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Old 01-01-2004, 11:53 AM
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Re: Targets?

We have a new target frame that has replaced the swingsets - sort of based from the swingset idea only no bolts or even chain. I have jpegs of the setup and could send to someone to post here if you guys wish. The frame is self supporting and cheap - legs are angle-iron, only a small bit of welding to make the top assembly. Sets up in about two minutes and takes a beating. When you shoot up the legs you just replace with another piece of angle iron.

Used to use a similar rig made of sawhorse brackets and cheap 2"x4"'s but this steel rig is much tougher, no sharp pieces of shrapnel in the wood to worry about. Gave up on wood frames last year and don't miss the sharp pieces of jacket - damn things can be like razors.

Another great LR target is simply made by welding two 12" or whatever lengths of angle iron along one side of a 12" or whatever length square of 1/2" steel plate (my targets range from 12x12 to 16x16). Weld the pieces on each side so that you form an upside down T. Idea is that they freestand and fall over when hit. We do not shoot them closer than 600 yards since this is just mild steel. Makes lots of interesting shooting when you put two in front with a six inch space between them and another a couple of feet behind - you have to shoot the back one first naturally. I am not sure how many of these we have, about 15 or more and they are excellent. They can be braced so that they don't fall over but more fun to "kill" them.

I also have a dozen or so 2'x4' plates, ranging from 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch thickness. We just drill a 1/2" hole in two corners so we can insert "S" hooks to hang them on our frames. With the new angle-iron frames we quit using chain, one less thing to get shot-up. The frames are height adjustable by simply moving the legs in or outward so we can hang the plate as low to the ground as possible - this is best for seeing low misses.

We shoot the steel a lot during our few days of summer - too damn cold to enjoy shooting these days but hoping for a break so we can shoot some drops on some new rifles.

Simpler is best for targets and frames. Buy lots of white spray paint - found that the real cheap paint deals are useless, better to spend a bit more and get good paint.

Also have pictures of a 14' tall wooden frame we use for shooting LR groups on paper - this is the best way to determine what your actual drops are. Before the recent deer season we moved firing location 17 times to get the drops we wanted for our .308's and they worked very well when we started killing deer. Lost count of how many 500 - 600 yard kills we did this fall - free CWD tags helped a lot...

A farmer friend that we got into LR hunting this winter just made two 700 yard kills a couple of days ago. He bought a new Stealth and some factory 168 Win. Ballistic Silvertips. Told him to put the top of the post of his 2.5-10 Nikon tactical on the backline - two one-shot kills. We created another monster - he has the bug now [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] He also killed a bunch of deer out past 500 with Black Hills Match 175's, they worked perfectly and killed fast.
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Old 01-01-2004, 05:00 PM
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Re: Targets?

My question isn't about target frames, it's about targets.....you know, the thing you aim at! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

I am interested in what type of target allows precise aiming at 600+ yards.....is a diamond better than a circle, is a + better than a diamond......well, you get the idea.....
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Old 01-01-2004, 07:40 PM
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Re: Targets?

Ian, I would love to see the construction of your swingset replacement.

GonHuntin, Sorry I got off the subject. This seems to be your dilema in your other post about BBL legnth too. Hope I did better there.

Sorry I cant give advice on the most precise target style. I'm cheap and lazy when it comes to targets. A black circle (black dot) of varing size on white paper is what I use. I just make a black dot with my computers "paint" program and print out a few. I know this dosen't help you a whit though.
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Old 01-01-2004, 09:24 PM
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Re: Targets?

No problem, I learn something from most posts.....the swingset idea is a good one!

By the way, I love you signature line....had a friend swear he shot a running elk at 700 yards......told me where the elk was in his scope and everything......I lost him when I started showing him on paper that he could not have hit the elk if he could see it in his scope when he fired! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]
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Old 01-01-2004, 10:18 PM
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Re: Targets?

I use 8.5"x11" printer paper. I use a small can of Imperial Sizing Die Wax that's 2" around, draw a line around this with a black marker for a 2" circle. This works well for a few hundred yards, with only little mirrage tho. After that, the circle gets bigger. I used to make up diamonds, but anything that is symetrical in shape will work perfect, and your eye will naturally center the reticle on it. Same goes for steel plates, your eye will naturally detect any vertical or horizontal difference in the sight picture.
I've found white paint (quality stuff only) on the steel works best.
Brent Moffitt
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Old 01-01-2004, 10:40 PM
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Re: Targets?

Much of my shooting in the summer is practicing out at 700-1000 getting wind doping skills and trying loads in a variety of rifles. The guys I shoot with are not trying to shoot for score or group size out past 700 so we use steel plates and simply center them. You can get a relatively good measurement of group size from the dimple in the middle of the splat, but it is not as accurate as measuring a bullet hole in paper.

For closer ranges I use a diamond with a 1" black dot in the middle out to 300 yards, we have a template and make these targets up at Staples on heavy cardboard - 4 diamonds per page. I designed the target with a drawing program, simple to do although there are lots of free targets available on the net that are similar.

Out to 600 we frequently use a ten inch Shoot n See from a company called Birchwood Casey (large round black dot that shows bullet holes nicely). They self stick on a sheet of corrogated plastic "cardboard" that is used by the sign makers, available from Home Depot. We also use the 10" Shoot n Sees when we do our drops at long range on the big 14 foot tall target frame that we sheet with fresh cardboard to catch all the bullets shot.

Then the steel out past 700.
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Old 01-02-2004, 09:29 PM
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Re: Targets?

I bought a 2x4 sheet of Homosote from the local building supply. Then made a stand for it from some scrap lumber for 100 yd stuff. Then also I drilled a hole for it to stand along side a tree that has a nail in it for long range use. I have an old box of 11-7/8x14 Computer paper (fanfold) and I put 3 sheets on the thing at a time with a square of electrical tape in various locations for aiming spots. Then you can shoot a bunch of groups on paper by just moving them around with the turrets. I can usually get an entire days shooting out of one sheet. Then again, since it's near all white, I can see the bullet holes just fine in the paper. (unless thier in the tape). All this sits beside my 1" steel plate that I'm not allowed to shoot when the target is hanging there because of the above mentioned splatter, tearing up big holes the target. The steel is permanent so if I'm not in the mood to put out paper, I just shoot on the steel.

I prefer paper though, because the groups on steel always look like one hole and they definitely are not. There's just too big a splatter for me.
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