 3700 fps with them.

Could it be the bullets are comming apart in my gun?

I chrono'ed them all (between 3605 fps and 3656 fps)..
86.0 IMR-4350 0.100 from lands (to fit magazine).. no pressure signs (a slow burning lot of 15 yr old 4350)
81.0 gives me 3439 fps

Could it be that my twist is slightly faster than 1:10 and they are spinning apart? 125 Sierra's seemed to work fine going up to 3500 fps
any help
I think I'll try to back em down to 3400-3500 fps and see if they reach 100 yards.. They are for coyotes

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Unread 03-24-2006, 07:34 PM
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Re: 300 wm with 110 vmax problems

Ihave a 110 vmax load for my 300 winnie and it shoots them in an inch or so at 300 . My twist is 11 and velocity is 3570 avg over a Oehler 35. 76 grs. of IMR 4350 and they are seated so that there is only about .125 in the case . I have shot a best of .312 @ 100 and the brass is odd lot mix that has who knows how many firings and is only trimmed to length .

I wouldn't think they are coming apart , but something is happening . Check your twist with a good cleaning rod and new nylon brush .

A while back Abinok and I and some others went pd ing and that l;oad I gave you acquitted itself very well out to 700 yds , as in pd's flying 4 to 6 ' in the air . Let us know what you find .

Jim B.
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Unread 03-24-2006, 09:07 PM
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Re: 300 wm with 110 vmax problems

Scott, i can guarantee you they are not coming apart in the gun...now once they hit air that could be a different story. i'm bettin they go PUFF!
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Unread 03-25-2006, 10:23 AM
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Re: 300 wm with 110 vmax problems

Well That might be it, a 11 twist might beee good for 3600-3700 fps, I am not sure, all I know is my other bullets hit the paper... but the 110'ss only 1/2 the time..
I've even shot a few at 50 yards and 1 out of 2 hit.... the ones that do hit, hit right on the money.

I'll try and load some up at 3400 fps and see what happends
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Unread 03-25-2006, 10:30 AM
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Re: 300 wm with 110 vmax problems

I know they are not going to come apart in bbl...
I sure was excited about geting these babies to shoot.
I ckeaned the botre real good befoe going out, shot 3-4 fouler shots with some old factory 180's I had..

I hope it isn''t because I loaded them 0.11 from the lands... I did this to fit magazine, I figured I'd sacrifice a little accuracy for a quicker follow up shot... a 1.5 moa gun is all I need for yotes to 200 yards..
I'll back off on the loads/vel and report back to ya all

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Unread 03-26-2006, 06:18 PM
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Join Date: Aug 2001
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Re: 300 wm with 110 vmax problems

After Whipping up some once fired brass, deburring flash holes, uniform primer pockeds, turn necks enoguh to trim off high spots for 20 brass, I loaded up 10 rounds..

Went back out to test loads today, 110 gr V-max same fed 215 mag primer, fed brass, 0.110 seating depth or 3.37 OL same IMR-4350 but I back off on the charge from 86.0 to 82.0... Vel dropped about 80 fps avg... I got as low as 3509 and high of 3570 10 yard from muzzle.
Too many people at the range, so I went out to a place I can shoot off my portable bench...
with close to 90-100 fps less velocity, ALL bullets made it to Targr board, all of them on paper.. from a not so stable portable bench, a 4-5 lb trigger, I managed to print 2 different 3 shot 3/4 inch groups (only fired two groups)..
Good enough for hunting..
A may do further tests and see what I can do off a good solid bench, and maybe load the bullets 0.030 from throat
Over all though I am very happy.

One Thing that puzles me is this lot of IMR-4350 seems to be slow buring, I bought it back in 1988-89...
I can load up 90 grains under a 125 sierra and just start to get pressure signs... the books call fora max of 81 under a 110, and 77-79 under a 125, those charges give me 200 fps less than advertized. my 150's I have loaded up with 72-74 grn of 4350 also only launch at 3130..

I will be sure to work back up if I buy more IMR-4350.. I think I am going to try Re-19 next
Any recomendation on some loads for 110's 125's and 150 (coyote loads?

thanks Scott
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