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Need help with clicks???

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Unread 01-08-2010, 04:17 PM
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Re: Need help with clicks???

Originally Posted by BowHunter View Post
Hello guys I am new to long range shooting. I am trying to get set up to shoot ground hogs at possible 600yds. I bought a TC Prohunter in 25-06 and put a Nikon monarch 6.5x20 ao with target knobs. It is 1/8 click at 100yds.
My problem is I can’t figure out what my clicks will be at 300, 400, 500, 600yards A friend that got me into this has the same scope and gave me fraction values that ended up with a 1” click at 500yds. I can’t make this work in my head????
I took my rangefinder to a nearby gas line and shot my new gun at 200ysd. And reset my target knobs to “0” then shot at 300 and 400 and 500. my results were
13 clicks at 300yds
21 clicks at 400yds
44 clicks at 500yds Not sure of my 500yds distance but it is close. I had to shoot it from my 400yd target?

What I want to do is fill in the gaps enough to get me close so I can go hog hunting. But I cant seem to get the math to work??? Any help would be appreciated.
I know it's been a long time since this thread was active, but I'm going to put in my $.02 anyways.

Ok, first of all, if you are going to be shooting long range you need to learn MOA's.

For ease of argument.
1 MOA = 1" at 100 yards
2 MOA = 2" at 100 yards
3 MOA = 3" at 100 yards, etc.

1 MOA = 2" at 200 yards.
1 MOA = 3" at 300 yards.
1 MOA = 4" at 400 yards, etc.

There is no such thing as a 1/8 click, a click is not a unit of measure, therefore you cant divide clicks into eights.
Your scope is 1/8 inch at 100 yards, or let's just say, 1/8 MOA.

Your scope should have full numbers printed on the turrets with 8 clicks between full numbers, the numbers mean MOA's (not exactly, but close enough), so if you need to dial 6.5 MOA, just turn the knob to half way between the number 6 and the number 7. (go to number 6 and then 4 more clicks)

13 clicks at 300yds ==> 13/8 = 1.625 MOA, or 1MOA and 5 clicks = 1 click past 1.5 MOA (1.625 X 3 = 4.87" drop)
21 clicks at 400yds ==> 2MOA 5 clicks = 1 click past 2.5 MOA (2.625 X 4 = 10.5" drop)
44 clicks at 500yds ==> 5.5 MOA (5.5 X 5 = 27.5" drop)

All I'm saying is that if you use clicks you will get lost really easy and it takes forever to dial in a shot, plus if you move to another scope that has 1/4" MOA clicks you will be lost because you will need half as many clicks with the new scope, but if you learn MOA's then if you are used to dialing 5.5 MOA in one scope, that's all you have to do in the other scope.


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