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Marlim or Winchester?

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Old 04-30-2005, 03:12 PM
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Marlim or Winchester?

I'm trying to decide which rifle to purchase for some long range hunting. My buddies wife ran off with a no good bum that hangs out at the bar where she worked. She left town with the bum on Wednesday night and then calls my buddie this morning saying she wants to come back, that she needs him to wire her some money for a bus trip back home. My buddie has fell on some bad times and he's too proud to take a loan from me. He wants to sell me one of his hunting rifles. He has a Marlim 336 in .35 Rem cal and a Winchester 94 in 30WCF. They both have iron sights, but with my old eyes I'm thinking I need a scope. I posted a Simmions or BSA question on the optics forearm. I like the Winchester because of it's famous name and the fact that they are collectable. Also it shoots cheap 30-30 ammo. I like the Marlim because it shoots a bigger bullet .35 cal for long distance shooting ( Jug says the Marlins a better shooter, he took a deer at over 700 yards with it once) it it would be easier to mount a scope on it? The Marlim's action also seems tighter. He said I could have the Marlin for $200 or the Winchester for $250 ( it's a pre 63 collectable gun?). He will though in a half of box of shells and a gun case with either one. I'm going to give him $200 so he can wire his old lady $150 and get drunk on the rest, I told him I was going to my brother in laws house to do some research on the internet on these guns. This is his computer. I don't be knowing a lot about these things! Thanks for any advice! Also I'm not much of a shooter, mostly stray cats, beer cans old cars, ect. Mossberg 12ga & JC Higgins .22 automatic (19 shots!). Thought I'd get into the long range hunting after hearing about all the great hunting stories at the local bar. I used to think I could put more meat on the table by working OT on the weekend than driving around in the country chasing deer around. Thanks for any advice!
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Old 04-30-2005, 04:32 PM
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Re: Marlim or Winchester?

I tell ya what.
What dont you and your buddy go back to the bar and drink away the money he was gonna get from you to send to his cheatin wife and call it a good day.
I smell a troll here, as for the 35 and the 30-30 your not gonna be doing a whole heck of a lot of long range shooting with either caliber, they are the shotguns of the rifle world. Youd be a bit better off with the 35 however.
Before reading this post I posted to your question of bsa or simmons, were you at the bar on a wireless connection when you posted these questions?
Your best bet is to stop now and just talk about these things at the bar with your buddy.
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Old 04-30-2005, 08:09 PM
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Re: Marlim or Winchester?

If it was me I would plan on getting the 30-30 first as it is really an excellent possum cartridge and won't ruin near as much meat as the 35.

About 2-3 weeks after your buddies' girlfriend gets back your buddy will probably offer to sell you the 35Rem so he can afford to fill his prescription for tetracyclin. So you will be the proud owner of two fine guns.
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Old 04-30-2005, 11:11 PM
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Re: Marlim or Winchester?

I've got a post 63 winchester in 30-30 i use it as my saddle rifle. Not very accurate past about a houndred yards. So you want be doing any real long range hunting. But if youur hunting in the brush its a good rifle. The reason that these lever guns dont shoot to accurate is in how the action performs and the type of ammo they have to shoot do to the tubler magazineit just the nature of the rifle.
I would lean more towards the winchester just because its pre 63 and 30-30 cheap.
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Old 05-01-2005, 12:40 AM
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Re: Marlim or Winchester?

May I suggest the Daisy 881 10 pump?

Don't confuse the 881 with the 880!! The 881 has the black diamond on the forend. The 880 has all brown furniture. If you are going to shoot the lead pellets, don't put them in your mouth because they can make you sick or at least upset your tummy! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

Have fun, be careful, and don't shoot your eye out!
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Old 05-01-2005, 07:04 AM
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Re: Marlim or Winchester?

May I suggest the Daisy 881 10 pump?

Don't confuse the 881 with the 880!! The 881 has the black diamond on the forend. The 880 has all brown furniture. If you are going to shoot the lead pellets, don't put them in your mouth because they can make you sick or at least upset your tummy! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

Have fun, be careful, and don't shoot your eye out!

[/ QUOTE ]

How come I can't be getting any respect here? I asks a serous question and all I get is some crap about BB guns. Marlim and Winchester are old traditional made in America Firearms. Marlim is "Americas rifle maker". I'm thinking I read theys make more rifles than any other company. I suppose you guys that are making fun of Winchesters & Marlims drive fancey foreign cars and shoot foreign guns. I've shot one of them forugn guns and I was not impressed! It was a SKS or SUks?? I could'nt hit anything with it and the emptyies went straight up in the air and landed right on top of me head! Good thing I had me ball cap on, it still hurt. Junk! Just like those forirn cars. Gave me a Marlim and a good ol' F100 and I'm ready for Deer.
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Old 05-01-2005, 07:41 AM
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Re: Marlim or Winchester?

My first high power rifle was a Marlin 336 chambered in
35 Rem , I was 14 at the time and to this day I'm amazed at the recoil that thing produced way more than expected. I had the gun sighted in at 100yds , it was scoped with an old Weaver K4 the longest shot I made was on a big doe at about 150yds and it took two shots to hit here as the first was way low .
Bottom line is that neither one of your buddies guns are realy worth the waste of time for shooting long range they simply don't have the velocity or bullet BC to do the job. Save your money and get a good bolt gun in a respectible caliber.
As for your buddy shooting a deer at 700yds with with one of these , I'm gonna have to say BS on that one , the front sight on the 336 will cover a stop sign at 200yds and cover a house at 700yds. From my experiance most guys that make these statements have never even seen a deer at that range at they may ahve made a realy long shot say 200-250yds with it and doing so had a bout of bad judgement with their range finding skills. Alot of thes guys take out Ol'faithful the day before the season and fire a couple shots across the hood of their trusty F-100 at a can at 40or 50 yds and get close to it , well that good nuf fer huntin. well that ain't the case when shooting long range alot for these guys shoot hundreds if not thousandes of rounds each year all year just to get ready for maybe one hunt , thats what it takes to kill animals at "long range" consistantly.
Now if your not some POS cyber Troll sent to us from the great folks at PETA then hang out and take some notes to may learn something from these guys
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