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New to long range

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Unread 05-12-2009, 09:34 AM
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Re: New to long range

Welcome Chad,

I also have a 300 WSM and think it is a great cartridge. It has some reach and will give you very good barrel life and the recoil is very managable. I can shoot all day using a slip on recoil pad and in the field you wont feel a thing.

A lot of good advice so far and I'll try to add to it if I can.

Check ebay, gunbroker, local paper, gunshows, and right here in the classified forum, for good used equipment.

Reloading equipment and components:

-Press, It's hard to go wrong with a Rock Chucker, Redding makes some good presses also.

-Dies, I like the Redding neck sizer and compititon seater. You can probably get by with the regular seater. I think most will agree that Redding dies are probably a little better than RCBS. I like the idea of *not* FL sizing my brass because fired brass fits the chamber precisely so I neck size only. With some cartridges, when you neck size only, the brass will sometimes get a little too tight for the chamber after a few firings. When this happens, you can use a body die to shrink it back. I have fired some my brass up to 5 times with no problems other than an occasional snug case that needs a little extra bolt force to chamber.

-Primer seater, the Rock Chucker and some other presses have this capability but I like using a simple hand held one to feel the seating of my primers. I have a RCBS and it works great.

- Primer brush and pocket uniformer.

- Calipers, this tool is a must. Cabella's offers a SS dial caliper for $22.

- Tumbler, I recommend a vibrator type.

- Case trimmer and neck turner. This is something you will want to invest in for greater consistancy and accuracy, but you can live without it.

- Scale, get a good ballance beam scale. I have the RCBS 10-10 and like it.

- Deburring tool.

- Powder trickler, makes precise measuring a lot easier.

- Powder funnel.

- Case lube, I used to use RCBS case lube that was a jelly like substance you spread on a pad and rolled the cases on it. Draw backs... 1) getting too much lube could bind up your die/press, 2) somewhat messy, 3) I would retumble my brass after sizing, 4) dirt, tumbling media, powder flakes, etc would often find its way on to the pad and the cases. I now use Hornady One Shot case lube. Wayyyyyyy easy. Give the brass a couple of quick shots from different dierctions and your done. No fuss, no muss, no mess, no additonal tumbling.

- Run out guage, optional but very useful for accurate reloading.

- Brass, I use Norma. It's about the best for 300 WSM.

- Bullets, there are a lot of opinions on this. I'm a monometal fan so I like E-Tips and TTSX/TSX's. My priority though is accuracy. I recommend staying away from lead tipped bullets that deform for LR accuracy. Some ones to consider for the 300 WSM...

180 E-Tips
165/168 TSX/TTSX
180 AB
168/178/208 AMax
190/210 Berger/JLK VLD

- Powder, H4350 is a popular 300 WSM powder. RL17 is a new powder that has shown some good results in the 300 WSM. This last Sat I shot some 180 E-Tips @ 3193 fps which is about 200 fps faster than what I was getting out H4350.

Hope this helps and good shiooting,


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Unread 05-12-2009, 05:53 PM
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Re: New to long range

+1 on MontanaRifleman's reloading tips. As I was reading the entire thread, I was glad to see his write-up as it saved me from having to write it.

A few more tips though...

You've have good optics. M1 turrets would be nice (cost you about $130 to convert) but they are not necessary.

Rings and Bases:
Do you have quality equipment? are they installed correctly? If you intend to shoot long range you may need a canted bases (30moa high on the rear) to be able to really reach 1k and beyond. The alternative to a canted base is to use Burris Signature Rings and bases. They use inserts to cant (tilt) the scope.

If you have a factory remington synthetic stock, do not invest anything in trying to improve it. You're better off buying the McMillan you mentioned.

For most of the shooting you want to do, the stock trigger you have will be fine. Take the recommendation of an earlier post and have a good gunsmith tune it to 2lbs and you will be good to go.

How many rounds have gone down your barrel? Probably not many. My recommendation would be to shoot the rifle with the factory barrel. You might be one of the lucky guys that has a good barrel that will shoot. The investment you might want to make is to recrown the barrel (that is to have the crown of the barrel machined off to insure that the crown of the barrel is absolutely square to the rifling).

You might want to consider having your lugs lapped. That will insure that you have nearly 100% metal to metal contact when the bolt is closed.

Since it might be a while before you have all the reloading gear, the fun way to acquire brass is to shoot factory ammo!

Finally, thank you for your service to our country!
I'm not gonna shoot here. I'm gonna shoot waaaaaaaay over there!
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