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Moose Hunting

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Unread 02-11-2005, 12:28 PM
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Re: Moose Hunting

Thanks bro!
“That rifle on the wall of the labourer's cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.” - George Orwell
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Unread 02-20-2005, 04:54 PM
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Re: Moose Hunting

Deer Grunt, Where is your Moose Hunt? The first time I saw a Grizzly in Alaska,..my .300 Win Mag w/ Nosler 180 partitions looked like pea-shooter. I had just unloaded a full 4 shots into a 54" bull's chest at 70 yds and he just walked off to die about a hundred yds. in a dense thicket. Go for bullet weight, and round nose bullets, if shooting will be at close range. Have a look a Hawk Bullets: www.hawkbullets.com

Good Hunting
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Unread 02-20-2005, 07:32 PM
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Re: Moose Hunting


This is the place I will be hunting moose in the first week of Oct. I have deer hunted the last two years here in New York with the owner. Nice man and seems to be knowledgeable. I think my 308 Win will do the job if I do my part. Hornady Interbonds through both lungs should do the trick. Thank you all for the helpfull information.

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Unread 02-25-2005, 09:41 PM
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Re: Moose Hunting

You'll do just fine with your .308 and Interbonds, my dad used one for 20 years successfully. Last year I was using 180gr Accubonds and the moose were dropping like I was using an RPG, granted I was using a 300 Weatherby running them about 3100fps. Although I used to use a .264 Win Mag and it kills them pretty good too.

Don't believe any B.S. about needing a bigger caliber!
Life is short... Lets go kill something
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Unread 02-26-2005, 02:22 AM
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Re: Moose Hunting

(New guy wanders in..)
I grew up in "Bush" Alaska, and watched my Dad and his buddies put moose on the table year after year with their "Good ol' Ought-6's". I expect there's not a moose born yet that could tell the difference between a .308 and a .3O-06. If you start wishing you'd brought a Weatherby- you're too damn far away! Have to agree about the "Hump shot"- I was 13 or 14 and it was my first moose- I had a Model 94 30-30 (my dad was next to me with his 'O6 ready) and it was about a hundred yard shot. Truth be told, I was aiming for heart and lungs, but being young and nervous I pulled it. And dropped him like a rock. Cut the spinal cord right in half- he never took a step. I would have never tried for that shot with iron sights, but was grateful for such a clean kill.
Enjoy your hunt, and your moose- I hardly tasted beef the whole time I was growing up.
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Unread 12-04-2015, 02:12 PM
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Re: Moose Hunting

The 308 win is worthy with good 180gr bullets like the Nosler Partition.

Keep your shots under 250 yards

I prefer a 300 win Mag with the same bullet for moose hunting.
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Unread 12-06-2015, 03:31 AM
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Re: Moose Hunting

Your 308 is more then enough, I like the 180ttsx for moose and elk.
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