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Long Range Computer Games

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Unread 03-31-2002, 10:56 AM
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Re: Long Range Computer Games


I think what is being looked for is something that can be educational for the shooter, and fun at the same time. Now while I would love to be out pulling the trigger every chance I get, the reality of my situation is that there are many days that I'm at work at the butt crack of dawn, and home around dark. Not much shooting opportunity there. So something that gives a reasonable simulation of the conditions, is for me at least, valuable in that I can hone my skills a little while at the 'puter in the morning waiting to leave, or at home after supper. Not a perfect simulation, by any means, but for me the simulation at the shooterready site is handy (I've got one on order, as I've played the demo til I was blue in the face!) because I still use a mil-dot reticle in some of my scopes (no $3000 Russian optics here, and the Bushy 800 doesn't work under all conditions, good as it is) and I for one need a lot of practice still on actually doing the calculations to use the reticle properly.


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Unread 03-31-2002, 11:44 AM
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Re: Long Range Computer Games

That's more or less what I was talking about. The current generation of programs could be a lot better.

The problem is they are all theory. If the program estimates the drop at a certain range to be XX, but the actual drop is XX +5 inches the only way to adjust the program is by manipulating the numbers. You may make an educated guess and decide to adjust the BC, but do you really know that the BC is off?

On modern automobiles the computer has a program with various tables that controls the function of the engine. Mostly the dwell of the fuel injectors. However, they also have sensors, most importantly an O2 sensor that feeds data back to the computer. The computer makes real-time adjustments AND also updates the tables. After a period of time the engine runs better because the program has *learned* and the tables are more accurate.

On the AC-130 basically the same concept of a learning computer is used. Obviously, these calculation are way more complex then what we need being that the aircraft is moving in "3D." To tie this into what you said above about needing to actually fire the rifle even the AC-130 crew will shoot some last minute practice rounds to adjust the system before doing circles above Al Qaeda.

Anyway, to have real world performance data for this next generation of programs obviously you are going to have to shoot at different ranges and in different conditions and make accurate observations and/or measurements.

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Unread 03-31-2002, 07:31 PM
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Re: Long Range Computer Games

Even military soliders and pilots train using "sort of" real-life simulation. Without the heavy training/practising, they cannot do their job well. The game will help LR hunters improve their knowledge and understanding the bullet trajectory however it will never replace the real thing, only supplement the shooting experience.

The race car driver told the reporter that his son who became 16 years old and he drives really good because he played car games often. I'm not sure if it will work for most of you.

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Unread 03-31-2002, 10:47 PM
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Re: Long Range Computer Games


I agree, if theres a simulation that can help a shooter understand his equipment and the ballistics better, then it is worth while.
This is especially true when the person has limited time to actual fire and practice with his rifle.

Probably what I should have said was, be aware that the computer program/game will probably not be the same as when you go out that day and actual fire YOUR rifle and load.
It may be close but, this is where the spotter comes into play many times.

We all have to practice as much as possible. Any way we can do that will help us understand what is happening between point A and point B to the bullet.

I sort of play a game with the Oehler ballistics program. It will run three bullets at the same time against each other on a graph out to 2750 yards.
I like to put the same bullet and velocity information in the 3 different entry points and then change 2 of the 3 entries in the degrees, temperature or elevation catagories and watch how the graph changes each one, out to 2750 yards.

You can swith information on any of the 3 and it will pick it up and make corrections each time. I like to watch the corrections on the graph.

I then go out and try to apply actual fire to what I programed for that day and temperature and see which chart matches the actual flight of the bullet.

As mentioned in another post, Theres no substitute for actual fire, if you can do it from time to time.
The smell of burning gun powder always makes me horney anyway. I like to pull the trigger as much as possible at my age.


A thought for the day;
If practice makes perfect and Nobody's perfect, that must mean nobody practices?
Darryl Cassel
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