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new set up, can i get thoughts?

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Unread 07-10-2011, 08:16 AM
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Re: new set up, can i get thoughts?

i have looked at the savage 111 LRH. i like the looks and it sounds like the accutrigger is a nice feature. i like the adjustable cheek piece as well. the price range is also similar to the 700 CDL so that's nice. do most people agree that the newer models of savage have more "out of the box accuracy" than the Rem 700s? i Don't mind going either way, but i want the confidence that what i'm getting out of the box isn't something i need to worry about changing any time soon. i'm too new to long range to be worrying about that.
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Unread 07-10-2011, 08:41 AM
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Re: new set up, can i get thoughts?

Either way is good but I am a Remington fan.
Every man needs a good woman, good dog, good horse and a good gun.
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Unread 07-10-2011, 03:59 PM
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Re: new set up, can i get thoughts?

As I said, I used to be a Remmy fan. In some ways I do still appreciate them. Hey, there are few gunsmiths On This EARTH who do not salivate at the opportunity to get ahold of a "good remmy to tune up". That is a real plus.

That being said, If BIG OLD NAMES are what most interest you, These Days Winchester FN are flat out better made. Hate to say that, I know a few Old Guard Remmy Fans just started seeing RED! I am Pro Shooter, not Pro Corporate Entitity X. If a company really works hard to piss me off, I move elsewhere.

I will be buying a 308 soonish, and There are exactly 4 names on my list. In no particular order:

A) CZ-USA: These are *VERY* well made, and they are nicely accurate OTB. But, they are not an american comany. Not that I won't purchase one because of that, I just prefer to look for American first if i can.

B) Howa 1500 / Weatherby Vanguard: These are investment cast like a Ruger is, but OTB accuracy is reportedly quite nice. Made in Japan.

C) Savage: Savage makes an accurate rifle. The Accu-Wedge, which is part of the Accu-Stock, had teething problems early on. I hear folks "in the know" consistently saying those problems are sorted out now. I have not Personally had any range time with a New Savage. I will say this; Team Savage is kicking Ass Taking Names all over the world right now. I hear they use all Savage OEM parts... Don't take my word for that, google it and see for yourself!

D) Winchester-FN: FN bought the rights to use Winchester's name, and their pre-64 design. They are made in South Carolina, so every one sold puts an american to work. Admittedly FN is not an American Corporation. These are very well made these days. In fact, I repeatedly hear folks say the old Pre-64 style action has never been so well made. Technology at it's best, and a Corp who cares about it's reputation.

So, which one will I Buy? I have recently fondled all but the Savage. Right at the moment, I am really liking the fit and feel of the Winchester. Though, I admit, CZ is actually Right There with the Winchester if I am being really honest about it. I do not like the Hogue stock on the Howa, that gummy bear stock just does not feel right to me. That is a personal thing though. It also bothers me a little that the receiver is investment cast like a Ruger is. Yeah, I know it is tough stuff. It still bothers me, again just a personal thing.

Right now, CZ or Winchester are what's really on my mind the heaviest. Though, Savage is still very much in the running. Note, Remmy is not. Unless i get Lucky, as in lottery winner, I KNOW I will have to send the Remmy off for a Tune Up and Re-barrel. That being said, I know at least one person recently who bought a DAMN high dollar 5r, and it does shoot lights out. I also know half a dozen other guys who bought Remmy in the last few years, and they all had to send the damn things off to the gun smith. I do not like those odds. Thanks, but no thanks, again just a personal thing.

Good luck with whatever you choose,
Peace, out!

P.S. Another reason I have decided against Howa is that a couple well known smiths have said that getting a Howa barrel Off of the action is a stone bitch. One reports he had to cut a relief groove to get the barrel off. Also, the threads are metric, and for that reason alone most smiths will say no, or they will charge a good bit extra. The part that sucks worst for me, the Howa has a 2 stage trigger, and I LOVE that type of trigger! I really do not think I would actually have to send a new Howa off to a smith, but *IF* i wanted to, I want that option to be fully open to me.

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Unread 07-10-2011, 04:11 PM
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Re: new set up, can i get thoughts?

thank you for your thoughts! i will definitely be looking into those other options. i want to have the confidence that i'm getting something good and it's not going to be needing any "fixing" any time soon
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