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.264 Win Mag Powder Choice?

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Unread 08-17-2012, 06:33 PM
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.264 Win Mag Powder Choice?

I'm in the final stage of having a .264 Win Mag built and I'm starting the process of choosing where to start with my load development.

I'm limited in my choice of brass - only two manufactures that I can find that are making it so I went with the Nosler. The bullet I selected is the 130 grn Scirocco II for it's high BC and SD.

Now to my gunpowder choice. All my reading leads me to the slower burning powders and I'm leaning toward trying H1000 and Retumbo. There's a but though, I see that Winchester Supreme 780 shows better velocities at lower presures than the two I'm leaning towards....How can that be? Faster powder, lower Max presures with higher velocities. Since the data is all coming from the same site I can only assume the test barrel is the same in terms of length and twist but can't be sure. Any thoughts and/or recommendations?

129 GR. HDY SP Retumbo .264" 63.5 3005 51,900 PSI 67.5 3171 61,500 PSI
129 GR. HDY SP H1000 .264" 60.2 2942 54,500 PSI 64.0 3064 60,700 PSI
129 GR. HDY SP WinSup780 .264" 63.0 3140 55,000 PSI 67.0 3269 59,500 PSI
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Unread 08-17-2012, 09:44 PM
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Re: .264 Win Mag Powder Choice?

I'd get some wc 872 from wideners and work it up with a chronograph to the old Hodgdon #'s with a 140. Most mid-magnum powders will leave a lot of room in the case in a 264. It's worse than a 7mm stw in how slow you really have to go to get top speed with it. If 872 doesn't float your boat, then I'd go with rl25, or retumbo. I just checked Hodgdon online and they don't have data for any of the BMG powder for the 264 anymore.
Hodgdon #26 h870 data was as follows:

129 grain--h870--- top load--76 grain-- no start load listed. speed-- 3170 fps

140 grain--h870--- top load--73 grain-- no start load listed. speed 3163 fps

160 grain--h870-- top load-- 68 grain-- no start load listed. speed 2868 fps

H870 and 872 are very similar powders, but you do need to start 10% back and work to pressure. I'd use the heaviest bullet I plan on using to put load on this powder as it get's less stable when it isn't loaded.
The real kicker here is with the 140 and 870 type ball the 264 will run with the 7rem with a 140 that is a lot better ballistically.
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Unread 08-18-2012, 01:33 AM
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Re: .264 Win Mag Powder Choice?

H870 74grains is THE ticket for my 264WinMag, and 65.5grains of VV N570 with 140 VLD and 140 AMAX!!!! OAN CCI 250's with tha H870 and FED215's with tha AMAX's!!!
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Unread 08-18-2012, 02:54 PM
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Re: .264 Win Mag Powder Choice?

I have been working with WC872 and have worked up to this load.
80 gr. 872 with 129 Hornady IB. This was 3280 fps from a 24" barrel Rem brass and WLRM primers. I started at 75 gr. and worked up.
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Unread 08-18-2012, 10:35 PM
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Re: .264 Win Mag Powder Choice?

Thanks for the comments guys. I will do a little research on those powders.
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Unread 08-19-2012, 07:02 AM
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Re: .264 Win Mag Powder Choice?

I had a fairly long run with the 264WM. The rifle was a stock Model 70 Sporter with a 26" barrel. I bedded it and then, began load work with it, Nosler cases and Retumbo. I started with the 130 AB since that was what I could get starting out. I worked up a great shooting load, in 100 degree Va temps last Summer. Those loads came out of the rifle about 3350 or so, and were very accurate. No pressure signs, shot pretty well.

Well, the next time I took that same load out, with the same exact charge, I locked up the bolt. I couldn't figure it out, till I realized, I had a completely different lot of Nosler cases, and being dumb, I loaded them up, thinking they would be the same, WRONG! They were about 20 grains lighter on avg, than the previous batch.

So, once I figured out my case problem, I went to work with the 140 PT. Figured it might be a better bullet to take the speeds the 264 was kicking out bullets. Again, Retumbo shot some pretty good groups.

Well, Retumbo just wasn't doing it for me. The speeds were still very erratic, no matter where I loaded them.

So, I turned to QL, looked like 7828 and RL25 (140 Ballistic Tips 2nds)held some promise. At this point, I didn't really care what the speed was, just wanted something in the 3000-3100 range. Well, 7828 didn't do much for me in the speed department and accuracy wasn't that great. Well, then I turned to RL25... It shot pretty well across the board as I worked up to the max charge for my rifle.

Well, looking at the 67.6 group looked pretty good, so I went back and loaded up some more to verify them. Mind you, I didn't have a chrono for any of the load work up, I was just going off of any pressure indicators and such. I was tired of hunting for speed, figured it would be fast enough no matter where it came out.

I shot this group the next time out.

I figured what the heck, I will leave it alone. I had a chance to get down to the long range and do some shooting, so I was still unchronographed at that point.

Well, When I was zeroing at 300 yards, I shot this group.

That brought a huge smile to my face. I knew that would work. The rest of the day, I commenced to banging steel at 600.. It worked really well and was super consistent.

Well, it was still kinda nagging me a little, as I wanted to know what the speed was, so I took it back to my 100 yard range, broke out the chrono and shot this group.

I was very happy with the speed, REALLY happy actually..

I shot a few more, again, just to make sure it wasn't a fluke.

So, then I went back, just to see if it would work and loaded up a few of the 140 AB's I had left, same die settings at the 140 BT, powder, primer, all the same..

So, I finally found two loads that shoot excellent, time after time. I shot about 50 rounds through that rifle over a few weeks, not letting the barrel get hot at all, and it still just kept putting bullets on top of bullets.

The 140 AB's run a touch over 3200 in my rifle. I am very happy with the combo.

I would give a look at RL25 if you can get it. Also, if RL33 (or VN570) ever hits the market, it should be a GREAT powder as well and probably allow you to get close to 3300 with a 140. So far, I have loaded the same cases (newer lot) about 7 times, annealing every third time and I haven't lost a case or had a single problem. I won't likely be messing with it, but it would be worth a try. Good luck, hope you get similar results. I was a little down on the 264 till I figured it out, but man, once I did, it SCREAMS and is very accurate.
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Unread 08-19-2012, 02:04 PM
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Re: .264 Win Mag Powder Choice?

Beretzs - thanks for taking the time to write up your load development. Looks like you definitely have it dialed in. Hope I'm able to achieve the same results.

I've been giving serious thougt to R25 based on your results I will definitely keep it top of mind.

Thanks again.
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