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Need some advice toward my 270 upgrade

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Unread 07-18-2009, 10:50 PM
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Need some advice toward my 270 upgrade

Hello to all the long range hunters out there.
This is my first post but I am a long time observer.

I have a nice Rem 700 BDL Custom Deluxe in 270 Win that I will be upgrading.
This will not be a complete custom build from scratch.
(I have a different caliber in mind for that future project.)
My application is medium to long range whitetail hunting - maximum 500 yards.
On a good day under perfect conditions this rifle shoots 2" groups at 100 yards with factory 130 or 140 grain ammo.
I figure that is better than average accuracy for an off the shelf rifle.
I want to fine tune what I consider to be an exceptional factory rifle so that I can trust an ethical call when the longer shots present themselves.
This particular rifle seems to be a good platform to start out with.

I will be reloading my own ammo after I'm satisfied with the bullet delivery system...
I already have an excellent scope.
So far I've had a recoil pad installed on the factory walnut stock (which I prefer).
I also replaced the horrible factory trigger with a Jewell varminter top safety trigger.
I would like to hear from any of you out there that have also upgraded your model 700.
My stock barrel has seen maybe 100 rounds but I would like to know who makes a really decent barrel - I am prepared to invest in a good one.
Also would appreciate an informed opinion on optimal barrel length and contour.
I do not care for the factory ISS (integrated security system) that my bolt was wearing Xmas morning and the lock time seems kinda "slow".
Should I replace the entire bolt or maybe just get a new firing pin assembly?
Would it be wise to bed the action now or after I get a new barrel?
Please feel free to mention ANYTHING no matter how obvious that I should consider beyond the upgrades I have mentioned above.
Thanks in advance.
"Never argue with a fool - it's hard to tell you apart..." Mark Twain
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Unread 07-19-2009, 12:15 AM
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Re: Need some advice toward my 270 upgrade

If you are stuck on having the wood stock don't be afraid of getting some air between the barrel and the stock. The ones I have been around all had some degree of twist in them and really needed to be free floated to get them to shoot well. Pillar bedding would be on the list to get away from the seasonal shrinking and swelling of the wood. With tailored loads they have all shot 3/4moa or under.
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Unread 07-19-2009, 09:06 AM
dwm dwm is offline
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Re: Need some advice toward my 270 upgrade

I would have to agree with CliffM, if you like the wood stock, have it pillar bedded and free float the barrel. A factory REM700 with a good trigger and decent stock can be quite accurate even with the factory barrel.

Since it sounds like you are new to reloading, I would go ahead and do that next. Get yourself setup with a press, dies, scale, etc. and work up some good loads for the .270. Then practice shooting. With good handloads it may be possible to bring the group size well under 1MOA, maybe even 1/2 MOA.

I think you may be surprised, the .270 is a very capable round. There is no reason it wouldn't be able to take whitetails out to 500 yds.

When you get a good feel for reloading and have outgrown the .270 or find that the factory barrel just won't shoot any better, then rebarrel to something different.

A medium to heavy barrel, Sendero profile, or something like that, with a stock that has a wider fore end may be easier to shoot small groups at longer distances with. I don't know that I would do that first though, there may be a lot of good shooting in what you have already.

My opinion, others will vary ...
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Unread 07-19-2009, 03:40 PM
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Re: Need some advice toward my 270 upgrade

+1 for eveything that dwm said. Definatly pillar bed it and free float the barrel alot. dont throw the factory barrel out until you have tried to hand load for it. most factory rifles I have had could shoot under 1moa with a little lovin' (though I havent had that many rifles). If you do relpace the barrel I would get something in the medium weight, just because I think that walnut with a heavy barrel looks funny. If you want to go heavy, get a joe russo laminate stock to go with it, they look awsome. I always try to keep my garranteed kill zone in the 8" mark so I would want a 1.5 MOA rifle to be confident at that distance.
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Unread 07-19-2009, 09:21 PM
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Re: Need some advice toward my 270 upgrade

You've gotten some good advice here and i'm going to repeat some of it....

1. pillar bed and skim coat the stock.
2. free float the barrel
3. tune your trigger to 3lbs or less (your preference)

While your rifle is at the gunsmith, start reloading your ammo.

When your rifle comes back, take it out for some test shooting.

I will have to respectfully disagree with angus on 1.5moa being acceptable accuracy. Generally speaking, your hunting accuracy is not as good as your bench shooting accuracy. Keeping that in mind, I would recommend you find a load that will shoot .75moa or better (.5moa would be great and not outside the realm of possibility).

If you're going to rebarrel your rifle that opens up many many possibilities. You will first want to decide how you will use the rifle. It sounds as though you will want a rifle that is a 'carry' rifle. If that is the case you will not really want to exceed 10lbs with 9lbs being better. I'm 42 and in great shape and 9lbs is all I want to carry all day. My 12lb rifle is pretty much for setting up here and shooting waaaay over there.

So, accepting that you want to build a carry rifle - to rebarrel the rifle I would suggest you go with a slightly different caliber than 270. The 280 comes to mind. I think that one of my rifles would be a good model for what I would recommend to you..... My 280 - Updated!
I'm not gonna shoot here. I'm gonna shoot waaaaaaaay over there!
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Unread 07-20-2009, 01:32 AM
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Re: Need some advice toward my 270 upgrade

I totally agree that it is better to have .75 MOA for accuracy. The tighter the better. What I was trying to say was that if he was able to hit an 8" plate @ 500yards Every time in field conditions that it would be bare minimum for a shot that long. For me personally, If the rifle does not shoot under 1 MOA it doesnt get used. I simply took 8" and divided by 5 (roughly) to get the 1.5 Minimum (it actually 1.6). I should have included that in my original post. I stand corrected. I guess that if I'm gonna post I should do it right the first time.
+1 on the trigger and +1 on the 280 if you rebarrel.
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Unread 07-20-2009, 03:50 AM
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Re: Need some advice toward my 270 upgrade

Any caliber from 25-06 to the 7mm RM would be fine. The 270 is a great caliber.
2" groups at 100yards is not acceptable accuracy for taking 500 yard shots.
I would do what others have previously mentioned, but the most important item in my mind is a top quality custom barrel. Then I would have a gunsmith do a basic truing to the action and start shooting.
I would go with a 24" barrel in a # 4 contour, not to heavy, or #5 at the most for a carry rifle.
Learning to reload is a big factor in accuracy also.
Bed your action in the wood stock with Devcon steel putty, and freefloat the barrel with at least 0.20 clearance.
Good luck!
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