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Noob looking for guidance!

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Unread 06-30-2012, 10:21 PM
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Re: Noob looking for guidance!

Originally Posted by kellenritter View Post
Thanks again Wildrose, and thanks for your service to your country! I just picked up my final DD-214 yesterday. As far as the caliber selection, .22-250 is not set in stone. Would I be better off with a different choice? My options are as follows: .204 Ruger with 26" barrel and 12" twist, .22-250 Remington with 26" barrel and 14" twist, .223 Remington with 26" barrel and 12" twist, or the .243 Winchester with 26" barrel and 9 1/8" twist. If i dont have to step up to a .308 i dont want to, i already own a .270 in a 700 CDL. After thinking about where and how i will be hunting, im going to say i will only be shooting 500 yards and less on average, with an extreme max of 600 yard maybe a 650 once in a blue moon. I just want to make sure that I don't regret my choice. $ isn't real plentiful in my wallet so I need to get it right this time around. I just haven't learned the technical side of shooting yet. Ballistic coefficient, MOA, and pretty much any ammo talk shy of store bought is new territory for me. I do understand ballistic tables, and my shooting "ability" is quite solid. Once again, and help is appreciated!
Well if you didn't already have the .270 I'd say maybe look at the .260 Rem as it's a fantastic varminter and more than capable for deer and elk sized game (within reason) along with being very economical to shoot if you are loading your own.

However the 22-250 is a great varminter and also quite capable of at least taking deer sized game out to 300-400yds while being extremely economical to shoot whether you are buying factory rounds or loading your own.

The real bargain varmint caliber that seems to slip right by everyoen these days is the .22hornet which is a great round, cheaper to shoot than about anything else out there and I've taken lots of deer with one as well.

Your reasonable limit with it though even as varmint round though is about 400yds.

All that being the case I'd still say your 22-250 is a great choice and the only thing similar that I'd take instead if it were me is the .220 swift but it's not as economical to shoot.

Take a look at berger's site and see what they recommend for twist rate with the heavier .22's, and see if you can get one barrelled accordingly. If you can shoot up to the 70gr VLD's you will have much, much better LR performance than you will with standard 50-60gr varmint bullets that are on the market.
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Unread 06-30-2012, 11:41 PM
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Re: Noob looking for guidance!

If your not selling pelts, go for the .243 win. It will do alot better than the 22-250 when it comes to LR, the ballistics are just way better. That said, they destroy pelts under 200 yards.
Ive seen the 22-250 do alot of damage, so its no sloach. It just really has a hard time in the wind.
any of your options will work well for you, but my vote for yotes is .243win!
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Unread 07-01-2012, 05:12 PM
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Re: Noob looking for guidance!

I think it's all been said, but here's another perspective.

Small, fast cartridges like 22-250 and 220 Swift are excellent for varmints out to mid range when you may not have time to dope and dial precisely. They shoot "flat" and you can often hold hair to 400+ yds.

However, the high BC bullet selections for bucking the wind are more limited for 22 cal than 6, 6.5, and 7mm. Even if you have a fast enough twist to shoot the heavy bullets, then you're stuck handloading and will lose some of the velocity advantage.

243 was mentioned and this is a good compromise. But, a factory 9 1/8" twist isn't going to shine with the 105+ heavy bullets. If you could get an 8 twist to shoot 105's or faster for the 115's, you'll do much better in the wind. ditto for 6br, but then factory ammo is even more limitted although factory Lapua 6br ammo is awesome.

Similarly, 6.5's such as 260 Rem have an even better selection of high BC bullets. But, each time you step up in caliber, recoil increases and as a matter of personal preference, that may or may not bother you. 260 Rem is considered by many to be the perfect balance.

Regardless of what you choose, factory ammo will likely be your biggest constraint. So, look around for a ready supply of match grade factory ammo choices. Even that's just a crap shoot because you can't be certain it'll like your rifle.

In any case, 22-250 is an excellent cartridge and they are often tack drivers. So I'd say go for it and practice with and without wind to hone your skills. You'll be an even better marksman if you later build a long range rig and start shooting handloads with high BC bullets.

-- richard
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