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What's your opinion?

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Unread 03-31-2012, 01:44 PM
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Re: What's your opinion?

308 -can take Elk to 450+/-
30-06 -can take Elk to 550+/-
300WSM -can take Elk to 850+/-
30 cal has the widest bullet selection of any caliber. Gopher to Griz, Mouse to Moose, you got er covered.
308 offers everything from match ammo to hunting ammo if you don't handload.
30-06, does everything the 308 will do, better,& faster, with almost the same ammo options. (308 has a few more ammo options, & a little less recoil)
300WSM Ballisticly superior to the first two, but more recoil, & less ammo options.
Pick one

We just can't give quality advise, specific to your needs, if we don't clearly know its intended uses/purpose.
"Its not Rocket Surgery.....'

"I have No idea why that cop made me ride in the back seat, when I Clearly called Shotgun!"
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Unread 04-01-2012, 10:05 PM
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Re: What's your opinion?

It’ not poor syntax, or maybe it is, but I am looking for a rifle with lots of recoil, I enjoy it. It's not so important though that I will let it affect my decision. I grew up in house that did not allow guns, which is probably the reason I own so many now, just bought three more last week. I’m not by any means an expert, but I know enough to understand what I’m told. Right now 500 yards sounds like a mile to me, but I know that will change soon after my next purchase. I am looking for one that will be good out of the box but has a strong aftermarket following so I can modify it as I grow more proficient. My initial intent is target shooting with my buddies. If they are the only ones I’m good enough to beat than that’s probably as far as I’ll take it. If I am I’m able to, I would like enter a few local matches. My budget is around $3k, but I would wait if the right one is out of my price range. I don’t hunt, but may start. A few of my friends are big hunters, and they are always trying to get me to go. I live in Minnesota, so white tail is the game of choice. I do not load yet, but am reading up on it and intend to in the future. Is there a big price difference when you load your own rounds? What are the benefits of loading vs. buying? Thanks again, I appreciate all the responses.
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Unread 04-01-2012, 10:30 PM
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Re: What's your opinion?

Without knowing your shooting experience with rifles, but having read your statement about "feeling the rush," there are plenty of calibers that will cause you to feel physical pain, for up to days, following your shooting. Since you're new to hunting, I'm guessing the large recoil guns you have experience with and enjoy are handguns, maybe wheel guns like the .454 Casull or .460 Magnum, or .500 S&W. I've shot wheel guns with over 8" barrels and it's different than getting pounded in the shoulder.

Part of hunting is making an accurate shot for a clean, quick, and humane kill for the animal's sake as well as your ability to recover the animal for the meat or your trophy. If you're varmint/predator hunting, you don't need anything that produces massive recoil.

If you're hunting for the sake of acquiring meat, you also want to use a sufficient caliber to do the job, but not so excessive that you destroy the meat.

$3,000 will get you plenty of rifle to hunt deer with a nice scope and a reloading set up.

Where do you hunt in Minnesota? When I lived there, rifles were no go in the southern part of the state. Shotguns only when I lived in Kandiyohi County.

Think about what you want to accomplish with the rifle and ensure it gets that job done before thinking about the amount of recoil.

There's plenty to read using Google about the benefits of handloading.

.260 Remington is a great caliber for hunting. It's not going to give you ridiculous recoil, quite the opposite, but most folks who shoot matches, or anything for that matter, go for what gets the job done with the least amount of recoil. .260 is becoming, if not already, one of the most popular cartridges for competition and it's fantastic hunting option, especially for deer. The 6.5x55 is nearly identical and Europeans hunt just about everything with it. 260 will carry more velocity and energy at 1,000 yards than .308, and drop and drift less on top of that.

What range do you plan on shooting to? What distance do you have the ability to practice regularly?

One more thing, usually the more recoil a cartridge produces, the more expensive it is to shoot based on the size of the components, volume of powder, etc it uses. Just another thought.

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Unread 04-01-2012, 10:45 PM
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Re: What's your opinion?

In all ways a 300 Win Mag from Remington or Savage Arms will get you quite a bit of after market accessories. Remington is the dominant recommendation you will get. Another one to keep in mind is the Howa / Vanguard, they are pretty nice for the price.

Just make sure to get 200 grain or heavier ammunition if you like recoil. As for reloading, yes there is a large price difference IF you plan on shooting fairly often.

Just an honest and friendly suggestion, be careful what you ask for... I once had a friend who told me "it cant kick hard enough bro... BRING IT".... he would have dropped that rifle if I had not caught it

Also, it took my mentor the better part of a year and a half to *Mostly* break me of a bad flinch from that Old Stevens 30-06... Yes, a lowly 06... would cross your eyes and dot the T... put a 1" recoil pad on it... just gave it room to get up speed for a harder WHAM haha... best thing I Ever did was get rid of that and buy a 6.5x55 M96 - 29" long gun. Got rid of my flinch finally, then he was able to train me to be able to absorb hellish amounts of Recoil and not flinch. Well, I wont say NOT flinch, but catch myself before I flinch and re-set my mind and body to take the hammering and follow through. I have bled and continued to shoot a tight group I am perversely proud to say. So, yeah, be careful what you ask for! I take pride in being able to shoot severe recoil rifles, but I do *NOT* enjoy shooting them on a regular basis. To much "mental" for me to really let loose and enjoy when they kick the ever lovin' **** out of me.

Have a good one sir, you brought back some fond memories of some truly great shooting times! I miss those days.

P.S. +1 to what JTK said.

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Unread 04-01-2012, 11:33 PM
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Re: What's your opinion?

Yea the Remington 300wm seems to be the gun of choice, the Jeep of rifles if you will. Maybe a gently used .50bmg down the road just for kicks. I live in the twin cities, cabin near Spooner WI, friend with land up north MN. Thanks again for all the advice.
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Unread 04-02-2012, 01:29 AM
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Re: What's your opinion?

Out of curiosity, what kind of rifles do you currently own? Maybe one of them already fits the bill or can be easily modified.
Also, do you have an idea of what kind of scope you want. Optics are an important part of a rifle system and if you say you have a $3000 budget I would advise no more than $1200 for the rifle and the rest for your scope.
... Or, if it were me; maybe $1000 for rifle $1000 for scope and $1000 to get started on a handloading setup. Up to you bro.
Good luck with what ever you choose. Let us know how it turns out!
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Unread 04-02-2012, 02:27 AM
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Re: What's your opinion?

Originally Posted by RockyMtnMT View Post
Based on the little info you gave about what you want the rifle for. I would say get a 338 ultra mag and shoot 300g bullets. By all means do not put a brake on it.


Make it a sporter weight.
I would have gone 24 hrs without a giggle until I red your post! Amazing
sense of humor! I shoot the 300 gr. 338 but with a brake.

No one can argue with that advice.

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---> As promised, God Sent His Prophet to us!
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