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Very Low Recoil Deer Rifle

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Unread 12-20-2006, 12:24 AM
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Re: Very Low Recoil Deer Rifle


Barrel weight will effect recoil:

Example- A 3006 sporter weight rifle that shoots a
150 gr bullet at 3000 ft per sec produces
24 ft lbs of recoil @ 14.8 ft per sec.

A 243 sporter weight rifle that shoots a
90 gr bullet at 3000 ft per sec produces
10.1 ft lbs of recoil @ 9.6 ft per sec.

A 708 with a 20" # 7 tapered barrel that shoots a
120 gr bullet at 3000 ft per sec produces
10.0 ft lbs of recoil @ 7.7 ft per sec.

So as you can see a heaver barrel can reduce recoil
with out the use of a muzzle brake. (None of these examples
have a brake)

I hope this helps
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Unread 12-20-2006, 12:35 AM
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Re: Very Low Recoil Deer Rifle

I Agree. If it a .243 then I wouldn't bother with a brake, just make the rifle heavier. You could use your savage action, just get a #7 Barrel and see if you can get a Savage laminate stock for their heavy barrel varmint rifles. That should be a nice heavy stock.

Good Luck
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Unread 12-20-2006, 01:37 AM
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Re: Very Low Recoil Deer Rifle

I'd put the brake on a .243 with a heavy-ish barrel, shortened stock, & give him some range time on reactive targets for fun. Once he sees the impact on target every time - since the recoil won't be sufficient to move the target out of the field of view - he'll get back to enjoying the shot & following through like he used to. Set his blind up like the range's bench top & you're in business.
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Unread 12-20-2006, 05:24 AM
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Re: Very Low Recoil Deer Rifle

The Savage actions are great to build on , if your even half way handy with tools you can change the barrel yourself give Fred at Sharp Shooters Supply (SSS) and see what he has aas far as barrels go , he uses Douglas barrels and I have never seen one that diden't shoot well.
A 243 with a factory Savage heavy barrel and the Sims recoil pad will have very little recoil I woulden't bother with a brake. Fred has stocks also if the funds are their you could have him to the shortening and pad fitting for you , its alot easier with a big disc sander.
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Unread 12-20-2006, 05:28 AM
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Re: Very Low Recoil Deer Rifle

I understand your commitment to keeping your grandpaw out in the woods.

I see that you posted ranges out to 400yds, would he be shooting this distant or keeping his shots in closer?

One other thing, if you handload, have you considered reducing the loads?

I have a Ruger Compact in .308 which is only about 6 and a half pound field ready. I dropped some handloads which use a 125gr Nosler BT @ 2350fps. My 5yr old grandson has no problem shooting up to around 10 rounds at a time through it. (After that he gets a little stir crazy.) The loads are found on the Hodgdon website under Youth loads.

Just another option to building him a lighter weight rifle, shortened stock and lighter loads. Handloading some bottom end stuff you can still get away with using a little heavier load, but not using top end stuff. Remington and Federal both load reduced recoil loads for the .308 which are good for deer out to 150yds or so. One is a 125gr bullst the other is a 170 gr. At the loaded velocities, they both have decent penetration for use on whitetails.

Just throwing out other options.

On the .243 the 95gr bullets do well in a 1-10. I have used them for years in a couple of .243's. I have loaded them to the max and down to the minimum loads and had good luck with both ends. With the BT's I found that anything leaving the muzzle at around 2800fps worked great out to 200yds, from just about any angle. The higher the velocity the more critical the placment do to hitting heavier bone. When they hit at the higher velocity they tend to have more of a splatter effect and not penetrate as much.

SImilar to mentioned above, if you handload or have a friend who does, you can talor the loads to a standard rifle which will have little recoil, especially if the stock fits him and you add the recoil pad. I have loaded for several small framed kids who shot the 243 including my daughter when she first started hunting. One of them was totally recoil shy as well as didn't like the muzzle blast. I used some AA-3100 and the 95gr BT's and it worked out great for him.

Good luck in your decisions and hope you get to spend the time your looking for in the field with your grandpaw.
Mike / Tx

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Unread 12-20-2006, 07:40 AM
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Re: Very Low Recoil Deer Rifle

"I used some AA-3100 and the 95gr BT's and it worked out great for him."
This is the same load I use in my Sako .243, I shot 3 whitetail in Tx this year, they never moved. I normally shoot BLR in a 7mm-08 in the woods here in Pa. loaded with 145 Speers over 760 powder. Wish I had taken the .243 though on the last day, I know that would have reach across that field and hit that big doe (200+).
I think if you put that .243 together for Pop he will put that shot where it he knows it has to go without the recoil. I've had 3 shoulder operation myself, nothing macho about recoil now it hurts. I Pachmyered the 7mm-08 to soften the blow this year also.

Its good to here you hunt with your elders, I'm sure he bubbles all up thinking about hunting with you.
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Unread 12-20-2006, 08:35 AM
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Re: Very Low Recoil Deer Rifle

Thanks for all the information. It gives a lot to think about. I do hand load for the .243. To be honest, it seems like a marginal Deer round to me. He lost one deer this year to a poorly placed shot. If I can get him to shoot enough to get rid of the flinch, the .243 will be fine. He needs to be able to put the bullet in the right spot everytime. We tracked several deer that he shot this year due to less than stellar shot placement. Every time I see him I say something to the effect of "high front shoulder". It is an odd greeting, but he should start to think about shot placement. The venerable .32 special that he hunted with for 40 years would kill deer out to 150 yards if they were hit just about anywhere in the front half of the body. 95 grain BTs seem to kill deer quickly only if they are shot through the front shoulders and anchored right where they stand, otherwise they seem to run about 50 yards. I hesitate to light load the .243 for this reason. BTW, most shots are under 200 yards, but there could be a need to reach a bit farther.
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