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New to LR shooting. Trying to decide on a build. Heres my ideas.

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Unread 01-04-2014, 10:47 AM
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Re: New to LR shooting. Trying to decide on a build. Heres my ideas.

I notice a lot of people change out triggers. I thought some of the newer manufacturer triggers were pretty decent now? Like the savage accu trigger, or remingtons X-mark trigger. Or do most just switch them out so they can have a lot lighter of a trigger pull?
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Unread 01-04-2014, 01:13 PM
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Re: New to LR shooting. Trying to decide on a build. Heres my ideas.


I have a Savage AccuTrigger that is quite good for factory. The older style trigger is on my son's Rem SPS in 300 Win Mag and it is not nearly as good. I have a custom M98 in 30/06 with a Dayton Traister that is adjusted just heavy enough to feel through a light set of gloves on a cold day that is truly superb.

An old friend who has passed had a custom M98 in 22-250 that had a Timney and it was a superb trigger. As good as I can differentiate from others. He was a paraplegic and we tied the rifle to a car window camera mount for him to shoot. The trigger made it work. The fact is anything that eliminates or at least lessens the physical disturbance of the rifle helps. The feel of a quality trigger that has zero take-up and backlash helps. The release of a well machined sear helps.

My Dad had a Manlicher in 6.5X68 MS with a double set trigger that went 3 lbs unset and a few ounces set. If you can train yourself to that light of trigger (there is a safety component of accidental release) then you will really see the difference a trigger makes. My custom Forsythe 50 cal muzzle loader has a hand fitted double set that can be adjusted so light it trips is you hit the butt on the ground to hard.

Get the trigger. After you try it you will find yourself always changing the trigger. My Savage is the first factory trigger I might not consider. The rest of the factory triggers in the gun safe are still there 'cause nobody makes a replacement.

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Unread 01-06-2014, 08:32 AM
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Re: New to LR shooting. Trying to decide on a build. Heres my ideas.

This is just my two cents I have owned a 7mm rem mag for well over half my life and I love the 7mm bullet choice is great and a ton of energy but I have a new love affair with a an old caliber brought back to life 264 win mag. I have a ruger hawkeye stainless that I worked the trigger to 2.4 lbs with very little work and glass pillar bedded in a boyds thumbhole stock topped off with a burris 6.5-20 fullfield .It will shoot a 3/8 in group at 100 and 1 3/4 in at 300 the point to my going on is some times if your not looking for a match rifle you can spend some time on a good quality factory rifle and get a long rang rifle ruger has stepped up their game on the hawkeye Im a ruger fan have a safe full and with a little work (trigger, glass pillar, floating the barrel) they all shot under sub moa just find the load they like. there are so many calibers out there that will fit the bill for what you are wanting to do just find one you are confident with thats what helps a accurate rifle .If your not confident in it no matter how accurate it is it will not perform as well. i have had some custom built rifles that would not shoot any better than my factory rugers and i had alot more money in the customs
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Unread 01-08-2014, 11:12 PM
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Re: New to LR shooting. Trying to decide on a build. Heres my ideas.

To the OP I'd say you are pretty sound in your thinking all the way around.

The 7mm Rem is an awesome coyote caliber if you are not trying to shoot them for pelts and even if you are, you can get non expanding solids that won't blow them up too bad as long as you avoid head and shoulder shots.

The 700 Rem action is the most popular action ever at least in N. America so again, sound thinking.

I will say though that the .260 Rem would be even better for your applications economically as would the good old 6mm Rem.

Barrel live with the .260 and 6mm are virtually unlimited unless you are running enough rounds through them in quick succession to really heat one up. With the 7mm Rem, barrel life is generally good but not as good as these two.

Another thing to consider would be to see if you can find a Model 70 Coyote in 7wsm, a fantastic alternative to the 7mm Rem.

As someone else said though, don't dismiss the 6.5's/260/.264wm. For your application the bullet selection and ballistics are fantastic.

Personally my favorite coyote gun is a 7mm STW but then I like watching them pop like prairie dogs hit with a .220 Swift LOL.
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